Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Visit to the SPCA

Saturday morning we visited the local SPCA. I was impressed with the large facility, the way it was set up and how well the staff worked together. I have never seen a gift shop in an SPCA before. This particular gift shop was very similar to the style you would see in a major airport. There were rows of glass front cages to my left each containing one cat. To my right were rooms with pretty little cat beds, benches, scratching posts and a few kitty condos. Each room had a front door like most houses and a large picture window with a wide sill. Towards the end of the hall there were a few viewing rooms with two benches in each.

At the end of the hall was a large steel door leading out to the dog area. We made our way around the vast circle of big dogs in there cages. We came out at another steel door which lead to the other side of the cat area. We strolled about looking at all the cats and that is when we noticed a small dog. There was a shitzu in one of the glass front cat cages. We circled around until we saw the back of her cage from the other hallway. I saw a sign on her cage that read "Beware this dog will bite."

I convinced Snow White to take another look in the dog area just incase we missed the small dogs. No luck on our second try. As we left the dog area we passed by the Shitzu again and right next to her was a cute red Pomeranian! We rushed up to the front desk to wait our turn in line which came very quickly. The lady said I had to fill out an application before viewing a any of the animals. I handed in my application and that is when she told me this dog was just brought in as a stray. She checked to make sure it was ok with the shelter policy for us to view a stray dog. I told her if nothing else we could pet the dog and make him feel comfortable. This pup was so frightened he was shaking. She came back with an ok to view and some other news. If we like this dog and no one claims him by Wednesday morning at 9:45 AM we can have him. The shelter would only hold on to him past noon. The way she said it almost broke my heart! I quickly asked her to define what she meant. They would hold on to the dog for me. I thought she meant they would put him to sleep after noon on Wednesday if no one wanted him. YIKES was I relieved.

She lead us to one of the viewing rooms to wait while she leashed up the cute little guy. Snow White didn't sound too sure about this dog. She was concerned about being bitten and lots of little things making me think she did not want to see this dog up close. From where we were sitting we could see the lady taking the dog out of his cage. To my surprise, a moment later we saw her put him back in his cage. She came to the room without the dog and explained why. As soon as she lead him out to the hallway some one yelled out "That's our dog!" Sure enough the owners came to find their dog. I was happy to hear a lost pet had found his owners. With this news my almost 8 year old Snow White reached her arms around my neck and buried her face for a moment. When she resurfaced silent tears raced down her cheeks. Her crying started a chain reaction, first me and then the lady helping us. I thanked the lady and asked that she keep us in mind if a Yorkie or Pomeranian came their way. She kept saying how sorry she was and wished Snow White the best of luck in finding the dog that was just right for her. "This dog already has a family and your dog is just waiting for you to find it."

I tried to cheer Snow White up by taking her to McDonnalds. My children all know how much I cannot stand that place. I will from time to time make a trip through the drive thru for them but I wont go inside. This time I said lets go in! She declined saying she didn't want to go in but drive through might be ok. While we waited in the drive thru lane I started calling around to find a pet shop we hadn't visited yet. While I was getting directions I saw the tears were drying up a bit.

I wrote down the directions to the new pet store and we were on our way across town. My cell phone rang and much to my surprise it was the SPCA. The lady asked if we were still interested in adopting a pet and I assured her we were. With that she said a Yorkie had just arrived at the shelter! She also said if we could get back to the shelter in thirty minutes the dog was ours! I told her we were turning the car around as we spoke.

We made it back in 20 minutes. Snow White was extremely giddy! I kept explaining to her their process takes any where from 5 to 10 days. She of course wanted to take the dog home today or Monday at the latest. I told her it would be great if the dog liked us and we liked the dog. We would then know we will have a dog of our own coming to our house very soon. All of the ladies seemed to know we were there for the Yorkie. We were escorted into the pet entrance room where the little guy was sitting in a cage. He jumped out of his cage, ran around the room then right in to my arms! I held him and he licked all over my face. Snow White came to get a closer look and he licked her nose! She sat in a chair so she could hold him. He licked her face and cuddled up to her. After a few minutes he jumped to the floor and excitedly ran around. The lady asked us if this is what we were looking for and would he do?" We both said a great big enthusiastic YES!

With this we made our way out to the front desk in order fill out all the required paper work. I paid for the adoption, license and neutering. This pup came with a full set of shots noted in the shot record the previous owners dropped off with him. One requirement is the SPCA do the neutering to insure all owners actually follow through with the procedure. The neutering appointment was set up for March 5th. I knew it would be hard for Snow White to wait all that time for "her puppy" but it would give us time to make sure we have the house puppy-proofed.

After all the paper work was filled out the lady who initially helped us came out with a lead (long leash) saying he came with this and gave the pup over to the lady at the front desk. The lady at the front desk put the dog tags on him and gave him to me while saying "We expect you back here on March 5th at 8am. You can pick him up at 3 pm." I was flabbergasted! I was holding our very own little pup and I sounded like a small child who just received the best news ever! "Really?! I can take him home right now?! I saw Snow White jumping up and down with excitement! I didn't realize it immediately but I was also jumping up and down with glee! Ok, I wasn't jumping as much as she was but I was surprised at my jumping at all.

