Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Insane Doctor's Office

Imagine taking your 10 year old child to a routine doctor’s visit one morning. Later on you are at work and the phone rings. "Mrs. ______ your child has cancer and there is no hope. Please bring him back in so we can get it all over with. We can take care of everything today and by tonight it will be all over. Remember we close at 5 pm."

You would panic, your life would flash before your eyes. You reach for your car keys and some how head out of the office toward the parking lot. You do not remember how you got from your desk to your child. You hold your child and weep. Then anger sets in and you do not want to give up without a fight. You call another doctor and make an emergency appointment with their specialist.

This happened to my sister last November, the day before Thanksgiving. When I first answered my phone I couldn’t tell who was on the other end. I heard lots of screaming, mumbled words and sobbing. I look at the number and realize it is my sister. She was absolutely hysterical. Any one of us would be!

She went to the other doctor for a second opinion and they gave her hope. Bear was given medication and had surgery a few months later. He has been given 6 more years.

Can you believe the actions of the first doctor? How freakin’ callous can you get?!! Your baby is dying lets just get it over with tonight…how soon can you get here? The man who called was just so ‘matter a fact’ about the whole thing. You don’t shock the crap out of someone and then expect them to drive safely or even be coherent. You tell them they need to come in for a consultation or make up some excuse to get them calmly to the office.

Well, the months went by. Needless to say she never took her baby back to that freaking insane doctor’s office again. She and I had put them completely out of our thoughts…until yesterday.

Years ago my sister had signed up for a special health plan for Bear which gave him a few perks like so many free dental cleanings per year and I think a few shots. Anyway, this special health plan was with the insane doctor’s office. My sister’s thinking was ok, I will keep up with the free dental cleanings since she was paid up for the whole year. They couldn’t possibly screw that up right?


That evil-cold-hearted-matter-of-fact man called her yesterday to say her Bear needed to come in to update a shot. She politely explained she has another doctor now and since Bear has cancer he will no longer take the shots. The man is rude and yells at her “..but Mrs.____, it is required by law that he have his shots up to date!” Mmm Mr. Ice Cold has a hot temper. Then he goes on to say that there is no proof Bear has cancer! What the H*@! THIS is the same insane man who told her to bring Bear in so they could medicate him and do away with him that very day!

He kept arguing and yelling at my sister and then finally he said something so horrid my sister lost her temper and let him have it! What could he say that was worse than anything he had said so far?


I am thinking this man needs to be medicated and put in a freakin’ padded cell! WTH?! He had her so upset …AGAIN! Making her visualize her babies severed head? The man needs to be taken out and horse whipped!

My sister has had it with that man and would like to have him fired! Can you blame her? If I lived in the same state I would have been on my way down to that man’s office and beat the living tar out of him! And then shove that shot, syringe and all right up his arse!

If you have been reading a long while you know who Bear is. If not, he is my sister’s fur baby. She honestly and truly loves him exactly like we love our children. Bear is doing great! When I saw him last he was rushing about with the energy and enthusiasm of a 6 month old pup!

I do not know who to contact to get this man fired. Not only do we want him fired but we want him professionally reprimanded! What is the hierarchy of Veterinarians? Is there a state board to contact? What about calling PetSmart? I think the veterinarian’s office is connected to a PetSmart or right next door. They work in both the vet office and the PetSmart.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I apologize for all the almost curse words. I am just that ANGRY about the whole thing!


Kentucky Girl said...

Wow. What a crazy effing jerk. I hope his license is pulled. Here is a website that I directed a person to before who was having bad experiences with their veterinarian. It helped her a lot and it has a lot of information. Best wishes to your sister and Bear. Hope that insane weirdo is "dealt with" properly.

MommasWorld said...

I KNEW you would have a great idea as how to deal with this!

Thanks!! I am going to check out the linky.

Butrfly4404 said...

Geez, woman! I'm sitting here reading this, going "Who the hell would let a guy like that work with kids!!!?"

I don't want to get into the fur/flesh baby thing, but I was really relieved to find out it was a pet.

You know, the vet I used to take my cat to...I had no idea what a creep he was until I SAW HIM ON THE NEWS. They were reporting on how he'd lost his license for abusing his 'patients.' They went on to talk about how he THREW a cat against a wall and all these other horrific things. I had JUST picked Contessa up a couple weeks before from an overnight stay after she was spayed. I felt HORRIBLE. But...once people found out what he was doing, they yanked his license and closed his clinic.

Hope Bear gets better treatment!

MommasWorld said...

I wrote it that way on purpose. See, for my sister Bear is her child, her only child. A lot of people wouldn’t feel her panic or her anger if I said right away Bear was a dog. He is really part of the family. He is one of the Grandkids, receives birthday presents, Christmas presents, and included in nightly prayers.

pinks & Blues Girls said...

Oh this really, really burns me up. I KNOW that Bear is your sister's baby (just as I have furry children). I really don't have any advice... but I like what Kentucky Girl said.

And you're so absolutely right... if people put it in the perspective of what they would feel like if it were their own child (because dogs ARE children to many of us), you can really appreciate the absolute horror your sister had to go through.

Incidentally, my dad is planning a family trip for all of us the week after Christmas, and without even a second thought only looked at condos that would allow dogs so that my husband and I could bring Ryder. Having our dogs as members of our family is just second nature to us.

Jane, P&B Girls

pinks & Blues Girls said...

OH, I also wanted to add that I'm happy Bear isn't getting shots anymore. With what we had to go through with Bizzy, we have learned so much about the dangers of shots, and are planning on completely stopping (or dramatically limiting, at least) the shots that Ryder gets.

I am so, so happy that Bear is thriving. That warms my heart. I really wish that there had been some kind of miracle for Bizzy,

Jane, P&B Girls

MommasWorld said...

Aww thank you Jane. I know you understand what my sister is going through. We were really pulling for Bismark. After Bear's recovery I thought for sure Bismark would be on the same path of recovery.

It is so sweet that your Dad made vacation plans that include Ryder. In our family if we know my sister is coming we know Bear will be there too.

Thank you to all of you for responding. My sister and I appreciate it!