Friday, January 19, 2007

Monday, Monday

Monday morning I went to work and Snow White staid home with ManSon due to the holiday. I felt fine, no problems. I thought I was better given that I was fine all weekend aside from one ear a bit sore from the flight down and more so on the way back.

Tuesday morning I wake up, Snow White goes to school and me off to work. I wasn't at work long before I started to feel...well, like the world was slowing down around me. I soon realized I was very ill and took the rest of the day off. I went to bed with a 103.5 fever. ManSon picked up Snow White from school, made her dinner and went over her homework with her. He made me tea and even brought me popsicles like I use to do for him when he was little. I staid in bed the rest of the day and all night. I vaguely recall talking to my father on the phone but do not remember what was said by either of us. Force of habit to answer a ringing cell phone no matter what I am doing at the time.

Wednesday morning came and I was feeling no better so I took some cold medicine and called work. I explained to my boss that my work was pretty well caught up and I would be in later if the medicine had a good affect. An hour later ManSon woke me up to see if I needed anything. I told him to take Snow White to school. I called my boss and said there was not fit to drive so I would not be in the office today. I spent the day in bed and woke around 3:30 pm. As I looked at the blurry alarm clock on my dresser it occurred to me that it was almost time to pick up Snow White at school. I run...stumble around and ManSon comes to see what is going on. He tells me it is Wednesday and Snow White comes home on the bus from her after school activities. I nod and go back to bed but first set my alarm clock to wake me at 4:50 pm. Magically I wake up to the sound of the alarm and realize my fever has broken. The cats and I wait at the opened front door for Snow White's bus. Each time we hear a vehicle the cats perk up then we see it is just a car and not her bus. I laughed at the cats until I realized I was also doing this. Finally, the bus stops in front of the house and an angry bus driver tells me I need to walk to the end of the street where she is suppose to be dropped off. She complained that my daughter did not want to be dropped off way down the street. I yelled back at the driver that the school said she would be dropped off at our door or I would not have agreed to let her stay after school on Wednesdays. The bus driver continues to yell things that I cannot clearly hear. I finally said "Fine. Don't you worry about it. She wont be riding your bus any more. B'bye now. Have a wonderful evening." The bus driver is still shouting at me as we walk into the house.

I congratulate Snow White for standing firm in not getting off the bus at a stop neither of knew about. I told her how very proud I was that she did what was right. In this day and age I really don't want my very young daughter dropped off at a bus stop I cannot see from the house. Anything can happen and I want to do all I can to prevent anyone from harming my children.

Thursday morning I feeling well enough to go to work. I take Snow White to school and off to work with me. I was more caught up than I thought so it was a slow day for me, thank goodness. My boss was overjoyed to hear my voice. Now he could get the yearly goals out of the way and mark that task off his to do list. He is one of the top four bosses I have had in my life time and that is really saying something.

I called the school to let them know the missing library book was in Snow White's back pack all along and that she will no longer be attending the Wednesday after school activities. The lady who is head of the activities called and we discussed the exchange of words I had with the bus driver. She apologized and said I could pick up Snow White from school as soon as I was finished with work on Wednesdays. She also said she was definitely going to bring this to the attention of the principal.

My morning goes well then I realize I have had nothing to eat or drink all morning and it is lunch time. I drink two cups of tea and then have a bowl of what else...chicken noodle soup. Suddenly I am not feeling so well. My forehead starts to feel warm and I think back to Tuesday morning. I only had two cups of tea when I started to feel ill. I was determined to feel better so I pushed forward through to the end of the day.

I picked up Snow White, made dinner and chatted with my sister for hours. I felt much better and tomorrow I am going to throw out that tea!

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Lahdeedah said...


I'm glad about your daughter. I just had an awkward conversation wtih mine about kidnappings. I think I would be most annoyed that the bus driver tried to drop her off somewhere else lol so good on you. We teach our kids certain things, and then other adults go and try to bully them into doing the opposite!