Friday, February 16, 2007

Computer Short Cut

I type fast and I mean fast. At least once a day I accidentally hit two keys at once or some sort of combination of keys which turns out to be a computer short cut. Back in the early days of desk top computers we used function keys (F1-F12) still located at the top of most keyboards to perform simple functions such as Save and Help. There were also short cut keys which are activated by pressing one or more keys (Ctrl and C equals Copy). Since then Microsoft has made cute little buttons at the top of most screens to do just about anything you need to do in a program. There are still function keys and short cut keys which underlay in our computers today. Tonight I do not know which keys I hit in conjunction with each other but a window popped up. This program is called "Microsoft Narrator" which is a text-to-speech program to assist people with low vision set up and use their own computers. The window that popped up after I closed the first window said if you hit Ctrl and Shift and Spacebar this will activate the Microsoft Narrator again. I did it and guess what?!

When it reads a window that pops up or anything it sounds like the computer voice from the movie War Games! "Do You Want To Play A Game?" LMBO!!

It reads off each letter you type in an email. That is annoying to someone who types fast but it was highly entertaining to Snow White. It doesn't sound out the letters you type it just says each letter you type. Sometimes you can trick it into making the sound or something that sounds like you want it to such as the computer laughing is hehehehe but don't type it too fast. We also got it to say Olay by omitting the y. Each time an email came through it said February 15th message missed since we did not open it right away.

When I clicked on a web site link the computer said the name of the page and then repeated it when we clicked on the web site after it opened.

If I hold my mouse over an email address it will read it. If I hold it over a website link in an email it will read it in FULL all the /s and everything.

Anyway, I thought it I would share this little short cut with you.

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