Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Todays List

1. Get rid of Cat

We have two cats, one is Snow White’s calico which has been a wonderful cat these past few years. The other is ManSon’s black Siamese who use to scratch up any wood surface she could get her claws into. Now the black cat has decided that anything of Snow White’s is the same as a litter box. First it was her home work, then her toys. ManSon is out of town with his friends so after the second incident I put the black cat in the laundry room with her cat box. She used the cat box while in the laundry room so when I came home from work I let her out. She raced up the stairs to the kitchen and peed on Snow White’s long winter coat! I put her in the kennel cage with food and water.

I called the “local” SPCA which is two cities away and the number was no longer in service. However, I found a birthday party invitation in Snow White’s back pack. Now you are wondering what does a birthday party have to do with the SPCA? On the invitation it says “[birthday girl] would like her guests to bring a gift for the animals at the SPCA rather than a gift for herself.” These parents must know where the SPCA is!

Question (1)How do I bring up that I want to drop a pet off at the SPCA without sounding heartless or a lecture on why I should keep the cat? Question (2) Will the parents be offended if we give the birthday girl a book in addition to everything on the suggested SPCA gift list?

2. Buy new coat.

Snow White needed a new coat so off we went to the mall. What’s with the coats? Last week it was fairly warm here and coats were available in a wide variety of styles and sizes from $70-$150 . Today it was 2 degrees! In the first three stores we discover the only children’s coats available are all size 14/16 and we need a 6 or 7. What happened to all the coats? I jokingly say to Snow White “Do you know what this means?

Snow White: What does it mean?
Me: All the 14-16 yr old girls are running around in the freezing cold with no coats.
Snow White: Teenagers are a crazy kind of people.

3. Historical 1988

(Another conversation while at the mall)

Snow White: Look at all those cute Valentine stuffed Animals.
Me: Remember we are here for a new coat.
Snow White: That pink poodle would be so perfect for me.
Me: {sigh}
Snow White: Are you going to buy me a Valentine present this year? All I ever get are cards and you cannot play with them.
Me: I always give you a Valentine present don’t I?
Snow White: Well, yes…but this year can it be pink and red only?
Me: Sure. I will make a note to buy you a pink and red toad.
Snow White: {begging & pleading)}Nooo, Maa-a-a-mmy please don’t buy me a toad. Toads are so 1988.
Me: What is that suppose to mean?
Snow White: Historic. No one gets a toad for Valentines any more. That must have been back in your day when they didn’t have real Valentines gifts.

I have never received a toad for Valentines. She is still at that age where she thinks I have been around since the beginning of time. (link to post about my children asking if I had a dinosaur as a pet). Come to think of it, ManSon was born in 1988. Ha, ha, ha! I cannot wait for him to come home tonight so I can tell him “Your little sister thinks you are Historic.”


Lahdeedah said...

Ask where the local SPCA is because you know, you've just never known...

But really, you should be able to find it online. Theoretically.

Now, how to drive 20 hours with three cats.... I'm so asking the vet for sedatives.

And wow. I have never heard of that kind of a birthday so I have no idea if they would be offended or not.

Pageant Mom said...

I think somebody snatched up all the coats to try and sell on ebay to people in Wisconson for triple the regular price... I dunno it's just a theory... Usually they start selling swimsuits about now don't they??

btw, how much therapy is THAT kid going to need when she grows up?? don't bring gifts but donations to the SPCA?? I truly hope it was the child's idea... it just sounds wrong on paper...

MommasWorld said...

I traveled 9 hours with two cats. One slept for the intire trip. The other cried, howled and I don't know what that other sound was...for the entire trip.

The little girl is having a dinner party and slumber party at her house. These parents do go all out for their parties! I was amazed at the Halloween party they put on. The birthday theme is Chineese Year of the Monkey. I am imagining fireworks put on by the local Fire Department.

They have two dogs from the SPCA and they volunteer as a family at the SPCA. It might also be that their daughter, like mine and so many children these days, has way too much "stuff." That is why I was thinking of a book not a toy. I just do not have it in me to let my daughter go to a birthday without a present.

MommasWorld said...

Oh, I wrote up a whole blog about the History Chanel but I cannot find it on my compter. Geeze. Anyway I will post it eventually. Airs March 8th. WOOT!