Friday, August 24, 2007

Mommy Homework

I am not looking forward to school starting. I am a single working mom and can no longer take off the summers. The only thing that changes for me when school starts is all the homework. I don’t just mean sitting at the table with Snow White helping her with her homework.

I am talking about all the Mommy Homework. The first day of school always means filling out dozens and dozens of Emergency Forms. Each of these forms must be filled out in triplicate or require a 4th. One is for the main office, one is for the school nurse, one is for the county file and some for the state file. Imagine having to do this for 3 children as I have for the past few years. My first day of Mommy Homework usually takes me about 2-3 hours of writing by hand repetitive information over, and over and over again.

This year I thought I would get a head start on these forms even though they will not be in my hands until after the first day of school. I have come up with a form. My plan is to staple one of my forms to each and every one of their forms. If they must be color coded I have no objection to printing them out of colored paper. Hopefully, this will prevent Mommy Homework writers cramp.

Here is my form so far (I have a saved copy with all the info filled in). Have I left anything off? Does your school forms have something mine is lacking? How do you handle school forms? How long does it take you to fill them all out?

Student Name:

Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Work Phone:



Emergency Contact if parents cannot be reached:
Name Relationship Phone # Address
To student

People who are authorized by you to pick up your child from school:
Name Relationship Phone # Address
To student


Does not wear glasses or hearing aids.
She is not currently on any subscription medication

For the teacher:
Favorite color: Usually pink, sometimes blue or purple, depends on her mood.
Pets: 2 cats and 1 dog
Bedtime: 8pm
Wakes up: 7am
Siblings: brother 19, sister 17
Grandparents on both sides still alive and kicking it up.


Lahdeedah said...

I have to fill out three different contacts, usually leave one blank, and I hate the teacher questions because I don't know if they read them.

Drama Girl finished her first week of school. But we all know the first week of school is really just paperwork, even for the kids, ha ha ha.

Brillig said...

Gack! I know! So far, I only have one in any classes, and he's in PRESCHOOL (my kindergartener doesn't start until next week) and I feel like I have a mountain of mommy homework. Sigh. Imagine when all four are in school!

MommasWorld said...

Well, I have the form all set up and ready for printing. I am just waiting to see what the forms intail tonight when I get home.

MommasWorld said...

lahdeedah - I have three contacts and three people authorized to pick her up. The schools she went to previously always asked for three. Good to know this is the same in your state.

Brillig - I only have to do this for two of my children now but I was doing it for 3 for a good while. Crossing my fingers and hoping the school doesn't call me back saying "Momma's World, shame on you for short cutting the system. You need to join the ranks of Mommies with writers cramp so fill in the forms!" he.he.he