Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Search is on...

Friday night we visited a few pet shops and answered a few ads in the newspaper. The puppies at the pet shops were adorable! Unfortunately none of them were Yorkies or Pomeranian. Snow White wanted all of them. I told her we would keep looking until we found the right dog for us. The closest we found was a York-a-poo puppy.

To pick up Snow White's spirits we went to PetCo and browsed about looking for things we would need for our new pet. The variety for dog toys was rather slim. We looked through the dog beds but put off purchasing one until we get a dog. Snow White and I laughed at a sign for the up coming Dog Fashion show.

They do have a large variety of dog shampoos. How can you figure out which shampoo is best for your dog? Each seemed just like the next with the only difference being fragrance. Speaking of fragrance I saw a whole line of dog cologne! There were also doggy breath mints and mouth wash so your furry friend will have minty-fresh breath. I purchased two books "Yorkies for Dummies" and a Yorkie magazine.

The little York-a-poo looked just like this little guy...

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