Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting Back To High School - Oh the Drama and High School Guys

Ok, I have been extremely busy. Soooo much to tell you but I need to take a chill pill so I don’t try to do it all in one post. It would just be way too confusing.

I still need to put off the continuation of “Crazy For You” since I haven’t seen Chris yet. We might catch up with each other next month.

So far there was the Get Together with friends back in my home town. This started out as a request to meet up with all the Angels but grew to a much larger group. At first I didn’t think too many people would be interested in coming to see me. Why would they? I thought of myself as an average girl in high school and didn’t think I was all that special so, aside from my best friends maybe a handful of people would come. The numbers grew and grew based on word of mouth at lunches and other such things like friends saying to post on a website that I am coming to town and let’s All get together.

Strolling down memory lane has so many ups. You remember all the great times and forget about all the real chaos behind the scenes. Between the time I announced that I would be back in my hometown and the date of the Festival there was so much drama I was going to back out. When I was “wishing for the good ole days” I forgot to wish for everything but nail-biting-what-the-heck-afraid-to-sleep-cold-sweat-drama. There was huge jealousy spiraling out of control for no reason at all. Girls fighting over men, via emails and online commentary and even a few of those late night phone calls between friends “guess who has a crush on so and so?” and “Can you believe he/she is talking to him/her and not me right at this moment?”

At first I thought this next issue would have been a pleasant surprise but it actually scared me a bit. About 95% of the guys who RSVPed or contacted me after hearing I was coming back…well, they felt the need to confess exactly how much they liked me back in the day. A few actually scared me into blocking any way they could contact me. I was greatly surprised by the number of admissions to having a huge crush on me. I would have to say 98% of those crushes I had absolutely no clue about back then or the select few I had spoken with after high school.

Oh and another really funny thing was a few guys who said they remembered me actually didn’t remember me by name but as soon as they looked me up in the year book suddenly remembered they had great amorous intentions towards me. I did test them a little by asking when and where they saw me in school , who I hung out with most and what my usual attire was since I was a bit out of the norm.

Apparently at Players I was a bit consumed in my own little world of worry and wonder. Several guys said they went to Players but I couldn’t even imagine them at that place. Then there were a few that I suddenly recalled actually dancing with at Players. So not like me to dance with them since they went to my school and were not part of my guy pal group. But, I did dance with them because they asked and I knew they wouldn’t have wondering hands. There were actually a few guys who said they wanted to come to the Get Together but didn’t trust themselves to behave well. They remembered I had rules and I would be greatly offended if they crossed any of my lines. Those few decided it was better to email rather than see me in person.

A few more guys were concerned about how much their looks had changed since high school. I thought that was funny since I had no intentions to make any romantic connections. I just wanted to see everyone, stroll down memory lane a bit and catch up on what they have been up to over the years since I last saw them. This last set of guys were part of the group I had not seen since high school. Don’t they realize most of us have changed in our physical appearance since high school? I even told them over and over again I was no longer a size 2 and 98 lbs. At the Get Together and before hand the women all seemed to be concerned with who was thinner than they were (I admit it was something I thought about a few days before going) and the guys were concerned with their hair or lack of hair. Many of the guys are now bald and I would have never considered that a good look on any guy before but I now have a new appreciation for baldness. The bald or hair thinning guys had me doing a double take look and I almost gave myself whiplash. Maybe it was the smile on their faces but my goodness I never thought I would like that sort of look. Any guy considering not going to a reunion of any type based on his lack of hair should really reconsider and get himself to that reunion.

There was one guy (Phil) who couldn’t seem to wait for the Get Together. He traveled to my state to see me. It was the cutest thing!! He brought his old letterman leather sleeved jacket for me to wear with all his pins but something was going on with the leather sleeves. They were sticky to the touch and seemed to be decomposing in some sort of weird way. Still, he brought it to show me he intending letting me wear it on our “date”. That wasn’t the cutest part. Since we went to the same school it was against my “rules” to date him and he never mustered up the guts to ask me out. Well, he went through his old boxes and dug up his class ring which he placed on my finger at the start of the date and asked me to “go steady.” He was even shaking and a bit nervous just like the guys were back in high school when they asked. Is that like the cutest reunion thing you have ever heard? It is the cutest I have ever heard! Ok, so it was really stepping back in time but such a sweet gesture!

There is so much more to tell but it will have to wait until later. I am STILL moving items from the old house to the new house. I think one more (it’s always one more) loaded truck will do the trick. Well, it did take two moving companies to move me to my new state. I should have remembered that. I do have my New Year’s resolution…to unpack the boxes in the newly dubbed “Box Room” unpacked or in the proper place (seasonal, craft and such doesn’t need unpacking) by New Years Day 2010. Also, I will have at least ONE thing hung on a wall (picture, ornamental item or something) by New Years Day. I really do hate patching holes in the wall if I don’t like it at first try.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Short on Time so ... Picture Book of What I Have Been Up To

Went to work one day and guess who was there?

Went out with friends to celebrate closing on the new house. No, I wasn't in trouble. See those smiling faces?

The "New" house has this...What? No, it's not that kind of bar. It is a 1950's Soda Fountain! I mentioned this to my Girl Scouts and they all want to have a sleepover at my house.

Oh, and what is this? Starting from left to right: wood stove, indoor grill and gas stove. All of this is in the same room as the Soda Fountain.

This was me mid June this year

This was me September 4th with a Secret Service Man (yes, really).

Me on September 15th (sucking in my tummy as if my life depended on it)

Me on September 28th, not sucking in my tummy. This was taken after being in the office for 10 hours then coming home to pack up boxes for the move and three nights of 2 hrs of sleep each. This photo was taken at around midnight by my son who snook up behind me and surprised me! I know my make up really should have been take off by then and eww but look at the rest of me! I went from a size 16 to an 8!

Did I starve myself? Did I join a gym and work out like crazy while starving myself? No, I bought a Ramones CD and started dancing around the house while doing house work, helping Snow White with homework and packing. Just moving around (dancing around) after work every day for an hour.

Went back to my "hometown" during a festival and to see many wonderful friends.

Played Tourist and took 364 photos in my hometown but my blog wont hold them all. Might post more later.