Monday, August 20, 2007

What Is Wrong With Kids These Days?

This weekend I wanted to take everyone shopping for back to school clothes and supplies. I finally found a supply list and I just could not believe my eyes.

4 sharpened pencils
1 pencil pouch
1 back pack
We (the school) supply the crayons, folders, scissors and everything else.

Really? Do they really truly mean that I do not have to spend over $60 per child for supplies? Not even the $100 scientific calculators? I will believe this after the first few days of school.

When I told everyone to get in the car for Back to School Shopping something shocking happened. No one wanted to go! They each responded with “We don’t need anything for school this year.” Snow White protested that her current wardrobe was super cute and perfect. She showed me the outfits she wants to wear for her first week of school. Yes, they are all cute and look like new. When I told her we still needed to buy cute pencils and a matching pencil pouch she pulled out a really cute pink pencil pouch with a picture of a cute kitten on the front. The pouch had never been used before and it had 3 brand new erasers inside. Then I said we could look for really cute pencils to put in it. She ran over to my desk and pulled out 3 brand new pink pencils and one purple.

The thought of missing out on Back to School shopping was almost bringing me to tears. Weird huh? So, I start to beg “Don’t you want at least one brand new outfit for the first day of school? You know everyone else will have brand new everything.” They all just shrugged their shoulders and went back to what they were doing. I am a bit bummed out but what could I do. They were right. They have everything they need. I guess I just wanted to satisfy my own needs…you know throwing money away.

When I was Snow White’s age the thought of going back to school with brand new clothes was a thrill! Did I need them? Probably not but I wanted them! I did not want to be the only one to show up for the first day of school in an outfit that was not brand spanking new. I suppose my children are not as shallow as I was at their age. My mother would have been thrilled to hear the four of us did not need anything at all for the start of the new school year.

How did everyone else make out with the Back To School Shopping? Did you find any super great deals?


Butrfly4404 said...

Honey, I don't blame them ONE bit!

I HATE school shopping. (Although take "school" off there and I'm all for it!!) It's just madness all around!

Maybe YOUR kids will start a new trend this year.

MommasWorld said...

That might be the problem...I shouldn't have said "School". Never thought of that.

I think I will buy them each one new set of clothes and hope they fit. I just cannot help myself! he.he.he!

Lahdeedah said...


That's all I have to say.

My Drama Girl couldn't wait to pick out supplies from the Target bins... yeah yeah Walmart is cheaper but I can't handle crowds, and I made a rule about how she could only have one dress and one outfit for school because it's hot for another month or so. No point in buying new clothes when it's still summer weather!

We had to buy her shoes too, and let me tell you, nothing is worse than being with a tween picking out shoes... ugh. No, you may not have the fur-trimmed clogs, it doesn't have a closed heel.... etc etc

MommasWorld said...

We lost one of Snow White's sneakers (still lost) so I had to buy her a pair a few weeks ago. Still look new as she only wears them inside. She wears her slip on shoes mostly. She would be right there with Drama asking about those furry clogs and knee high black boots! No backless shoes for school allowed and it is way too hot to wear knee high boots.