Wednesday, January 31, 2007

History In The Making

Funny what goes through your mind when you hear a camera crew is coming.

I need to get an appointment to have my hair done

I need a new suit

I need to loose 5-10 lbs in one week

I need fresh art work from Snow White

Need to go through the photo albums and update the pictures in the frames on my desk

Where is my coffee cup with the company logo?

Hide the can of Jones Soda Whoop A*s
- love having that on my desk
“You want what? When? Don’t make me open that can.” He,he,he!

Are all of my awards on the walls or do I have more in my filing cabinet?

My sister who cannot stop laughing at the fact her older sister might be on the History Channel along with such ancient marvels as Stonehenge. Ok, I am older than she is but not that much older. My sister, I love her humor! The documentary isn't about me, it is about the company.

Oh what the heck. It would just be simpler to call in sick that day. If Meredith V shows up with the camera crew I wont have to fake being ill. I just might throw up on her…on purpose (big smile).

The History Channel is sending a documentary crew from Modern Marvels to do a bit on our company so I think I am safe from Meredith.

Media Making Mountains out of Mole Hills...Again

Today I read a post about Mommies combining Happy Hour with Play Dates. This was a topic discussed on a nationwide morning show. I will not mention the name of the show because in my view a parent should not give attention to a child or other for negative behavior. My friends and I would not have alcohol served during a play date due to Society’s ever critical eye. There are people who abuse alcohol on a daily basis and could never handle drinking and watching their children (mothers AND fathers alike).

However, I do not object to how these mothers are enjoying their social time. They seem to be very loving parents who know their limits. As long as they are handling everything in a safe manner then why is it considered bad form?

Just because they have a drink in front of their children does not make them horrid parents. I know several parents who go out for a night on the town and come home after having a few too many. Sure, their children are with a baby sitter while they are out. Yes, the children are asleep when the parents come home. What if, God forbid, something should happen in the middle of the night? What about the morning when the parents are hung over and the parent who stays home still has to take care of the kids all day. You cannot tell me the day is going to be a wonderful day for the children or the parent. Why pick on Mothers having a social drink in the afternoon?

The media has a way of twisting things to hit as many hot buttons as possible. Controversy and making simple issues into sensationalism is how they up their ratings. What better subject than Parenting to bring out every angle and get people all riled up? People parent in different ways based on the specific needs of each individual child, culture, economic status, religion, family history and an abundance of other elements too numerous to list. No matter how you choose to parent your child(ren) there will be others who would do it differently. Not just different, but tear you a new one for not doing it their way. If you ask for advice on one subject you are bound to receive more than ten different views of the perfect solution. Think about how many new mothers roll their eyes at the advice of their own mothers. I know I did my share of eye rolling when I was a new mother.

I used to respect Meredith V but I now have a different view of her. How dare she take a fellow Mother and treat her like that! I was unaware the new network which hired her operated in this manner. This is not Maury or the Jerry Springer Show. They really duped this mother and shamefully

If Dr. Janet wants to ban mothers from a social drink at a play date here are a few others to add to her list:

Home Super Bowl parties
Any public Major League game
Family Barbeques
Christmas Dinner
Thanksgiving Dinner
Company Picnics
College Graduation dinner with Champagne toast

The list goes on and on! I however do not have the same views as Dr. Janet. I will continue to take my children along with me for family outings and social events with my friends.

My view on others' parenting skills? I may not agree with everyone on how they raise their children but I will never say my way is the only way to do it right. To Melissa, I hope you see what a wonderful mother you are and say the heck with those who are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Your play dates are working for you and your friends. You are not the extremists (sloppy drunk), the radicals (uneducated, too quick to jump evil women) are worried about.

Loved this quote from BlondeMomBlog

“Mothers are an influential demographic, shaping everything from morning news show programming to advertising campaigns. This article notes that moms control more than 80 percent of household spending. This would be the perfect chance for a winery to bottle a 'Mommy’s Timeout' line. Hey, I’d buy it.”

