Monday, January 29, 2007

Ever have a WTF day?

It has been a WTF kind of day and I am usually so very chipper. First on my list was work. I go into work thinking everything was fine. I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish today but my morning was abruptly interrupted. Not only did I have to give up my Friday off but I had to work on a last minute bid. The big wigs decided they had to have this contract and only I could make that happen. We gave up our family plans for the weekend and I made the bid. Come Monday morning everything should have run like clock work but I found out they fired one of the guys in my group! Ok, this would not have been a big deal had it not been for the fact they hired him to lessen my work load. My morning consisted of fixing everything he messed up and I had three more bid proposals to work out by Close of Business! Why did no one tell me he was let go Thursday evening after my meetings with him to officially hand over these proposals?

In my last job I was the ONLY person in my office who does what I do. Thus, I was reluctantly allowed leave if I came down with flu or my house was on fire. If I left work with the flu I was reminded over and over again how many dead lines were approaching. If I came in the office with the flu I was met with so many disgruntled "how can you come in like this and infect the rest of us?" The day I received the phone call from the alarm system company that my house might be on fire they reluctantly allowed me to leave. The man I laughingly call the Southern Gentleman (his view women have no minds but look great in a kitchen) said "I cannot believe she is rushing home to a burning building." How incredibly heartless considering my children were home from school!!!

Going from a company where I was the only person who does what I do to a company who has/had four men in my own group of co-workers who do exactly what I is it possible that I am still in the same position when it comes to taking time off? You may think the job change would result in a larger work load and that is the reason for so many in the same field in my new location. You would be greatly mistaken in this thinking. I use to have 70 projects on the average but now have around 10 smaller projects as do each of my co-workers. I have worked hard at my job as always but it now occurs to me that it does truly take many more men to do the job of one woman. The men in my group talk daily about change but change in the direction of making their jobs more difficult and time consuming than it should ever take. I have to admit my male bashing today but I have yet to meet a woman in the same career position as myself. I am not meaning this to be male bashing...just venting about my co-workers and my lack of vacationing. They are males and neither I nor them can help it they happen to be in the same career as myself. Why is it that I can take on all their responsibilities when they are out of the office but the same is not true when I want one day off?

Ok, I am done venting about my work :-)

I pick up my the mail from my mail box and guess what...another state says I owed them back taxes but they forgive me. WTF again! I call the comptroller and treasury for that state and it was all a mistake. Breath in ...Breath out...nice cleansing breath. Next letter is addressed to my son so I put it aside for him to read later. Later comes and it is an insurance company saying they are setting a claim against me personally since we have no insurance. WTF??!! I have auto insurance on both myself and ManSon. I call the number in the letter dated January 3, 2007 and the number has been disconnected. I call my insurance company and they say they have never heard from this company regarding any accident. ManSon did have an accident out of state on that date but like the insurance company we never heard anything back from the other party and it has been months since the accident. My insurance company advises me to not contact the other party in anyway since there was never a claim made through our insurance. They told me horror stories of people and companies who make a killing on people who just pay the requested amount and ask for more money time and time again. My insurance company said to fax them the letter tomorrow morning. If I had thought before hand about sending this letter to anyone I would not have written on the letter next the amount of the demand "WTF". Well it has certainly been a WTF kind of day for me and it will be known by many more than you who read here. Oh well, the best of the best have these sort of days and worse.

Speaking of people who have had worse days, nothing is worse than a parent having to say goodbye to their child. I heard today that over this weekend a fellow Mother took her child to the ER with a high fever. Her daughter was only 7 years old and she passed away while in the ER. The mother was so distraught she had to be sedated. This very young, precious angel had been bitten by a tick a year ago and Lime Disease came a year later to take her away from her loving family. Another WTF moment! If you or any loved one has been bitten by a tick and there are no symptoms please make sure to tell your doctor and if you or your loved one has any symptoms later remind the Doctors of the bite.

Good news side of life, my children are fine and I am right now knocking on real wood. I am looking to purchase a new car, new living room furniture and I actually want to make new curtains for all the rooms in my house. I cannot seem to find what I want in the stores or they seem outrageous in price so the craftsmanship will be guaranteed with out factory delays. I also found a unique shop in town which is going out of business due to retirement. They have the grandest dresser sets (brush, mirror, comb and matching wall accessories) I have ever seen and they have house warming final touches. They are going to be especially happy to see me next week! I am going to buy sooooo much!! All that and my son found one of my favorite sound tracks. Ok so not a great find but music does make the world seem a better place during that 3-5 minutes you can loose yourself in the music.

Wishing all of you a Non-WTF day :-)


Lahdeedah said...


I'm having a WTF year.

However, in relation to your work, WTF. I once had a boss try to tell me I couldn't leave work to pick up my child at daycare... she had a fever of 103 and hubby couldn't pick her up.

I think, in your situation, all you can do is take your vacations and enjoy them three times as much to make up for the crap you get back at work. I bet the men do less then you anyhow ha ha ha.

The Curmudgeon said...

I'm reluctant to enter the discussion here...

But I'm the guy who has taken a week off and then works Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday.

My old boss used to say that, as long as I took vacations like that, I could take four weeks of vacation.

Now, my Oldest Son, just about to graduate from college, has landed a job that promises him five weeks of vacation. We'll see -- but, right now at least, I'm incredibly generous.

Of course now I'm self-employed. I can do what I want -- like blog all day -- just as long as I don't want to earn any money.

I'm thinking of firing myself for unauthorized use of the "company" computer -- but my accountant tells me that, if I do, I can't collect unemployment.

What's that all about?

Pageant Mom said...

oooohhhh me too!!! Group Hug!! I used to be chained to a system that would only break if I took a day off. I spent so much time at work, my neighbor's thought I left my husband!! The thing is, the year I worked the hardest and put the most soul and time into my job, was the year I got the worst review.

Go figure...

I can't say my current job is any better, I just don't work as many hours.