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Have you ever had a party where you had to run out to the store for some forgotten item? Well, that was not the case at this party! I had everything under control. Except a few birthday presents I ordered on line. They were in transit via the US Post Office who apparently does not like me. Snow White could not have care less about presents. She was too excited about the party, having so many of her friends over and most importantly - her first time hosting a Slumber Party.

ManSon was a huge help. He washed the dishes, moved the furniture out of the living room, swept floors, moved boxes, cleaned out the sunroom and picked up Snow White at Daycare. While he was picking her up I decorated the house, prepare all the food, sequestered the kitties in the basement and generally set up for the party. When they came home she jumped up and down saying how she loved the decorations and how I set up the umbrella beach chairs in the living room. She really enjoyed setting the dinning room table with me. Opening the American Girl Party set was like opening up a present. A happy squeal accompanied each little thing she pulled out of the box. "Mommy look at this cute little dolly cup!" Look! Sporks for the dolls just like at school! A Game! There is a GAME in the box! This went on for every thing that she picked up. We then set the table with the matching table cloth, placemats, napkins & rings, etc. When she spotted a large Princess box in the kitchen she opened one of the outside windows and "Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! It's the Princess cake I wanted!" The party had not started and she was ecstatic already! ManSon decided he wanted to visit with his friends while Snow White had her party. I completely understand that an 18 year old boy would not want to hang out with a bunch of 8 year old girls.

The Guest Arrive...Introduction to the party-ers

First guest was Gymnast, who arrive half an hour early. The girls dash out to the back yard, running and playing with Pup. This was the first time I met Gymnast Mom and she is full of life and all around wonderful. She walked through the house repeating "I just love your house. It reminds me of our last house. I think I'm going to cry." She told me her son will soon be 7 years old and is a very special little boy, he has CP. I also found out they live just up the road from us. I exclaimed "I know exactly where you live!" On my way to drop Snow White off at school I had seen a school van picking up her son. It would only be a 3 minute walk to their house. Yeah! We are finding friends within walking distance.

Next to arrive was American Girl. I call her this since she was very prepared for an American Girl party. She not only had an American Girl doll but all of her clothes were also American Girl and she packed everything in an American Girl backpack. I like her Mom already. I would have done the very same thing. As I hold the front door open for our new guests, Snow White and Gymnast come in the kitchen door with Pup. To our surprise Pup runs straight out the front door. I shake hands with American Girl’s Mom and run right past her! I run down the street followed by Snow White, Gymnast, American Girl and both of her parents. As we chase the quick footed Pup the girls are screaming, this screaming alarms our neighbors and brings ALL of them outside. Now I am not only running down the street followed by 3 little girls and a set of parents I just met but now joining our marathon are all the neighbors on our street. When we near the end of the street Pup bolts out in front of a car!! In the span of a seconds we have 3 little girls SCREAMING NO!!!!, thoughts going through my head "Please No. Not our Pup. Not in front of the girls! Not on Snow White's Birthday!! The car screeches to a halt and a neighbor at the end of the street quickly scoops up Pup. Thank you God for sparing Pup and the girls. I am out of breath as I walk back to the house holding Pup. On our long walk back I thank the girls, the parents and wave gratefully to each of the neighbors. American Girl's parents and I laugh all the way back. Pup goes in to the basement with the cats until the rest of the guests arrive.

Sweetie arrives next. She is a very sweet and well mannered little girl. Her parents have taught her well in how to speak to others, to always respect her elders, what is important and what to eat. She is dropped off by her Mother. I had also met her briefly at the Curriculum Fair. I had met Sweetie's Dad and Step Mom a few times when Sweetie hosted a few slumber parties. I had no idea her Mother was still around. All three of them seem to be very nice people.

I knew Drama would be a late arrival due to gymnastics class. She arrived around 7:30 pm with her lovely Mom. Our girls were inseparable at the Curriculum Fair. Drama joined the girls in the backyard as soon as she placed her belongings behind her beach chair. Her Mom and I chatted a little bit as she oohed and awed at the decorated table. She told me they also live close by but right now I cannot recall how close. I need to figure that out since I do want to invite Drama over again.

Cheer Girl arrived a little while later with her Mom. Cheer Girl is a fantastic cheerleader, gymnast and national pageant winner. Her Mom is both a pageant and cheer coach. We have known each other for about 2 years. Cheer Girl does print model work and has been in a commercials too. They came from out of state and Mom’s GPS had a little malfunction on the way to our house. She called for some directions and arrived safe and sound. We sat in the sunroom chatting while watching the girls play in the backyard. She mentioned something about baby proofing their house and I thought nothing of it. Then she came right out and said, “You do know that I am having a baby don’t you?” I was surprised and very happy for her. She laughed and said “I’m 7 months pregnant and you didn’t even notice?” How in the world could I not notice especially since we chatted for about half an hour before she told me? Well, she was right in front of me and never stood sideways so she still looked tall and thin to me. When she turned to the side her pregnancy became apparent to her sort-of-blind-friend. We talked about the cost between when our older daughters were little and the price of baby equipment today. Playpens were $30-$50 then but now are $99 or more. The same for highchairs, walkers (stunned to actually find a few), etc. I felt awful having her drive all the way to our house! My goodness she is 7 months pregnant! If it had been me I would have had to stop for bathroom breaks every 5 minutes. The party just would not have been the same with out daughter but I would have so understood if she said they could not make it. Driving to another state for a slumber party while 7 months pregnant? Yeah, in my book that wouldn’t have happened. It is really great to have such a wonderful friend but I wouldn’t have asked her to do all of that driving had I known.

TV Star Girl went through heck traveling to our house. She was also from out of state. Her grandfather was in remission from Cancer but had a really bad setback Friday. Her mother’s car broke down and a whole list of hurdles which Snow White was absolutely thrilled were over come. She arrived around 8:00 pm. I call her TV Star since she has been on TV, Commercials, print ads and even on the box of name brand toys. She is also a national pageant winner. We have known her and her Mom for about 3-4 years. Her Mom and I have the best time when we get together with our girls. We laugh 98% of the time we are together, not an exaggeration. I burst into laughter when I see a bag of airline peanuts, she knows why! he, he, he. She and her whole family are super! There is only one other person in this world who is as nice as they are, my Boston Auntie. When I count my blessing I count myself extra lucky to have them as friends. She and I get along almost as well as my sister and I!!

I hope the local Moms and I become good friends. I really see how much Snow White values the friends she invited. I see good friendship qualities in each of these mothers and really understand why Snow White picked these girls as her best of friends. The two out of state girls and their Moms will always be part of our extended family. We truly care about them and their families.

On another note gas is now $2.89 for regular unleaded and $3.01 for premium. While watching the News at Noon they explained the increase is due to the shut down of refineries. They did not mention if they were temporary or perminent.

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