I would buy a case just so I could give a bottle to each of my dearest friends on Mother’s Day!

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007



I am the baby born in Ceiba Purto Rico to a US Sailor and an Alien (non citizen from UK). Who had little pink bows taped on her bald head and refused to wear hats of any kind.

I am the child who played with mud pies and Barbies and frogs.

Who loved fire flys and splashing about in the rain and sitting in Dad’s chair with a big blanket and drinking hot coco after playing in the snow.

Who stored in my treasure box bottle caps and shiny pebbles that I was sure came from some pirate ship
Who dreamed of having a hundred babies or more and never thought she would be a career woman.

I am the teenager who took weekly photos of my sister and myself sure that Teen Magazine or Tiger Beat would make us famous models.

Who wore Loves Baby Soft and Mini Skirts and loved going to dances and hated that I had no idea what to do with Dep gel.

Who stole her mother’s car so my dear friend in need, Kaye, could catch her boyfriend cheating on her and then spent two week grounded.

Who dreamed of a large corner office in a mega corporation and knew she would be a wonderful mother to boot.

I am the woman who purchased her very first brand new car all by myself after 13 hours of negotiations.

Who loves my family and has three wonderful children and a good career to provide for my family.

I am the mother who loves laughter and goes crazy if I have to miss a school event
and whose moments of perfect bliss come when I see one of my children put their heart and soul into something they truly enjoy.

I am the Engineer who loves when a project comes together and avoids those who make the process longer than it should take and who is willing to give credit where it is due.

I am the woman who sees the lighter side of life and helps out without being asked and always remembers to say thank you.

I am the person who will happily answer the phone at 2 AM if you have a panic attack and then call you the next day to make sure you are doing well.

I am the woman who still loves to hug and kiss her parents and to receive hugs and kisses from my children no matter their ages but never forget those who are no longer around to receive them.

Who still longs to learn French and reacquaint myself with Gaelic.

I am the person who dreams of a week long vacation with my sister and antique shopping in Europe and is grateful for the loving family I have been blessed with
and who hopes to visit my relatives in Scotland and Ireland.

Owlhaven has this great form to use to creat your own I AM. Please visit her website and tell her I sent you.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Ever have a WTF day?

It has been a WTF kind of day and I am usually so very chipper. First on my list was work. I go into work thinking everything was fine. I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish today but my morning was abruptly interrupted. Not only did I have to give up my Friday off but I had to work on a last minute bid. The big wigs decided they had to have this contract and only I could make that happen. We gave up our family plans for the weekend and I made the bid. Come Monday morning everything should have run like clock work but I found out they fired one of the guys in my group! Ok, this would not have been a big deal had it not been for the fact they hired him to lessen my work load. My morning consisted of fixing everything he messed up and I had three more bid proposals to work out by Close of Business! Why did no one tell me he was let go Thursday evening after my meetings with him to officially hand over these proposals?

In my last job I was the ONLY person in my office who does what I do. Thus, I was reluctantly allowed leave if I came down with flu or my house was on fire. If I left work with the flu I was reminded over and over again how many dead lines were approaching. If I came in the office with the flu I was met with so many disgruntled "how can you come in like this and infect the rest of us?" The day I received the phone call from the alarm system company that my house might be on fire they reluctantly allowed me to leave. The man I laughingly call the Southern Gentleman (his view women have no minds but look great in a kitchen) said "I cannot believe she is rushing home to a burning building." How incredibly heartless considering my children were home from school!!!

