Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Just Because It Is Wednesday

...and I thought what a cute little baby. (That's me!) I was born in Pureto Rico where my Dad was stationed in the Navy. Look at those Great Big Eyes! One day while at the grocery store I was sitting in the shopping cart with my Mother pushing. A few ladies (who did not speak English) ran up to the cart chattering excitedly! My Mother could not understand a word they were saying but thought it must be wonderful given the bright cheerful looks on their faces.

The next thing she knew...those "nice ladies" pulled me out of the cart and ran down the isles with me! My Mother ran after them screaming and yelling "GIVE ME BACK MY BABY!!" As the "nice ladies" raced down the isles they grew in number. They finally stopped in the Ladies Room. All of them! There were more than a dozen women gathered in the grocery store bathroom. One of the "nice ladies" was holding me up so everyone could see me when my Mother and Grandmother burst in! She grabbed her baby and with a sweeping glace gave each and everyone of them a scathing look. Grandmother was ready to beat them off while Mother made her escape then a young woman in the group said “They meant no harm. They just could not believe how beautiful her eyes are and wanted to show the rest of the ladies. We are sorry you were frightened.” My Mother did not care what there reasons were. They were all CRAZY if they thought it was ok to run off with her baby.

Weird story but true.

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Butrfly4404 said...

Wow. That's a really crazy story!!

Those ladies are lucky your mom isn't like me or they would have lost some hair! :D

MommasWorld said...

I think I would have run them over with the cart! Maybe pulled on their too. he.he.he