Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thirteen Things on My Mind Today # 3


1. Was the trash put out this morning?

2. Snow White and I are almost finished with her Dollhouse YEAH!

3. I might want to change my nail color this weekend

4. What are we having for dinner? Hibachi Grill restaurant sounds good to me! Dinner and a show all in one. My girls still jump a mile when the chef lights the initial 3 foot flame.

5. Where can I find tiny little hinges? There are no craft stores in this little town.

6. It is expensive to have an American Girl Party in the NY shop.

7. I should call Grammy K since I haven’t heard from her in awhile.

8. Why can I not find a vacation package that includes everything I want in a vacation?

9. Do I want the living room to be French provincial or traditional?

10. I know there are more boxes of photos somewhere in the house but where?

11. What time is it in Africa? Snow White has a link to a camera out in the wild. I keep telling her by the time she wants to go to the website it is the middle of the night in Africa. What? You think they have street lights out in the wild?

12. Shouldn’t I be fluent in French by now? I bought a “Speak in a Week” French CD a week ago. The instructions do not say you have to use it every day. Isn’t owning it suppose to work? Maybe I should try osmosis and sleep with it under my pillow. Ha, ha, ha.

13. I need to sew a new zipper on Snow Whites favorite winter coat. I cannot seem to find a full length, down filled, with attached hood, child size coat. Is that really how you spell this type of down?

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Brony said...

Your mind sounds as busy as mine.

Happy TT!