Needless to say Snow White was walking on air all the way to the car while holding on to the leash of "her very own puppy."

The Search is on...

Friday night we visited a few pet shops and answered a few ads in the newspaper. The puppies at the pet shops were adorable! Unfortunately none of them were Yorkies or Pomeranian. Snow White wanted all of them. I told her we would keep looking until we found the right dog for us. The closest we found was a York-a-poo puppy.

To pick up Snow White's spirits we went to PetCo and browsed about looking for things we would need for our new pet. The variety for dog toys was rather slim. We looked through the dog beds but put off purchasing one until we get a dog. Snow White and I laughed at a sign for the up coming Dog Fashion show.

They do have a large variety of dog shampoos. How can you figure out which shampoo is best for your dog? Each seemed just like the next with the only difference being fragrance. Speaking of fragrance I saw a whole line of dog cologne! There were also doggy breath mints and mouth wash so your furry friend will have minty-fresh breath. I purchased two books "Yorkies for Dummies" and a Yorkie magazine.

The little York-a-poo looked just like this little guy...

Monday, February 26, 2007

Handy Desk Items

After reading Busymom’s entry regarding Duct Tape I post this…

I do not keep duct tape at my desk but might add it to my one and only visual “threat”

Friday, February 23, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 4


1. What kind of Dog to get? Everyone in my house is in agreement it should be a small dog. I always thought Irish Setters are beautiful dogs but like I said the consensus is no big dogs. I am considering a Yorkie, they are soooo cute! I realize some Yorkies do have medical issues but I am not looking for a tea cup Yorkie. Also on my list is the Pomeranian. Snow White wants a Chihuahua, ManSon said a Schipperke, Oldest Daughter has no comment thus far.

2. I would prefer to adopt a dog who is a few years old and not a puppy. Puppies are adopted so quickly and the older dogs get over looked most of the time. I actually think an older dog is great since they have already grown in to their personality. You know exactly what you a getting in to. They are usually potty trained and have stopped chewing on everything in sight. Don’t get me wrong, I think puppies are completely adorable! I am just not sure I want to go through the paper training.

3. We have two cats. I know cats and dogs can get along and it will be a slow process of them getting to know each other. If we get a really small dog maybe the cats wont notice it’s a dog? (he, he, he)

4. Long hair or short hair? I would have never thought of this on my own. My sister who has a dog made me aware of some little known facts. Well, people with dogs know this but I don’t think everyone considers this when picking out a dog. Her dog has a very short almost nub of a tail. One of the many reasons she chose this breed was the fact she did not want to see pooh hanging on the back end of her pooch. Long haired dogs and dogs with tails apparently have this problem from time to time. Ewww! Long hair can also be a tangle problem and shedding should be considered as well.

5. My children have their own pets and I want the dog for ME! I know this is selfish but come on they didn’t want dogs they picked cats. We have had cats for years and I still feel like I am missing out on having a dog. I grew up having dogs. It nearly broke my heart when the children wanted cats. The cats are well loved at our house. They know I love them, they sleep in my room by choice. Each cat starts out the night sleeping with one of the children then around midnight or so they sneak off to my room. Earlier this week I was slow waking up but Merril helped to get me going. She was in my bedroom window sunning herself as usuall. All of a sudden she fell out of the window, into a box of clothes which then fell to the floor, Merril and all. She shook off the clothes that were on her and raced back up to the window. Apparently a bunny went by the window and that scared the pooh out of her! I laughed and laughed! Well, I was fully awake after that.

6. Where should we look for our new pet? There are several places available such as Yorkie Rescue, local SPCA, and what surprised me most….you can also adopt a pet through eBay! Ok there are no actual Yorkies for sale on eBay but it did come up in the internet search when I was looking for a kennel. I will check with the SPCA first then the Rescue and then with the kennels.

7. Selecting a groomer is important when you own a dog. I am not going to be the one doing the trim or the nails. What questions do you ask a groomer to find out if they are really the right groomer for you? 1. Do you cut hair? 2. Do you cut nails? 3. Do you provide emergency/last minute rear end pooh removal for your squeamish clients? 4. Will you calm me down if I call you in hysterical panic? Will you laugh at me if it isn’t a real emergency?

8. Things to purchase in preparation for our small doggie
(a) food
(b) leash & collar
(c) toothbrush & paste
(d) shampoos, flea & tick products
(e) training paper
(f) brush & comb
(g) carrier
(h) 3 beds {living room, family room, my room}
(i) toys

9. Puppy proof the house. This will mostly take place in Snow White’s room due to the toy population in her room. Most of the other rooms are pretty much pet proofed from having cats. You know cats can get in to everything.

