Thursday, August 09, 2007

Our Clothing is Multiplying Like Rabbits


Ok, laundry is my least favorite chore. It use to be something I did twice a week then turned into once a week. Sad to say it has been two weeks (almost 3 wks) since I last did the laundry. It is really piling up and that has turned my least favorite chore into a heavy duty job.

What is really amazing is we all still have clean clothes to wear. Where did all these clothes come from? Are they multiplying the way rabbits do? Is this going on in the closets while I am at work? I purge regularly. We have a “Go-Away-Box” that sits in the family room and I toss things in it daily. Two months ago I went through our dressers and closets and filled up a few “Go-Away-Boxes” and dropped them off at the local Goodwill shop. I have filled up many boxes since but still seem to have an enormous amount of clothes. I am not saying we should only have one weeks worth of clothes each but my goodness, two weeks of no laundry and we still have plenty of clothes.

School will be starting here in a few weeks and my normal ritual is to buy a full weeks worth of new clothes for each of my children. Why? Peer pressure. Most of the other kids will have brand spanking new clothes, new backpacks and brand new everything the first week of school. I thought I would save a bit of money this year by purchasing really cute summer sets instead of buying the latest fall fashions all the stores push at the onset of a new school year. The summer sets will be on super sale or clearance. Anyone wearing the new fall fashions the first week of school will be dying from excessive warmth. I was here last year at this time looking for a new house. I remember how hot it was. The radio announced several “Cool Off” shelters were available for those who did not have air-conditioning.

I suppose this weekend I will be dedicating all my time to clothing, washing it, purging it, and purchasing it.

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pinks & blues girls said...

I can so relate! I hadn't done a load of laundry for about 3 weeks until last night, and that was only because I really, really needed to wash a set of sheets. Sometimes when I say to myself, "I have nothing to wear!" even I want to slap myself! You've made me realize that today may be a good day to get rid of some old clothes and donate to Goodwill.

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

MommasWorld said...

he.he.he! I want to slap myself some days too. Nothing to wear indeed. Funny, I seem to be the only one in our house who says that phrase.

Irene said...

I used to hate doing laundry, but it quickly became time just for me. I lock myself in the bedroom and just fold laundry and listen to some tunes on my iPod. Now, cleaning the bathroom - I hate doing that!

MommasWorld said...

Hi Irene!

My bathrooms get a wipe down from me just about every evening. Regular cleaning is up to each person to clean their own. No one enjoys cleaning the bathroom but we all love a clean bathroom.

Lahdeedah said...

It turns out laundry is actually a life form, because it does, in fact, breed.... quickly....

Next week we're purging the kids' closets, and man, I'm not stopping til I see the color of the shelves....

MommasWorld said...

I have only completed one closet tonight.

Lahdeda - Life Form! Love That! When ManSon comes home I am going to say those Life Forms just took off while he was away.