Saturday, February 03, 2007

Student Walkers

Ok, maybe I am an over protective parent or could it be that I am just a Mom. Here we are in a new city where none of my friends or relatives live. My daughter is in the second grade and the school is only a two minute drive from our house. I wont allow my daughter to walk to school.

Here if your child is from the age of preschooler through high school and you live within 2 miles of the school you are a walker. No bus will be provided for transporting your child no matter how young they are. I do realize that millions of children walk to school each day. I also realize numerous children turn up missing each day. At least once a year I receive a bright colored flyer in one of my children's back packs stating "There was an incident today" or "Someone noticed a ______ man in a _______ color car following a few students on their walk home. Please discuss Stranger Danger with your children." This is suppose to make me feel safe enough to allow my children to walk to school? Sorry but hours of labor and years of loving them is not worth the risk of letting them walk two miles to school.

How old do you think is old enough to walk two miles to school?

How old until they are old enough to go home alone? (latch key kids)

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