10. What to name the dog. Snow White stated it was only logical that she name the dog since she had no part in naming the cats. Oldest Daughter dubbed the black Siamese Hitachi but the rest of us just call her kitten. ManSon named our Calico Merril after a cute Cat-girl character in our favorite Anime series. I named our Tom Cat Captain Bly. When we purchased Captain I was told he was a male. He had been in a fight with another cat thus the stitches over one of his eyes. Later the stitches came out and his eye was fine. But when we brought him home he only had one eye “Captain Bly who only has one eye.” Six months later he jumped on my lap and I noticed he was pregnant. Anyway Snow White would like to name the dog Princess. Too common a name and besides I call Snow White Princess quit a bit. I explained how funny it would be if someone heard me say “Princess what did you do on that floor? Did you make pooh on that floor?” They would think she, Snow White, had pooped on the floor. Yes she thought that was funny but still wants to name the dog Princess. We will debate this further.

11. Pet insurance is something I would consider given the amount of money my sister has spent on her precious Bear. He had surgery to remove a lung compartment (apparently they have 8!) due to cancer. He is doing great! Just like a puppy again!

12. Apparently you cannot just pick out a dog and take it home. There is a 5-10 day approval period depending on which type of location you purchase your fury companion. The application is much like that of a Top Secrete security clearance. With the exception of the SPCA the agency you purchase your pet is allowed to drop by unannounced to check on the pet and tour your house. Um, what?! Does this mean my house has to be show room clean at all times? Will this involve a white glove dust test?

13. As part of my research and preparation for our dog I will be touring around the pet shops, groomers, and veterinarian offices. I want to ask questions and find out if the breed of dog I want is really what I want. Find out if there is anything I do not already know about Yorkies and Pomeranians.

I would love to hear any pet advise or stories you wish to share. Those of you who will laugh saying such small dogs are not real dogs…it’s ok. Years ago the thought of such a small dog would have made me laugh as well. Now my thoughts and preferences have changed.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

In the Presence of Greatness and I did not know it

Just before it was time to leave the office I tried to call ManSon at home. The phone line was busy so either he was on the phone, chatting on line or both so I emailed him.

"Be ready to go out for dinner tonight. Mommy wants a good stake dinner."

No reply but I figure he is busy and I only had about five minutes until I was in my car heading out to pick up Snow White. I get to the house expecting everyone to be ready but I was met with resistance. No one wanted to go out to dinner. They said why go out to dinner? We love your cooking. I was a little stunned. We don't eat out often so when given the chance to go out for dinner I thought they would all love the idea. On the other hand I was very happy they think my cooking is better than eating out at any restaurant.

Snow White agreed to go out to dinner with me as long as she could bring her buddy Stanley. This really warmed my heart in showing me she is not ready to grow up too much...just yet. Stanley has been around since about the time she learned to walk. One night long ago Grandma gave the Channel bear, now known as Stanley to Snow White. He only left her side for a brief moment when dropped from her ever loving arms. Over the last year or so Snow White has given Stanley permission to stay at home, even on long weekend trips. This transition of letting go her favorite playmate, her blankie so to speak was a little wake up call for me. I knew she was growing up and soon many of her charming early childhood ways would be replaced with other growing sentiments. When Stanley becomes part of the decor in her room and no longer considered a childhood chum I know it will be the last time I look at the world of early childhood with my own children.

In preparation for our dinning out I looked for a department or toy store along the way. Just my luck I couldn't find one but we did happen upon a Dollar Tree. When I pointed it out Snow White laughed! "There is no such thing as a dollar tree. Everyone knows money does not grow on trees." As we circled the parking lot for a space she saw the large neon letters spelling out Dollar Tree and said "Well, it is in writing. Does this dollar tree have just dollar bills or does it give out change too?" We both laughed!

We picked out a puzzle, glitter crayons and two coloring books to play with while we waited for our food to arrive. I know T.G.I. Fridays gives the children patrons a placemat and a few crayons to play with but Snow White is at the age they are not entertaining enough. We pay for our cheap loot and head off to T.G.I Fridays. Upon arrival we are surprised to find it is not at all busy with the Wednesday night dinner rush.

Before we are seated we go to the ladies room to wash up. Snow White spies the highchairs on our way to our table so we pick one up for Stanley. The hostess leading us to the table did not see me carrying a highchair until we reach the table. The manager quickly runs over to our table and says "I am so sorry you had to carry that to your table." I explain it was a spontaneous decision and really not a big deal. Litterally, we as we walked passed the highchairs Snow White looked back at me and I knew exactly what she was thinking..."Can Stanley have a highchair?"

Just as we placed our coats on the backs of our chairs the waiter, Drew, was at our table. He asked how our day was going and inquired the name of the sweet little one in the high chair. Snow White was very please with Drew's attention to her "baby". He takes our order and then off he goes. When he returns he not only has our drinks but also one for Stanley. At the sight of this Snow White's eyes were as big as half dollars! I pick it up and give Stanley a little drink while making a slurping noise. Snow White gasped! I shook the drink and then she knew it was empty..."Oh, it's a pretend drink!" Again, she was tickled.

