Tuesday, January 30, 2007



I am the baby born in Ceiba Purto Rico to a US Sailor and an Alien (non citizen from UK). Who had little pink bows taped on her bald head and refused to wear hats of any kind.

I am the child who played with mud pies and Barbies and frogs.

Who loved fire flys and splashing about in the rain and sitting in Dad’s chair with a big blanket and drinking hot coco after playing in the snow.

Who stored in my treasure box bottle caps and shiny pebbles that I was sure came from some pirate ship
Who dreamed of having a hundred babies or more and never thought she would be a career woman.

I am the teenager who took weekly photos of my sister and myself sure that Teen Magazine or Tiger Beat would make us famous models.

Who wore Loves Baby Soft and Mini Skirts and loved going to dances and hated that I had no idea what to do with Dep gel.

Who stole her mother’s car so my dear friend in need, Kaye, could catch her boyfriend cheating on her and then spent two week grounded.

Who dreamed of a large corner office in a mega corporation and knew she would be a wonderful mother to boot.

I am the woman who purchased her very first brand new car all by myself after 13 hours of negotiations.

Who loves my family and has three wonderful children and a good career to provide for my family.

I am the mother who loves laughter and goes crazy if I have to miss a school event
and whose moments of perfect bliss come when I see one of my children put their heart and soul into something they truly enjoy.

I am the Engineer who loves when a project comes together and avoids those who make the process longer than it should take and who is willing to give credit where it is due.

I am the woman who sees the lighter side of life and helps out without being asked and always remembers to say thank you.

I am the person who will happily answer the phone at 2 AM if you have a panic attack and then call you the next day to make sure you are doing well.

I am the woman who still loves to hug and kiss her parents and to receive hugs and kisses from my children no matter their ages but never forget those who are no longer around to receive them.

Who still longs to learn French and reacquaint myself with Gaelic.

I am the person who dreams of a week long vacation with my sister and antique shopping in Europe and is grateful for the loving family I have been blessed with
and who hopes to visit my relatives in Scotland and Ireland.

Owlhaven has this great form to use to creat your own I AM. Please visit her website and tell her I sent you.


owlhaven said...

This was great! I'm glad you did it!!


"D" said...

Thanks for writing! I liked the photos you added!Good luck in the contest!

Lisa Knight said...

Loved it! PS I too loved baby soft... if you were anyone you loved baby soft!!! (The shorter the better right?)