Going from a company where I was the only person who does what I do to a company who has/had four men in my own group of co-workers who do exactly what I is it possible that I am still in the same position when it comes to taking time off? You may think the job change would result in a larger work load and that is the reason for so many in the same field in my new location. You would be greatly mistaken in this thinking. I use to have 70 projects on the average but now have around 10 smaller projects as do each of my co-workers. I have worked hard at my job as always but it now occurs to me that it does truly take many more men to do the job of one woman. The men in my group talk daily about change but change in the direction of making their jobs more difficult and time consuming than it should ever take. I have to admit my male bashing today but I have yet to meet a woman in the same career position as myself. I am not meaning this to be male bashing...just venting about my co-workers and my lack of vacationing. They are males and neither I nor them can help it they happen to be in the same career as myself. Why is it that I can take on all their responsibilities when they are out of the office but the same is not true when I want one day off?

Ok, I am done venting about my work :-)

I pick up my the mail from my mail box and guess what...another state says I owed them back taxes but they forgive me. WTF again! I call the comptroller and treasury for that state and it was all a mistake. Breath in ...Breath out...nice cleansing breath. Next letter is addressed to my son so I put it aside for him to read later. Later comes and it is an insurance company saying they are setting a claim against me personally since we have no insurance. WTF??!! I have auto insurance on both myself and ManSon. I call the number in the letter dated January 3, 2007 and the number has been disconnected. I call my insurance company and they say they have never heard from this company regarding any accident. ManSon did have an accident out of state on that date but like the insurance company we never heard anything back from the other party and it has been months since the accident. My insurance company advises me to not contact the other party in anyway since there was never a claim made through our insurance. They told me horror stories of people and companies who make a killing on people who just pay the requested amount and ask for more money time and time again. My insurance company said to fax them the letter tomorrow morning. If I had thought before hand about sending this letter to anyone I would not have written on the letter next the amount of the demand "WTF". Well it has certainly been a WTF kind of day for me and it will be known by many more than you who read here. Oh well, the best of the best have these sort of days and worse.

Speaking of people who have had worse days, nothing is worse than a parent having to say goodbye to their child. I heard today that over this weekend a fellow Mother took her child to the ER with a high fever. Her daughter was only 7 years old and she passed away while in the ER. The mother was so distraught she had to be sedated. This very young, precious angel had been bitten by a tick a year ago and Lime Disease came a year later to take her away from her loving family. Another WTF moment! If you or any loved one has been bitten by a tick and there are no symptoms please make sure to tell your doctor and if you or your loved one has any symptoms later remind the Doctors of the bite.

Good news side of life, my children are fine and I am right now knocking on real wood. I am looking to purchase a new car, new living room furniture and I actually want to make new curtains for all the rooms in my house. I cannot seem to find what I want in the stores or they seem outrageous in price so the craftsmanship will be guaranteed with out factory delays. I also found a unique shop in town which is going out of business due to retirement. They have the grandest dresser sets (brush, mirror, comb and matching wall accessories) I have ever seen and they have house warming final touches. They are going to be especially happy to see me next week! I am going to buy sooooo much!! All that and my son found one of my favorite sound tracks. Ok so not a great find but music does make the world seem a better place during that 3-5 minutes you can loose yourself in the music.

Wishing all of you a Non-WTF day :-)

Pet Peeve # 1


One of my pet peeves…

Why do they install paper towel dispensers up so high on the bathroom wall? Do they not understand that my hands are wet from washing them? Try as I might to get the stubborn dispenser to give me a towel before the water runs down my sleeves making its way to my elbow. Come on people it doesn’t take an engineer to install the paper towel dispenser. The only conclusion I can come to is… the dispensers are installed by people who do not wash their hands after using the facilities. ewww.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Monday, Monday

Monday morning I went to work and Snow White staid home with ManSon due to the holiday. I felt fine, no problems. I thought I was better given that I was fine all weekend aside from one ear a bit sore from the flight down and more so on the way back.

