Wednesday, January 31, 2007

History In The Making

Funny what goes through your mind when you hear a camera crew is coming.

I need to get an appointment to have my hair done

I need a new suit

I need to loose 5-10 lbs in one week

I need fresh art work from Snow White

Need to go through the photo albums and update the pictures in the frames on my desk

Where is my coffee cup with the company logo?

Hide the can of Jones Soda Whoop A*s
- love having that on my desk
“You want what? When? Don’t make me open that can.” He,he,he!

Are all of my awards on the walls or do I have more in my filing cabinet?

My sister who cannot stop laughing at the fact her older sister might be on the History Channel along with such ancient marvels as Stonehenge. Ok, I am older than she is but not that much older. My sister, I love her humor! The documentary isn't about me, it is about the company.

Oh what the heck. It would just be simpler to call in sick that day. If Meredith V shows up with the camera crew I wont have to fake being ill. I just might throw up on her…on purpose (big smile).

The History Channel is sending a documentary crew from Modern Marvels to do a bit on our company so I think I am safe from Meredith.


Lahdeedah said...

Once, when I was in the Air Force and stationed in England (rough, huh?) we found Saxons on our land. I made a minute segment on the discovery channel. I was the little teeny thing in camoflaouge smoking a cigarette while pointing at da bones in da grave. Seriously.

My aunt recognized me. How, I have no idea. She hadn't seen me in years, but something about the bopping pony tail and profile...

I've always been grumpy that I my moment of fame was wasted on me smoking a cig and pointing at bones...

You have to get on camera, and then tell us all when you're on :)

MommasWorld said...
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MommasWorld said...

MommasWorld said...
I am not too keen on being filmed. When I was little I thought it was great. Now that I am an adult it doesn't seem to be that exciting.

My youngest loves seeing herself on TV! She has been on TV three times. She would love to do commercials and movies but I really don't want to take all that time to running her to auditions and call backs. Several in the industry have come right up to me with offers but I just cannot bring myself to take them up on their offers.

Pageant Mom said...

Trust me, you'll think you look fabulous 10 years from now. I don't know why, but ever since I can remember (even in my beauty queen days) I've hated seeing myself in current pictures or video, but 5-10 years later I think "why?" I looked great then...