Our food arrived so quickly we did not have time to get out the coloring books or puzzles. The food was wonderful and we enjoyed chatting and giggling. For Snow White's side dish she chose the ever popular child side dish of french fries. I being the grown up with a stake dinner chose mashed potatoes as my veggie side. I could see in her eyes she wanted both mashed potatoes and french fries so I plopped half of mine on her plate. The funny part was she "dipped" her french fries in the mashed potatoes! Never in my life have I seen this done before. Maybe it is due to the fact no one ever orders both mashed and french fried potatoes?

When I cut my stake Drew came right over to make sure it was cooked to my satisfaction and it was. The stake practically melted in my mouth and needed no added seasonings of any sort. I have dinned T.G.I.F before and have had mixed reviews on their stakes but this one was just how I like it.

When Snow White and I had finished with our meal Drew came over to ask if there was anything more. I ordered take out for the older two who did not want to come with us. Okay, they love my cooking but I just did not feel right going home without restaurant meals for them too. I knew they wouldn't eat them until later but still, I am their Mom so I brought stake and shrimp dinners home.

While we waited for the To-Go order Snow White cracked open a small puzzle. I looked about and the restaurant was FULL. By the time we finished the small 24 piece puzzle our take out was ready. I was so pleased with our service I made sure to give a generous tip (half of the bill). I have been to restaurants who cater to families, children and even myself. I have also been on the receiving end of wait staff who are just not meant for positions out in the general public. When extra attention is given that makes a meal go from just a meal out to a fun evening for all I will make sure they are given my gratitude verbally and monetarily. When the wait staff actually makes my child(ren) feel special they are half way to a hearty tip in my book. If my children are enjoying their dinner, I am enjoying mine.

When we arrived at home I handed over the take out bag and said "It's all yours minus the Stanley cup." ManSon says [as if in pain] "Must. Think. Of. Hockey. Joke. Must. Think." At that I laugh whole heartily and laughingly say "Why, oh why didn't I think of that when the waiter brought Stanley's drink!!!"

Unbeknownst to me, we were in the presences of Hockey Greatness ....the STANLEY CUP.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Computer Short Cut

I type fast and I mean fast. At least once a day I accidentally hit two keys at once or some sort of combination of keys which turns out to be a computer short cut. Back in the early days of desk top computers we used function keys (F1-F12) still located at the top of most keyboards to perform simple functions such as Save and Help. There were also short cut keys which are activated by pressing one or more keys (Ctrl and C equals Copy). Since then Microsoft has made cute little buttons at the top of most screens to do just about anything you need to do in a program. There are still function keys and short cut keys which underlay in our computers today. Tonight I do not know which keys I hit in conjunction with each other but a window popped up. This program is called "Microsoft Narrator" which is a text-to-speech program to assist people with low vision set up and use their own computers. The window that popped up after I closed the first window said if you hit Ctrl and Shift and Spacebar this will activate the Microsoft Narrator again. I did it and guess what?!

When it reads a window that pops up or anything it sounds like the computer voice from the movie War Games! "Do You Want To Play A Game?" LMBO!!

It reads off each letter you type in an email. That is annoying to someone who types fast but it was highly entertaining to Snow White. It doesn't sound out the letters you type it just says each letter you type. Sometimes you can trick it into making the sound or something that sounds like you want it to such as the computer laughing is hehehehe but don't type it too fast. We also got it to say Olay by omitting the y. Each time an email came through it said February 15th message missed since we did not open it right away.

When I clicked on a web site link the computer said the name of the page and then repeated it when we clicked on the web site after it opened.

If I hold my mouse over an email address it will read it. If I hold it over a website link in an email it will read it in FULL all the /s and everything.

Anyway, I thought it I would share this little short cut with you.

Yesterday was a GOOD DAY!

World Wide CEO announced in a meeting each branch of the company will use my projects as a key for all future projects. He was very impressed with my work! Boss is very pleased with me despite missing two days of work due to snow. Woot! Big kudos for me!

I met a Good Samaritan in real life. Wednesday at 11:00 PM the snow plow finally came! I thought I was being set free only to find out he left me a 3.5 foot ice wall at the end of my drive way GRRRRR! My car was still immobile after days of trying to get it out of the snow.

Well the Good Samaritan, co-worker, came by while I was doing the dishes. At first I was a little freaked out to see some man standing at the back of my car. Who? Huh? What the heck is that man doing behind my car? He was getting rid of that 3.5 foot ice wall! Wow there really are nice people out in the world today.

I am officially Hot Stuff! I WIN! Aww thank you to my friends here and Erica at GNMParents.com.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snow Bound Snow White


What is that noise outside? [distant banging noise] Who is banging around out there? Snow White says "It's probably a woodsman." I laughingly say "A woodsman? Really?" She says "Of course, who else would be out there making all that banging noise? Woodsmen are likely out there chopping down trees for fire wood. That's what woodsmen do ya know." Who knew there were woodsmen in the city?