Tuesday morning I wake up, Snow White goes to school and me off to work. I wasn't at work long before I started to feel...well, like the world was slowing down around me. I soon realized I was very ill and took the rest of the day off. I went to bed with a 103.5 fever. ManSon picked up Snow White from school, made her dinner and went over her homework with her. He made me tea and even brought me popsicles like I use to do for him when he was little. I staid in bed the rest of the day and all night. I vaguely recall talking to my father on the phone but do not remember what was said by either of us. Force of habit to answer a ringing cell phone no matter what I am doing at the time.

Wednesday morning came and I was feeling no better so I took some cold medicine and called work. I explained to my boss that my work was pretty well caught up and I would be in later if the medicine had a good affect. An hour later ManSon woke me up to see if I needed anything. I told him to take Snow White to school. I called my boss and said there was not fit to drive so I would not be in the office today. I spent the day in bed and woke around 3:30 pm. As I looked at the blurry alarm clock on my dresser it occurred to me that it was almost time to pick up Snow White at school. I run...stumble around and ManSon comes to see what is going on. He tells me it is Wednesday and Snow White comes home on the bus from her after school activities. I nod and go back to bed but first set my alarm clock to wake me at 4:50 pm. Magically I wake up to the sound of the alarm and realize my fever has broken. The cats and I wait at the opened front door for Snow White's bus. Each time we hear a vehicle the cats perk up then we see it is just a car and not her bus. I laughed at the cats until I realized I was also doing this. Finally, the bus stops in front of the house and an angry bus driver tells me I need to walk to the end of the street where she is suppose to be dropped off. She complained that my daughter did not want to be dropped off way down the street. I yelled back at the driver that the school said she would be dropped off at our door or I would not have agreed to let her stay after school on Wednesdays. The bus driver continues to yell things that I cannot clearly hear. I finally said "Fine. Don't you worry about it. She wont be riding your bus any more. B'bye now. Have a wonderful evening." The bus driver is still shouting at me as we walk into the house.

I congratulate Snow White for standing firm in not getting off the bus at a stop neither of knew about. I told her how very proud I was that she did what was right. In this day and age I really don't want my very young daughter dropped off at a bus stop I cannot see from the house. Anything can happen and I want to do all I can to prevent anyone from harming my children.

Thursday morning I feeling well enough to go to work. I take Snow White to school and off to work with me. I was more caught up than I thought so it was a slow day for me, thank goodness. My boss was overjoyed to hear my voice. Now he could get the yearly goals out of the way and mark that task off his to do list. He is one of the top four bosses I have had in my life time and that is really saying something.

I called the school to let them know the missing library book was in Snow White's back pack all along and that she will no longer be attending the Wednesday after school activities. The lady who is head of the activities called and we discussed the exchange of words I had with the bus driver. She apologized and said I could pick up Snow White from school as soon as I was finished with work on Wednesdays. She also said she was definitely going to bring this to the attention of the principal.

My morning goes well then I realize I have had nothing to eat or drink all morning and it is lunch time. I drink two cups of tea and then have a bowl of what else...chicken noodle soup. Suddenly I am not feeling so well. My forehead starts to feel warm and I think back to Tuesday morning. I only had two cups of tea when I started to feel ill. I was determined to feel better so I pushed forward through to the end of the day.

I picked up Snow White, made dinner and chatted with my sister for hours. I felt much better and tomorrow I am going to throw out that tea!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Where did I go you may ask?


Well, it turns out I am not Super Mom though I try to be. Every Mom has her limit whether she wants to admit it or not. What I found out is if you do not realize your limit your body will be quick to tell you.

I woke up one morning and thought my nose was broken. How in the world can you break your nose while sleeping? It wasn't a broken nose, just the beginning of it all. I have been ill ever since. I made myself believe as long as I could get out of bed in the morning, get Snow White off to school and me off to work I was not really sick. This went on for about two weeks.

Then it was time for our weekend trip. Since I was feeling a bit under the weather I thought we should ride with friends rather than fly. I have heard horror stories about people with a cold who flew and ended up busting an eardrum. Turned out our friends were not going due to their children catching the flu bug. It was all at the last minute and Snow White so wanted to go on the trip. I did what any mother would do...I booked last minute airline tickets.

