Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hurry Scurry School is Starting!

At the end of the school year this past June I was given I packet of worksheets for Math and English. I meant to get around to them and work through them during the summer. I thought I had so much time! I was wrong. School starts on Monday and we never even started the packages. Bad Mommy.

I had scoured the school web sites trying to find out more on the school supply list. Most of the sites still reflect last years information. The only items on the list are still 1 back pack, 4 pencils and 1 pencil pouch.

School starts in less than a week and I still have no idea who her teacher will be or if there are any other required items. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. My fear is that my daughter will arrive at school on her first day to be laughed at for not having all of her supplies.

When we return home that evening I check the mail box and low and behold there is an envelope from the school! Inside are two letters from her new teacher with very creative and colorful borders. One is addressed to Snow White and the other to me. Apparently the 4 pencils are not needed as they supply pencils through out the year. Also, the teacher requests one very cute baby photo of Snow White and one of something she did over the summer.

The teacher also wrote about how long she has been teaching over all and at this school (10 and 6). She hopes this year will be the best ever and a bit more pleasantries. She also included a magnet with her name, email address, phone numbers and a bit more information.

I scour the albums I have finally completed for this one particular baby photo but cannot locate it. I know exactly how it looks but cannot lay my hands on it (Pooh Bear snow suit). I have only this weekend to find that photo!

Snow White tells me which photo she would like. She also knows exactly what it looks like and I know exactly where it is but she was so tiny then.

I start to read more into what the baby photo project will be about and want to use a photo of her where she is at least of sitting up age. That leaves us the itty bitty baby photo or the sitting up baby at a national baseball game wearing a tiny replica of the teams uniform in cheerleader fashion.

YE GADS! I found another box of photos to sort which will require reorganizing all the photos in many of the albums! Well, I found my-scurry-find-the-impossible-before-school-starts project...even though it does not involve shopping.


Lahdeedah said...


At least you got a letter from the school. I had to drive Drama Girl to the school so she could check the list printed on the doors.

We have a 'me bag' she had to do, telling the class all about 'her.' Very cute.

MommasWorld said...

I did not think of driving to the school to see a list. I expected it to be in the local paper, the school website or receive a letter a week ago. I was none too happy about them waiting until just a couple of days before school started.

I like the "me bag"!

Brillig said...

Wow! What gorgeous photos! Beautiful!

MommasWorld said...

Aww thank you Brillig :-)