Customer Service Gone Down Hill

It's lunch time and I am thinking about going outside to shovel snow and ice off the driveway. Snow White "I need meat. Must have meat." Ok, I understand it is lunch time and I have no sense of hunger. She wants a hamburger but unfortunately I did not make it to the grocery store yesterday before the storm. I was lucky to make it home from work. There was no way I was going back out there. I tried a taxi service but they did not want to brave the storm to our house.

Anyway, we have no hamburger.

Snow White: "Well make me a hamburger anyway."
Mom: "You produce a cow and I will see what I can do."

Long pause of silence but I could see the gears in her head turning...

Snow White: "I need meat. Must have meat."
I look through the freezer and find Salisbury stakes.

Snow White: "That will work. Hurry, hurry meat."

Did I mention I found them in the freezer? Twenty minutes later the stakes are ready.

Mom: "You're a conniver dinosaur."
Snow White: "I'm not a dinosaur. Oh, you mean a meat eater. If I were a dinosaur I would be T-Rex."

Snow White: "Can I have a drink with this...please?"
Mom: [jokingly] "No stinkin' way."
Snow White: "Boy the customer service in this place has really gone way down hill."
I laugh as I place a glass of milk on the table for her.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

And the Nominees are...

I don’t know how one of my posts was chosen or who nominated the post but thank you. It really is an honor to be nominated …for anything. I was tickled to bits when I saw Pageant Mom had put a link to me on her blog. Then to find this in the comments of the Dollhouse post just made my day.

“Congratulations this post has been nominated for a Hot Stuff Award at GNMParents.com.

Voting closes on Thursday. Good Luck”

Go over and look at the Nominees and vote for your favorite. Don’t worry, I will still be your best friend even if you don’t vote for me he, he he.

History Comes to Momma's World

My morning started out well. My rollers were just hot enough to do the job right but not burn my finger tips..too much. Last night I did a bit of shopping and purchase a new dress...RED. This was in spirit of "The Red Dress" campaign. Why not show my support while on camera? Who knows when I will get this chance again. I am hoping they do a 3/4 shot of me at all times. Otherwise I will be exposed for not finding the right shade of red shoes to go with my new dress. Did I mention we moved to a large, as in space/land, city which is actually a small sort of country place? Oh well, black heels go with everything right? Children were ready to go without my assistance (Yeah!).

I drop Snow White off at Daycare and fly over to the office via the air of someone about to be "famous." Yeah, right. I am feeling both excited and nervous. There was no prep meeting telling us what to talk about or the details of the piece.

I arrive at work to a prelude of Woohoos, whistles, double takes and a few "Honey, you better get out of her office before she comes in." Har, har, har. I never wear a dress to work, well...almost never. It just isn't practical since I usually walk the manufacturing floor at least once a day. It is part of my job to actually look over the progress.

11:00 AM I hear the camera crew is here! Hair check, lipstick check, smooth out my dress and point all the photos of my children towards the chairs in front of my desk. My children will love seeing their photos on TV. I even have a new drawing Snow White made for me. It is a dozen or so smiley faces so I remember to smile.

Geeze. It is 1:00 and I haven't heard anything yet. I skipped lunch just incase.

1:30 PM Ok, I am hungry. Going home for a bite to eat with ManSon.

2:30 PM Back at my desk and no, no one has come looking for me. Oh well, I guess they decided not to interview me. I won't be part of history. It's ok, I have a few projects that I can get a head start on for tomorrow.

4:00 PM I can hear the manufacturing shop winding down for the next shift. The day is ending for a few guys in my area. We laugh and joke all while sitting at our own desks with a few by the printer. The door to our area opens and I assume it was one of the guys leaving. We boast on with a few more jokes and then I yell out "Not the chosen few for the precious show but we make history every day. Don't you forget it." I don't recall all the things I said after that door opened but I do recall the silence after that last tort. An unfamiliar face peeked around the corner and introduced himself and a few others who trailed in after him. I could tell by my supervisors red face and big smile they had heard quite a bit of our jovial chatter.

I swear my face went white as a ghost but I mechanically greeted them. I have no idea what there names were or what was said in the first few minutes. What snapped me out of my embarrassed daze were the words "Let's go into the shop." WHAT?! HUH?! My inner voice was pleading with them ..."No, oh please. No, let's not go into the shop." Why would I worry about going into the manufacturing shop since it is something I do on a daily basis you ask? I quiet down the cry baby inner voice, strap on my steel toed boots and put on my LARGE safety glasses. They go perfect with my beautiful red dress huh? Not.

I lead then crew out to the floor and stop by the first mechanical piece in fabrication with the flair of a car model at an Auto Show. The more I talk about each step it takes to make a hydraulic power plant I forget about my boots and goggles. I forget I am wearing a dress. I forget they are a camera crew and talk to the person asking the questions as if he were a student and I were the professor.