In the past we have always traveled on non-stop round trip flights. Due to last minute travel arrangements we had one stop each way. I thought nothing of it. Most people must travel this way so how difficult could it be?

At one airport we saw a group of gorgeous women with their hair and make up done to perfection all wearing the same pants and matching jackets. I noticed a familiar NFL logo on their jackets and thought how great it would be to have a photo of Snow White and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders! The women were walking in two straight lines so Snow White and I decided to march right behind them. I politely said "Excuse me." with a huge smile on my face. The two girls at the end of the line turned around with matching beautiful wide smiles. While still grinning from ear to ear I asked "Are you the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders?!" The blonde's smile immediately changed to a grime pucker and did an about face with a perfect hair toss. The African American girl kept smiling, patted me on the shoulder and without a word marched on with the rest of the group.

I was perplexed, maybe they were the wives of the team members? I thought nothing of it as we went through another security screening. I thought nothing of it while we sat in one of the airport restaurants laughing about how much fun we were having. While waiting at the gate for our flight Snow White and I were chatting with a few other flyers when hit me! The LOGO was not a STAR! It was a HORSE SHOE! I had to laugh at myself! Ok, the colors were right but I had related the sign of a Horse Shoe with a Cowboy. They were the Indiana Colts Cheerleaders not the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Oh well, next time I will make sure to ask someone else before approaching cheerleaders or athletes of any kind.

For the next few days I felt fine. A little bit of ear trouble but nothing like a busted eardrum. We had fun on our mini vacation and headed back home Sunday night. I check in the rental car only to hear we have less miles now than when we started. The man tells us to check in at the desk and tell them the car is not yet checked in. The lady tells me she is going to charge me for +50 miles. I laugh and tell her our trip to and from our friends was only 25 miles and showed her my map quest directions. She notices the mileage is less than when we started so she agrees to "wave" the +50 miles she was going to charge me. How very gracious of her huh? We arrived at the airport a few hours before departure in order to allow airport security enough time to sample my perfume, check out my wicked undies, and anything else they fancied in our luggage. Ok, I do understand the importance of airport security and I appreciate all their efforts. I haven't lost a pair of undies yet so I am still a happy camper.

We sat down to a nice dinner and looked over some of the photos taken over the weekend. We browsed the souvenir shops and found some fun things to do during our wait. I bought a few "keep 'em entertained toys" and a large pack of gum for the flight home. As boarding time arrived we sat at our gate only to find out the flight was delayed. Two other people came rushing down the corridor stating their flights had been canceled and this was the last flight out to our destination. Thoughts of finding a hotel and having to explain to my boss why I would not be there for my presentation Monday morning flashed through my head. This was not good, not good at all.

There was no one at the counter to ask questions. The person who takes our boarding passes had not arrived yet and it was time for boarding. An hour later the boarding pass person did show up to announce our flight will be delayed by another hour. It was bed time for us and we were both getting a bit sleepy. I kept telling myself I would take a quick nap on the flight home.

The plane came and we boarded quickly. Snow White had a window seat, I had the middle seat and a seemingly nice older lady sat at my other side. I instructed Snow White to wake me if she needed me or when the lady came by for sodas. I am pretty good about giving up arm rests to the person next to me and Snow White wanted the other arm rest so I folded my arms and almost dozed off. The seemingly nice lady started elbowing me! I looked up thinking what in the world is wrong?! She was flipping through a binder placing index tabs here and there at a rapid pace. Apparently unknowingly jabbing me each time her arm flew back as she flipped to the next section. I moved closer to Snow White but still the woman's elbow came at me again and again. Finally I sat straight up in the center of my seat waiting for that elbow to came at me just once more! I was going to grab her elbow and tell her through clenched teeth to put that darn book away until we land! She must have sensed the heated glare from my eyes since she immediately stopped working on that darn book. I was just about to close my eyes when to my surprise, Snow White jabbed me with her elbow! As I looked at her with my jaw dropped and about to say something not so sweet she sweetly says "The soda lady is coming." I smile and thank her very sweetly then order a coffee since I was not intended to sleep at all on this leg of the flight.

