Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Let’s Get This Party Started...(song by Pink playing on my mental juke box)

Before TV Star arrived the girls were too excited and played outside for a good while. This was not something I anticipated but it worked out well. After awhile Snow White gave them the grand tour of the house. I then served Pizza, fruit and veggies to start them off. Then it was on to the first craft, putting their names on their foam crowns and decorating them. This took awhile since we had to search and search for the right letters for each of their names. Snow White gave up looking for her letters and opted for just her first initial so she could help her guests search for their letters. When they were finished the girls pranced around the house wearing their crowns and introducing their dollies and stuffed animals to each other.

A little while later there was a knock on the door. TV Star had arrived! Her Aunt explained she was a little worried that everyone had started without her and all the games, crafts, cake were all done. I assured her we only completed one craft and were putting off the cake until she arrived. The girls were so full on the pizza and snacks they were not nearly ready for cake.

We all pitched in to find the letters for TV Star’s crown and the girls were anxious to start the next craft. I passed out the packages for the American Girl doll sleeping bags. Gymnast proudly exclaimed she knew exactly how to do this craft since she and her mother did a similar craft together. I was delighted to hear someone else at the party could assist with this craft. This seemed to be a very simple activity, two pieces of cloth with “fringe” cuts on three sides of the rectangular shaped clothes. All we had to do was knot two strips of fringe together until all were eventually knotted. To my great surprise Snow White, Gymnast and myself were the only people at this party who could tie a knot. How can it be that 8 year old girls do not know how to tie a knot? Don't they all know how to tie their shoes. Oh, wait a minute, Snow White refuses to wear tie-shoes because she does not want to learn the loops portion. As her mother I do give in and buy her shoes which require no tying. Partially due to her lack of wanting and part due to my "Let's hurry out of the house in the morning." Girls started pleading for us (Gymnast, Snow White and myself) to make their sleeping bags. Snow White said her fingers were getting tired from all the tying so she gave her lot to me as well. Gymnast was the only girl to actually finish her own sleeping bag. I told her how proud I was of her. Of course I did this out of ear shot of the other girls. I don't want to hurt their feelings while making note of one girls accomplishment.

Since I was going to be busy tying knots I had to move to the next craft to keep the girls busy. Out came the bird houses and paint. They happily painted their bird houses and decorated them with fake birds, flowers and glitter glue. I was impressed with their individuality and creativity. Unfortunately when they were all finished I was still working on the dolly sleeping bags. They wanted to play flashlight tag so we found a flashlight and off they went in to the back yard once again. I sat in the sunroom which is set up high above the yard and I could see everything. They giggled, laughed and chased each other with Pup right there with them.

As I finished the last of the sleeping bags we decided to play a simple game. I gathered the girls in to a circle in the living room. The simple instructions were given…put your slippers or shoes in a pile at the center of your circle. Next, show them the prize for this game and explain the first to get her own shoes on wins! WAIT! Wait a minute! Wait until I say go! ha, ha, ha. They put the shoes and slippers back in to a pile and each had their eyes fixed on their own. GO!

One girl had her toes in both of her sneakers and exclaimed "I WIN! I WIN!" I laughed and said “They have to be all the way on.” In the end we had a tie between Sweetie and TV Star so I gave TV Star the Strawberry Short Cake bath set that was on display for the prize and told Sweetie to pick a prize out of the super large princess bag. She picked a plush dolly with bath accessories. (I found out later she gave her prize to another girl saying she had too many stuffed toys...again showing how very sweet Sweetie is) The other girls moaned a bit so I assured them everyone would win something tonight. If by any chance at the end of the party someone did not win a game they would be allowed to pick a prize from the bag.

ManSon called to say an out of state friend called and would like my permission to kidnap him and bring him to his house for the weekend. I gave permission for the out of town visit. ManSon came home to pick up a few things. He burst through the front door, swept Snow White up and swung her around as he said "Happy Birthday Snow White!!" He carried her over to the dinning room window and said "Wave. Those are my friends out there." The car full of friends waved back while shouting "Happy Birthday Snow White!" ManSon stopped to talk to the little girls, give them advice on how to be good and even let them see his electric guitar. He gives her a hug and again wishes her a happy birthday. Snow White was thrilled that her super cool big brother made an appearance so her friends would see that she comes from coolness. "See, he really is super cool!" He really is a great big brother, always bestowing his wisdom on her that coolness means being yourself and not putting up with all the "bad" people. I am so glad my older children are such a good influence on my youngest. Yes, I am bragging and I have very good reason to brag. My children are not perfect nor am I but it really swells my heart to think of the times they really shine.

This party aint over yet (did I spell that right? I have never written that word before, oh well). I will have more later. Snow White is home sick so I posted what I wrote up yesterday.


Pageant Mom said...

What fun!!! Sounds like everyone had a blast!

Sorry to neglect the blogworld - update coming soon... trying to put away the horns and claws... waiting for the emotion to settle down, and objectivity to set in LOL
Oh lordy there is MUCH to write about.

Missed ya'll too :o)


Lahdeedah said...

Okay, I just love hte names you attributed to her friends heh.

Mine is a Drama girl but her friend I would call Business girl, because she is always pushing her mom to hand out her Mary Kay cards. I know it makes the mom uncomfortable, but I think ti's sweet!