Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mean Girl has Returned

The first day of school brought all kinds of exciting news! “When we have a really good day in class and finish up early we get to DANCE!” I am liking the new teacher. What kid doesn’t like to move to the music? Even if they cannot dance they have fun with it.

Everyone thought her outfit was super cute. I was a little nervous about Snow White’s choice of fashion for the first day of school. Remember we moved from the big city out here to the country. Fashion is pretty much jeans and a tee shirt for most in these parts. Not to say there are not a few fashion savy people out here but there is limited supply of anything fashionalble out here. Last year a few Mean Girls picked on Snow White due to her outfits which would blend right in at the big city school she use to attend. Being the new kid from out of state did not help either.

I was very pleased to hear her classmates were now seeing her choice of style in a positive light. It was very difficult to shop for her wardrobe out here. Finding the simplest item such as knee-high socks and shoes that would match her outfits was especially difficult. There are no knee-high socks in the country for little girls. However, they do have them in my size. How ridiculous is that? Are there really 40 year old mothers who wear knee high socks?

Only two of her friends from last year are in her class this year “American Girl” and “Gymnast”. American Girl sits next to her in class and Gymnast sits across the room. I was so happy to hear these two wonderful girls are in her class. They played together during their two recesses and were joined by a new friend. We will call the new friend “Lunch Girl” for now until I get to know more about her. Why “Lunch Girl”? She and Snow White were in charge of handing out the lunch boxes when their class headed in to the cafeteria for lunch.

I asked what they did during recess and found out they mostly talked. When I said “What did you talk about?” her answer was “You know, life. Her life. My life. Things that are going on in the world.” I had to stifle a chuckle when I heard that last part! “She talked about how she misses her Dad. He works a lot so she doesn’t see him much. I told her I don’t see my Dad either.” She was a little sad about this and I tried to cheer her up. I cannot recall what I said but it did make her laugh. Why Snow White has not seen her Dad is a whole story of it’s own. It will take up pages and pages. Maybe I will write about it later.

After dinner Snow White announced she would be in her room reading for 15 minutes. This was her homework for the night. I checked on her from time to time. She was laying on her bed reading one of the Magic Tree House books. After an hour passed by she came to me and asked if her 15 minutes were up? I told her she had been reading for an hour. Her eyebrows went up and said “Oh, it only takes an hour to read a whole Magic Tree House book? It took you two whole days to read the new Harry Potter book.”

She sat in my lap for a little while. With her head resting on my chest she quietly said “L is in my class this year.” This is one of the Mean Girls who picked on her on and off through out the past year at daycare. Snow White explained that the other Mean Girl changed and was nice to her. “L” never gave up. Even when Snow White walked away from her “L” would whisper some snide remark to those around her which set them off in giggles. I told Snow White to give “L” a chance. “It is a new school year. Let’s try to start her off on a clean slate shall we?” She gave out a heavy sigh but agreed. Then she perked right up and said “Maybe “L’s” life at home has changed. Maybe she doesn’t need to be hateful any more. I sure hope she has changed at least a little.” When “L” started to be a problem at daycare I told Snow White maybe the little girl has some problems and might not have such a happy home life. We know nothing about her home life. It just seemed like a good thing to say at the time. You know the old saying “Misery loves company.”

I am hoping the teacher will keep an eye on “L” and squash all ill communication between them. At least she isn’t sitting next to Snow White. Maybe having the Mean Girl in a classroom setting will keep her on her toes and be more mindful of good manners. Maybe. I really do hope all goes well in the classroom. If not then it will be a growing experience and I will know exactly what book to give “L” for the book exchange…

Mean Girls - Facing your beauty turned beast (available at Amazon.com for $9.99 in paper back) A great book to read with her Mommy.

Mommy Homework - This school has it Going On! They sent home a very neatly printed out form with all the information I gave them last year. Next to each nicely printed out line on the form were two boxes Okay and Change. If you needed to update just one line you did not need to fill out the whole forms all over again! How GREAT is that?!

I did receive a Volunteer form which only asks for parents to participate during school hours. In the big city school Snow White attended before they at least gave working parents the option to help with baked goods or after school functions and sometimes classroom projects at home (lots of paper cutting and a few posters now and then). In our new home town I am the one and only single parent. They have an abundance of Stay At Home Moms (SAHM) to fill the volunteer needs of every school. Not wishing to seem as though I was shrugging off my school parent duties I wrote a note at the bottom of the form stating I work full time but would love to help with baked goods and evening activities.

You may think all my Mommy Homework preparation was in vain but I think not. It is sort of the same scenario as carrying an umbrella with you while you shop. It may be a nuisance but the weather man did say there was an 80% chance of rain. You are almost guaranteed it will not rain while you are out shopping simply because you lugged that umbrella around with you.

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