As we approach the next airport the stewardess announces that all connecting flights are on time and aware of our late departure from the last airport. She also states that we will have plenty of time to catch our connections. Snow White and I race down past two corridors to the end of the last corridor and catch our breath. Yeah! We made it! They were just boarding our section right now! Woohoo! We rock! Then I notice, this is the right gate but they switched gates on us!! That is when Snow White says "I need to visit the ladies." I ask her to hold it until we get on the plane since they do have bathrooms on board. She agrees and we make another mad dash down a few corridors to the correct gate. Everyone was on board but us apparently. We arrive gasping for breath and the boarding pass person looks at us like "what took you so long?" I hand over the tickets, find our seats and put her carryon under the seats in front of ours. Then we head to the bathrooms and wait in line. When we return to our seats there is a man sitting in Snow White's window seat. Apparently he doesn't understand English and appears to have never been on a plane before. Snow White said it was ok since she didn't really want a window seat. She was planning on falling asleep. So there we were, The Man at the window, Snow White in the Middle (she doesn't like isle seats) and me on the isle. No way was I going to fall asleep with some man sitting right next to my little Snow White! The man took out a coin and started doing magic tricks which thrilled Snow White. After all his magic tricks he gave her one of the coins and she gave him a stick of her gum. We later looked at the coin and found it was from Guatemala.

We must have looked dead tired when we arrived. Everyone wanted to help us with our luggage. We managed to get everything loaded in the car and drove for home. There is something about going to this one particular city, in all of the US, that catches up with Snow White no matter how we travel to and from. She always gets sick once. I guess it just wouldn't be a trip to that city if she didn't use the sick bag. I thought we finally made it without her being sick but just as she sat in her car seat out came the bag. We have made this trip during the morning, afternoon, evening, late evening, by car and by flights both non-stop and this one with one stop. We have taken long trips all over the US but this one particular city does it to her every time. This might be the last time we travel to that particular city although we love our visits while we are there.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 2



1.But there was no parking outside

2. But Hunny, it’s too cold outside for my new truck

3. The “R” is for reverse

4. Dear, this one is the break pedal

5. But Dad, you said to give it more gas.

6. We need to work on your parking skills.

7. I told you your mother wouldn’t like us to just drop by. or
This is why my mother dislikes unannounced guests.

8. We tried to get your present under the tree but…

9. Sorry, my cell phone died and I wanted to let you know I would be late for dinner. Looks like I’m just in time.

10. Did anyone else see that house fall out of the sky and right on to Dad’s truck?

11. New truck + Student Driver = New window

12. When I said put the car keys on the table I meant for you to take them out of the truck first.

13. * No, it’s not tornado season. It’s student driver season. (My favorite)

This photo was barrowed from the Curmugeon who is holding a contest for best Caption for this photo.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tooth Paste Poison!

This entry started out as a Bathroom Pet Peeve List then took an unexpected scary turn. Please supervise your young children when they are brushing with their fluoride toothpaste. This in no way means that your child does not need fluoride or should stop brushing their teeth.

When you were little did your mother tell you not to swallow the toothpaste when brushing your teeth? Mine did and apparently with good reason although no one told me the reason why. It was just recently while "trapped" in a bathroom at a hotel did I find the time to read the warning label on my daughter's Hello Kitty toothpaste!

"Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away."

My first thought is how much is more than used for brushing? Is there a limit? I usually put a dime sized blob on Snow White's toothbrush due to most of it being run off when she holds it under the faucet before putting it in her mouth.