We toured the floor for an hour and a half then it was done. It wasn't until I was back in my office and my supervisor was sitting in front of me that I realized...the camera crew had come and gone. He praised me on my form, my knowledge of the company, products and how proud he was that it all went so well. I apologized for anything I might have said when they entered our area. He completely understood and we are both sure the camera crew got a big kick out of it. He also explained why it took so long for them to get around to me. They taped a few other engineers and company employees first.

I am anxious to see how it is all put together. After all they started taping around noon and wound up their day with me. I am guessing the segment is only an hour or might even be just half an hour. As I left work I thought "I hope some of my part is aired but then again I didn't get a chance to check my hair, my make up, my teeth (broccoli and chicken lunch) and on top of all that I had to wear steel toed boots and safety glasses. Oh well, if I am lucky enough to be part of the segment please be kind. I thought they were going to do my segment in my office. At least you can see what a great hair day I was having! We do not wear construction helmets here. If anything falls on you a safety helmet will not save you in any way shape or form.

The show will air on the History Channel March 8, 2007.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Dollhouse

One quiet afternoon (August 2006) I thought Wow, this would be a great project to work on with Snow White. Instructions say Assembly in one hour....

A few months back, before we moved, Snow White and I started on her dollhouse. We punched out the pieces and I sanded the edges. Then I sanded, and sanded and sanded until my arms felt like they would fall off. Thinking of the upcoming move I thought it best to leave the construction until after we were in the new house. Neither Snow White or I would be happy if the movers broke her dollhouse.

January 2007 - Now where is that dollhouse? Snow White points to the work bench in the basement.

The instructions say not to paint until the house is fully constructed. Yeah. Right. This is not the first dollhouse I have built. I know once it is constructed some of the pieces will be terribly difficult to paint. How is a 7 year old not going to get the red paint from the shutters and window trim on the pink walls? Do you know how much easier it is to put up the wall paper and lay down the carpet when the house is not fully constructed? I do.

She picked out the wallpaper, carpet and the colors for exterior and interior paint. This is her dollhouse so she can decorate it in whatever fashion her heart desires.

So we painted a few things before we put them together. While glue set on one item we were painting another piece. While paint was drying on one piece we were gluing other pieces together...and sanding...lots of sanding.

Yeah we have walls! Carpet! Stairs! Wallpaper! (Bitty Brats taking a construction break and they had Apple juice)

One Bitty Brat testing the stairs. Snow White's idea of painting the stairs both blue and green turned out to be a really neat idea!

Snow White and the Bitty Brats take a tour of the construction thus far. They are all pleased with the progress.

The roof is on. We painted the trim, front door and a few touch ups here and there. The house is on it's side to let the glue dry on the trim. The trim wouldn't lay flat enough so I stacked a few encyclopedias on top for good measure. Don't you just love my painting tarp? Actually it is a cheap-o vinyl table cloth. A lot less expensive than a tarp, very durable and hey, it works great! Paper plates work wonderfully for paint pallet.

Snow White did a super job cutting out the plastic windows and painting the window trim.

YEAH!! It's finished! Snow White said I am celebrating too early. The house is laying on it's back and the door is just positioned in the slot. Aren't the little hearts cute? We did find hinges and something to use as a door knob at Lowe's. So one more photo of the house to come later.

We really enjoyed all that went into building her dollhouse together. I had more fun than I expected and found out what type of decorating style little Miss Snow White has at the young age of seven. I hope this dollhouse stands the test of time and never goes in to the back of a closet or a storage shelf. This will be something she will treasure forever.

Now that her dollhouse is ready for furniture and all the other interior decorating maybe she will let me work on mine.

This is just a small sampling of what she has collected over a few months for her dollhouse. They are out of proportion with the house and each other but who cares, she likes them.

How cute is this? A dollhouse for the dollhouse. It even has 4 rooms just like her dollhouse. The "framed" photos we made together. We found the pictures on cards or in magazines. She painted the wood and lace (gold frame) and I put the lacquer over them.

She always wanted to work on my dollhouse but I purchased it as a Mommy only project. Something for me to tinker with when my hands feel the need to be busy and there is nothing to do. As if a Mommy would have a few free moments. I suppose that is why mine is still a frame with a few shingles on the roof and one room wallpapered.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Todays List

1. Get rid of Cat

We have two cats, one is Snow White’s calico which has been a wonderful cat these past few years. The other is ManSon’s black Siamese who use to scratch up any wood surface she could get her claws into. Now the black cat has decided that anything of Snow White’s is the same as a litter box. First it was her home work, then her toys. ManSon is out of town with his friends so after the second incident I put the black cat in the laundry room with her cat box. She used the cat box while in the laundry room so when I came home from work I let her out. She raced up the stairs to the kitchen and peed on Snow White’s long winter coat! I put her in the kennel cage with food and water.

