Wednesday, May 16, 2007

School Rules...

Sunscreen At School

My daughter, Snow White, is extremely fare skinned. When winter was over I sent her to school with spray on sunscreen SPF 45. The teacher told her she was not allowed to use that during school. They have two recesses and out door gym class. Snow White came home and was totally PINK. I planned to call the school the next morning and complain but the teacher called to ask if I had seen Snow White’s spelling book. I told her it was in the back pack with the sunscreen. She thought sunscreen was along the lines of medication and did not want to get into trouble so she did tell Snow White it was not allowed in school. I calmly explained Snow White’s fare skin and I was not pleased with her coming home with pink skin. The teacher said “Oh, I thought that happened over the weekend.” No, it did not happen over the weekend. I know my child cannot sit in the car next to the window in the summer time without sunscreen. Just a five minute drive to the grocery store and she will get pink on that side of her body.

The next day I called the principal who informed me they have no rules or guidelines regarding sunscreen. He advised me to have Snow White put it on herself or have the Nurse assist her but under no circumstances will a teacher or other factuality member rub lotion on my child. I can completely understand their no touching rule, that is why I bought spray on lotion. Snow White also has to wear a hat during gym and recess since she can also get sunburn on her scalp. The other kids think it is cool that she is the only one allowed to wear a hat at school.

We are not alone. Ana at Silicone Valley Moms had the same experience. She did a bit of research and found out there was a bill or law which allows children to wear sunscreen and protective clothing at school. And here How to Be a Bongga Mom: Sun Safety Starts Here Go check out her blog and the comments.

No Sandals At School Rule

I did a search on the no sandals rule which seems to be a country wide. I have only found the rule on private school websites. No public schools are coming up in my search. I admit after the first 5 pages of the search results I gave up. Most of the rules I found for the private schools regarding sandals was started on or before the year 2001. I have an 18 year old, 17 year old and an 8 year old. What happened in the private schools prior to 2001 that prompted them to incorporate this rule in their dress code? Why are the public schools in this area starting this new rule years later?

Suburban Bliss tells of an accident involving a little girl and sandals at her daughter’s school. Read her blog and the comments too.

No touching eliminates playing tag. When Snow White started Kindergarten she was reprimanded three times in one day for the same issue. “But I wasn’t touching her, I was hugging her!” Yeah, we are a very huggy family.

Gas Prices Go Up Again…

On my way to drop Snow White off at daycare I suddenly started screaming BUGGERY! BUGGERY! BUGGERY!

Snow White must have thought oh my goodness, Mommy has turrets! No, nothing like that. We just passed a gas station and the price of gas just jumped 4 cents per gallon from yesterdays price of $2.95. The price of Regular Unleaded Gas is now $2.99. Yes, I can afford to pay for my gas, I am not exactly strapped for cash but come on! Why does the price continue to increase with absolutely no explanation?! I can understand crude oil prices fluctuate but that means they go up and down. The price of gas has only gone up.

I calmed down before we reached the daycare. On my way to work I found one gas station still at the $2.95 price so I filled up my tank. My goodness last year I was excited about finding a gas station in D.C. with the price of $1.97. Here it is a year later and gas has gone up a full dollar. No reason, someone decided we will pay for it or else!

“Although some consumers might make the tough choice to cancel or revise travel plans, Illinoisans who rely on their cars to get to and from work have little choice but to pay the price, and feel the pain, each time they pull up to a gas pump.” Statement from the Office of the Illinois Attorney General

Does it make you nostalgic for the good ole days of 2005?

Ok my gas ranting is done for the day.
What is the price of gas in your area?

Does your school have the No Sandals Rule?

Is your child allowed to use sunscreen at school?

What part of the country/world do you live in?


Lahdeedah said...

What is the price of gas in your area?

Closer to $3, #3.05. How can this not be bullcrap? Frankly, I don't buy 'it's the change to summer weight oil.'

Does your school have the No Sandals Rule?

Kids here wear flip flops, crocs, heels and whatever other fancy footed thing they'd like to wear, including heelies. I'm not opposed to the 'closed toe' rule, since I get why it's in place, but my daughter goes off in flip flops occasionaly.

Is your child allowed to use sunscreen at school?

We live in Colorado, land o brighto sun... and my daughter is fair haired. I will probably put it on her in the morning, but she's old enough to put it on herself. I know if I sent a note to the school they'd let her, this school so far is awesome.

What part of the country/world do you live in?

Colorado. It's much brighter than I'm used to, and only May!

Pageant Mom said...

What is the price of gas in your area? about 2.85 - the gas station on the way to my house is the cheapest in town!!! But it really sucks because I drive 60 miles round-trip daily. UGH!

Does your school have the No Sandals Rule? YES (and my kids go to private school) but the upper school has an issue with flip flops. Should be interesting when they go to uniforms next year! Crocs are ok for the Kindergarteners as are tennis shoes w/o socks.

Is your child allowed to use sunscreen at school? Don't know, my kids have naturally dark/olive skin tones so it's not too much of an issue.

What part of the country/world do you live in? SouthEastern US

btw I am returning to blogland ever so slowwwwlllyyyy....

Lahdeedah said...

$3.25 today... gas.... not...driving...anywhere....