* Adults and children 2 years of age and older" Brush teeth thoroughly, preferably after each meal or at least twice a day, or as directed by a dentist or physician.

* Instruct children under 6 years of age in good brushing and rinsing habits (to minimize swallowing).

* Use a pea-sized amount for children under 6.

* Supervise children as necessary until capable of using with out supervision.

* Children under 2 years of age: Consult a dentist or physician."

Logo at bottom "Zooth, Makes Healthy Fun." I kid you not!

Same warning on my Colgate toothpaste and every other fluoride toothpaste I later saw in the toothpaste isle. What if you thought your child was just exuberant about brushing their teeth and did so 5 or 6 times a day? Are they addicts? Should we call the Poison Center? Snow White has two new teeth and very excited about them. I am putting all toothpaste in a child safety cupboard out of her reach. If she wants to brush her teeth it will be under adult supervision and dispensed in lean measure. From now on no matter how much is rinsed off under the faucet before it reaches her mouth.

Here is what I found...

Last Updated: June 15, 2006

Editor(s): David C Lee, MD, Research Director, Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, North Shore University Hospital and New York University Medical School; John T VanDeVoort, PharmD, Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota; Michael J Burns, MD, Instructor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Harvard University Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; John Halamka, MD, Chief Information Officer, CareGroup Healthcare System, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; and Asim Tarabar, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine; Consulting Staff, Department of Emergency Medicine, Yale-New Haven Hospital

"Once absorbed, fluoride binds calcium ions and may lead to hypocalcemia. Fluoride has direct cytotoxic effects and interferes with a number of enzyme systems; it disrupts oxidative phosphorylation, glycolysis, coagulation, and neurotransmission (by binding calcium). Fluoride inhibits Na+/K+ -ATPase, which may lead to hyperkalemia by extracellular release of potassium. Fluoride inhibits acetylcholinesterase, which may be partly responsible for hypersalivation, vomiting, and diarrhea (cholinergic signs). Seizures may result from both hypomagnesemia and hypocalcemia. Severe fluoride toxicity will result in multiorgan failure. Central vasomotor depression as well as direct cardiotoxicity also may occur. Death usually results from respiratory paralysis, dysrhythmia, or cardiac failure.


In the US: In 2004, the American Association of Poison Control Centers reported 24,180 exposures involving toothpaste with fluoride.
Only 440 cases were actually treated in the emergency department.

Mortality/Morbidity: One death from ingestion of fluoride toothpaste was reported to the American Association of Poison Control Centers in 2002.

No deaths were reported in 2004.

Death may result from ingesting as little as 2 g of fluoride in an adult and 16 mg/kg in children. Symptoms may appear with 3-5 mg/kg of fluoride.
Estimated toxic dose for fluoride ingestion is 5-10 mg/kg.
Estimated lethal dose is 5-10 g (32-64 mg/kg) in adults and 500 mg in small children.
Age: Children younger than 6 years account for the vast majority of the cases. In 2004, this age group had a total 21,890 exposures, while adults 19 years and older had only 1213 exposures. "

Infants and children usually have accidental exposures.
I have to admit after having an onion bagel or the like for breakfast/snack at work, I brush my teeth then place a large dollop of toothpaste on my tongue and swallow it! I thought if it went all the way down the track and in to my stomach it would help mask the halitosis created by said breakfast/snack. My logic being the food was in my mouth, went down the track and resting in my stomach. This is not something I do frequently. It has been during instances such as when I was about to have a meeting and no mints available.

I thought my mother was telling me not to swallow the toothpaste due to any tartar or bacteria loosened during our in between dental visits would cause heart problems. Many people take prescriptions before going to the dentist to prevent bacteria from collecting on the heart.

For the full article go to: eMedicine - Toxicity, Fluoride : Article by Geofrey Nochimson, MD

Another useful link for all: American Association of Poison Control Centers