I called the “local” SPCA which is two cities away and the number was no longer in service. However, I found a birthday party invitation in Snow White’s back pack. Now you are wondering what does a birthday party have to do with the SPCA? On the invitation it says “[birthday girl] would like her guests to bring a gift for the animals at the SPCA rather than a gift for herself.” These parents must know where the SPCA is!

Question (1)How do I bring up that I want to drop a pet off at the SPCA without sounding heartless or a lecture on why I should keep the cat? Question (2) Will the parents be offended if we give the birthday girl a book in addition to everything on the suggested SPCA gift list?

2. Buy new coat.

Snow White needed a new coat so off we went to the mall. What’s with the coats? Last week it was fairly warm here and coats were available in a wide variety of styles and sizes from $70-$150 . Today it was 2 degrees! In the first three stores we discover the only children’s coats available are all size 14/16 and we need a 6 or 7. What happened to all the coats? I jokingly say to Snow White “Do you know what this means?

Snow White: What does it mean?
Me: All the 14-16 yr old girls are running around in the freezing cold with no coats.
Snow White: Teenagers are a crazy kind of people.

3. Historical 1988

(Another conversation while at the mall)

Snow White: Look at all those cute Valentine stuffed Animals.
Me: Remember we are here for a new coat.
Snow White: That pink poodle would be so perfect for me.
Me: {sigh}
Snow White: Are you going to buy me a Valentine present this year? All I ever get are cards and you cannot play with them.
Me: I always give you a Valentine present don’t I?
Snow White: Well, yes…but this year can it be pink and red only?
Me: Sure. I will make a note to buy you a pink and red toad.
Snow White: {begging & pleading)}Nooo, Maa-a-a-mmy please don’t buy me a toad. Toads are so 1988.
Me: What is that suppose to mean?
Snow White: Historic. No one gets a toad for Valentines any more. That must have been back in your day when they didn’t have real Valentines gifts.

I have never received a toad for Valentines. She is still at that age where she thinks I have been around since the beginning of time. (link to post about my children asking if I had a dinosaur as a pet). Come to think of it, ManSon was born in 1988. Ha, ha, ha! I cannot wait for him to come home tonight so I can tell him “Your little sister thinks you are Historic.”

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Blog Tipping

I try to expand my horizons by learning something new each day. The day this stops is the day I fear for it will be my last. I am not ready for my last day. I still have to match up socks from today's laundry.

Fellow Blogger Mom BusyMom aquated me with Blog Tipping. Aparently you are to write a blog in which you say something nice about three of your favorite bloggers and ask people to take a peek at their blogs.

Since I have a very small but wonderful group who come to visit me you pretty much know each other now. My three favorite bloggers are Pageant Mom, Lalaland and Curmudgeon.

Here are a few other blogs I really enjoy reading.

BusyMom - I love the way her minds works and when I need a break during the day I can always count on her to have something funny and new posted all throughout the day. She really cheers me up and refreshes my mind. Ok, sometimes she redirects my stress. She once had a song stuck in her head. Why oh why did I press play while at work? I work with MEN and that is so not a song you want to sing no matter how quietly you think you are singing.

Silicone Valley Moms - There is more than one Mommy posting on this site so you get a variety of posts to read. From what I have read they are intelligent and loving Mothers.

Exiled in Toy Land - For some reason her posts make me think of someone who is always speaking calmly. She is not afraid to say 'I am not perfect' and she isn't looking for approval...just stating what happened and how she deals with different aspects of life. She has a wonderful way of telling a story. I really enjoy the way she writes.

I think I will make a monthly habit of Blog Tipping.

Why I Had to Watch the Super Bowl

My Super Bowl Sundays are filled with shopping or travel since most of the country is at home glued to the tube. I love shopping during the Super Bowl since there is no traffic, no lines at the stores and no waiting for anything. This year while Snow White and I were dashing here and there I commented on how no one was on the road but us. She asked why and I told her "They are all watching the Super Bowl. Isn't this nice? The streets are free and clear, just for us."

No gleeful giggling from the back seat. Then came a question that astounded me...

"Mommy, what is the Super Bowl?"

What?! My daughter doesn't know what the Super Bowl is? How can this be? I suppose my tradition of Super Bowl Shopping has gone on since she was a baby. I use to attend Super Bowl parties. I use to host Super Bowl parties (I love being the hostess).

I had to do something, my baby should know about the Super Bowl. What did I do? I went to the grocery store, bought everything we needed to make nachos and we watched the Super Bowl. I asked her to pick a team (Colts or Bears) and she picked the Indiana Colts. I was surprised given the treatment we received from the Colts cheerleaders at an airport a few weekends ago. Actually, it was only one cheerleader who was snooty to us. For goodness sakes I just wanted a photo of my daughter with professional cheerleaders. Oh well, Snow White has forgiven her.

