Sunday, February 04, 2007

Why I Had to Watch the Super Bowl

My Super Bowl Sundays are filled with shopping or travel since most of the country is at home glued to the tube. I love shopping during the Super Bowl since there is no traffic, no lines at the stores and no waiting for anything. This year while Snow White and I were dashing here and there I commented on how no one was on the road but us. She asked why and I told her "They are all watching the Super Bowl. Isn't this nice? The streets are free and clear, just for us."

No gleeful giggling from the back seat. Then came a question that astounded me...

"Mommy, what is the Super Bowl?"

What?! My daughter doesn't know what the Super Bowl is? How can this be? I suppose my tradition of Super Bowl Shopping has gone on since she was a baby. I use to attend Super Bowl parties. I use to host Super Bowl parties (I love being the hostess).

I had to do something, my baby should know about the Super Bowl. What did I do? I went to the grocery store, bought everything we needed to make nachos and we watched the Super Bowl. I asked her to pick a team (Colts or Bears) and she picked the Indiana Colts. I was surprised given the treatment we received from the Colts cheerleaders at an airport a few weekends ago. Actually, it was only one cheerleader who was snooty to us. For goodness sakes I just wanted a photo of my daughter with professional cheerleaders. Oh well, Snow White has forgiven her.

I explained a few of the moves and what was going on during the game. After awhile I really got into the game!! Someone screamed "RUN LITTLE MAN RUN!! Who was that? Ooops, that was ME? I couldn't believe it myself. I was no longer sitting down. I was on my feet, jumping up and down yelling at the screen! Me?! Now I realize why I do not watch the game. I embarrass myself, that's why. (he,he,he)

That was when I noticed Snow White had pulled out her dolls. She wasn't interested in watching the game. She only wanted to know what it was. Oh well, at least now she knows.

I was very surprised to see Prince was the half time show. I laughed and laughed during the break when they announced he would be the halftime performance. What, they couldn't find anyone else? I was talking to someone who also remembered the time Prince changed his name to a symbol. Lowe and behold the stage was that symbol!! He also had a purple guitar in that same shape. What was with the wrap on his head? He did finally unwrap his hair for the last song. I have to admit I was entertained! I never laughed so hard during a Halftime show. Snow White brought me back to my senses by reminding me it is not nice to make fun of anyone. Prince, please accept my apologies. I apologize a hundred times over.

I was on double duty trying to watch the game and do laundry so I missed most of the commercials. From what I saw there weren't too many impressive or over the top. I remember seeing a nice family commercial for braces. Budwiser gives a lesson on (1)drinking and driving (2) Picking up hitch-hikers and I cannot remember the thrid. Oooh he has Budwiser let's pick him up. But, Dude he has an ax. Budwiser Ax man gets in the car and someone says it is just a bottle opener. Driving along they come across another...Hey he has Bud Light, lets pick him up. But Dude he has a chain saw. Don't quote me on the Budwiser commercial. I only half saw/heard it while folding socks. commercial, I have no idea what they were advertising but I really didn't care for the brunett dancing on a table and being sprayed by champane/beer/water or who knows. Whatever they were selling I was so not interested in buying or finding out what it is. The commercial that not only impressed me but also got Snow White's attention was the Coke commercial. She said in an awe filled voice "Wow...[long pause] that is what happens inside the soda machine." Isn't she cute!

I am not a prude when it comes to commercials. I do not remember which Super Bowl it was but there was a beer commercial that makes me laugh to this day! I think it was a Coors Light commercial and they had a few different ones aired during the Super Bowl. The one that makes me laugh to this day was - A man coming home and following a path of rose petals to a bedroom where a woman dressed in a sexy nighty on silk sheets was waiting for him. She was holding a six-pack of the beer and he leapt right on to the bed...slid past the woman and right out the bedroom window! Ok, I am not very good at explaining it correctly but it cracks me up to think when I think about that commercial. I remember that year as being one of the best years for Super Bowl commercials.

The Colts won the Super Bowl this year. Maybe next year we will continue with the shopping spree tradition.

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The Curmudgeon said...

While you were watching Prince, we were on our way to a Super Bowl party. We didn't get there on time because Younger Daughter had to work... and it was cold... and Long Suffering Spouse was tired (OK, I was tired, too) -- and the first half was pretty interesting. But the halftime was long enough to get where we needed to go....

And, for us Chicagoans, it was all a crushing disappointment.

But you are so right: The streets were wide open when we were transferring our game-watching base of operations....