Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day of School with Smiles and Tears

Well today was the first day of school. I am happy to report that everyone survived. I thought about taking the morning off so I could escort Snow White to school on her first day. The more I thought about it the less sense it made. We would wait around the house for at least two hours after we are normally ready in the morning. Then I would drive to the school to wait in a long line of cars just so I could wave at her as she rushed off in to the building.

She would much rather go to the daycare center and hang out with her friends before school than just bide her time at home. Plus she would need to get back in the habit of riding the bus so why put it off another day. When we arrived at the daycare center the parking lot was completely packed! There were a dozen Mommies standing at the entrance but not trying to get inside. They were all holding cameras awaiting the arrival of the school bus.

Apparently they are all Kindergarten Mommies. Aww how cute they all looked (the parents). The children were still inside waiting to line up for the bus when it arrived. I parked next door and lead Snow White inside. She acted like it was just another day but I was full of enough excitement for the both of us. I hugged her, gave her a little kiss on the top of her head and wished her the very best ever first day. Once again I made my way past the Kindergarten Mommies. Some were smiling from ear to ear and others were just about to burst into tears. Aww, the first day of school for kindergartners and their Mommies.

I thought about leaving work early to pick her up on her first day. I came to the conclusion we would run in to the same issues as the morning, friends and the bus again. So instead I think I will ask to leave work an hour or so early and pick her up from daycare. This will give us more time to discuss things before dinner. I might have to leave work early to let an electrician in our house at some point today. I am waiting for that call.


I left work early for the electrician but did not manage to leave until 4:10 pm due to downloading things to take home. I thought I could still make it in time (office 7 minutes from home). No electrician was there so I waited until 5:44 pm. I had to leave in order to pick up my daughter from daycare before I was subjected to late fees and/or dismissal from daycare all together. My thoughts were, I would pick her up and get back within 10 minutes. Surely an electrician would give the curiously of a 10 minute window. No electrician when I returned home. It is now 7:31 pm and still no electrician. I hope he was called away on some important manner and not going to charge me for not being at home.

Anyway, the first day of school went well for my daughter. It never occurred to me that it might go wrong for me. And I didn't even get any of the perks of the first day of school so many other mothers enjoy. Oh well, such is the life of a Work Away from Home Mom(WAHM).


Catherine said...

Happy first day of school! :) I liked the picture of the playschool kids. :)

I wanted to let you know that I (finally) responded on my blog to your comment about "what is the crying baby under the chair in HP7" if you want to come back and see. I'd post it here but don't want to spoil anyone who comes by!

Worker Mommy said...

I know this will be my life very soon! Aargh...yes its a whole year away but sending the twins to kindergarten just makes me think "Where did my babies go?" Wonderful and scary all at the same time.
Glad your daughter had a great first day!

MommasWorld said...

Catherine - I thought that might be an explaination to the crying baby under the seat but was not sure.

My Mom has kept all the "Little People" and playsets from Fisher Price...even though they are now choking hazards. She just does not wish to part with them. I supose memories of our younger years are attached to them.

MommasWorld said...

Worker Mommy - Yes, you too will have this heartfelt opportunity. It is wonderful and scary at the same time. I had a fit of jealousy when ManSon first went to school. I was so jealous and a bit angry that these teachers would get to spend the whole day with him. he.he.he.

I look at a my 19 yr old son and sometimes think "You were 'this tiny' just yesterday." He is now just over 6 feet tall. They grow up so fast!