I explained a few of the moves and what was going on during the game. After awhile I really got into the game!! Someone screamed "RUN LITTLE MAN RUN!! Who was that? Ooops, that was ME? I couldn't believe it myself. I was no longer sitting down. I was on my feet, jumping up and down yelling at the screen! Me?! Now I realize why I do not watch the game. I embarrass myself, that's why. (he,he,he)

That was when I noticed Snow White had pulled out her dolls. She wasn't interested in watching the game. She only wanted to know what it was. Oh well, at least now she knows.

I was very surprised to see Prince was the half time show. I laughed and laughed during the break when they announced he would be the halftime performance. What, they couldn't find anyone else? I was talking to someone who also remembered the time Prince changed his name to a symbol. Lowe and behold the stage was that symbol!! He also had a purple guitar in that same shape. What was with the wrap on his head? He did finally unwrap his hair for the last song. I have to admit I was entertained! I never laughed so hard during a Halftime show. Snow White brought me back to my senses by reminding me it is not nice to make fun of anyone. Prince, please accept my apologies. I apologize a hundred times over.

I was on double duty trying to watch the game and do laundry so I missed most of the commercials. From what I saw there weren't too many impressive or over the top. I remember seeing a nice family commercial for braces. Budwiser gives a lesson on (1)drinking and driving (2) Picking up hitch-hikers and I cannot remember the thrid. Oooh he has Budwiser let's pick him up. But, Dude he has an ax. Budwiser Ax man gets in the car and someone says it is just a bottle opener. Driving along they come across another...Hey he has Bud Light, lets pick him up. But Dude he has a chain saw. Don't quote me on the Budwiser commercial. I only half saw/heard it while folding socks. GoDaddy.com commercial, I have no idea what they were advertising but I really didn't care for the brunett dancing on a table and being sprayed by champane/beer/water or who knows. Whatever they were selling I was so not interested in buying or finding out what it is. The commercial that not only impressed me but also got Snow White's attention was the Coke commercial. She said in an awe filled voice "Wow...[long pause]...so that is what happens inside the soda machine." Isn't she cute!

I am not a prude when it comes to commercials. I do not remember which Super Bowl it was but there was a beer commercial that makes me laugh to this day! I think it was a Coors Light commercial and they had a few different ones aired during the Super Bowl. The one that makes me laugh to this day was - A man coming home and following a path of rose petals to a bedroom where a woman dressed in a sexy nighty on silk sheets was waiting for him. She was holding a six-pack of the beer and he leapt right on to the bed...slid past the woman and right out the bedroom window! Ok, I am not very good at explaining it correctly but it cracks me up to think when I think about that commercial. I remember that year as being one of the best years for Super Bowl commercials.

The Colts won the Super Bowl this year. Maybe next year we will continue with the shopping spree tradition.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Student Walkers

Ok, maybe I am an over protective parent or could it be that I am just a Mom. Here we are in a new city where none of my friends or relatives live. My daughter is in the second grade and the school is only a two minute drive from our house. I wont allow my daughter to walk to school.

Here if your child is from the age of preschooler through high school and you live within 2 miles of the school you are a walker. No bus will be provided for transporting your child no matter how young they are. I do realize that millions of children walk to school each day. I also realize numerous children turn up missing each day. At least once a year I receive a bright colored flyer in one of my children's back packs stating "There was an incident today" or "Someone noticed a ______ man in a _______ color car following a few students on their walk home. Please discuss Stranger Danger with your children." This is suppose to make me feel safe enough to allow my children to walk to school? Sorry but hours of labor and years of loving them is not worth the risk of letting them walk two miles to school.

How old do you think is old enough to walk two miles to school?

How old until they are old enough to go home alone? (latch key kids)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thirteen Things on My Mind Today # 3


1. Was the trash put out this morning?

2. Snow White and I are almost finished with her Dollhouse YEAH!

3. I might want to change my nail color this weekend

4. What are we having for dinner? Hibachi Grill restaurant sounds good to me! Dinner and a show all in one. My girls still jump a mile when the chef lights the initial 3 foot flame.

5. Where can I find tiny little hinges? There are no craft stores in this little town.

6. It is expensive to have an American Girl Party in the NY shop.

7. I should call Grammy K since I haven’t heard from her in awhile.

8. Why can I not find a vacation package that includes everything I want in a vacation?

9. Do I want the living room to be French provincial or traditional?

10. I know there are more boxes of photos somewhere in the house but where?

11. What time is it in Africa? Snow White has a link to a camera out in the wild. I keep telling her by the time she wants to go to the website it is the middle of the night in Africa. What? You think they have street lights out in the wild?

12. Shouldn’t I be fluent in French by now? I bought a “Speak in a Week” French CD a week ago. The instructions do not say you have to use it every day. Isn’t owning it suppose to work? Maybe I should try osmosis and sleep with it under my pillow. Ha, ha, ha.

13. I need to sew a new zipper on Snow Whites favorite winter coat. I cannot seem to find a full length, down filled, with attached hood, child size coat. Is that really how you spell this type of down?