Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Mother's Day! & A Contest To Boot!

Mothers Day for me...

I slept in until 8 AM Woot!

Snow White had been bubbling with excitement since Friday. She could barely restrain herself from showing me her Mother's Day presents. Finally, Mother's Day was here! She bounced out of bed and sprung into action! I have never seen her produce her backpack with such speed! There were cards she made in school, in daycare and at home. The card she made in school was a cut out of a tea cup with a poem writen on the outside and a tea bag on the inside. The card from daycare had a coloring of a peachy flower in a pot "You wont kill this one mom." I loved this since Snow White hinted over and over again at the grocery store for me to give her just enough money to buy a potted flower. While in the store I said "The flowers are so beautiful here but what would happen if they came to live in our house?" Snow White sadly said "They would die and die again." A woman across the way from us laughed and laughed! She said "No worries dear, I am the same way." She smiled, hugged her tween son and went on to their shopping. Yes, I kill all house plants.

Snow White and I and I had a large breakfast of waffles, sausages, scrambled eggs and toast. She was so sweet and wanted to do everything herself including buttering the waffles and toast. She scrambled the eggs but I cooked them and the sausage. She had milk and I had my cup of tea. By the way that tea was the best I ever had and there was no name on the tea. After breakfast Snow White and I played a board game, Littlest Pet Shop, which was one of her birthday presents.

ManSon was fast asleep due to a long night of playing video games and watching TV with his friend. I checked in on them before Snow White, Pup and I went for a long walk. I did get a wonderful "Happy Mother's Day" wish. His friend was not so gracious when his mother called to say she would be over in a little while to pick him up. ManSon just rolled his eyes at him. I actually came right out and said "It is Mother's Day. Be nice."

I have driven up the main street in our neighborhood and even one or two side streets visiting Snow White's friends. I never took the time to really explore our new neighborhood. Today we were going to walk down several streets which we had no idea where they lead. It was a fun adventure. Our neighborhood seems to have some history still evident today. At one time this must have been farm land and then sold to individuals for the purpose of building houses or houses with smaller farms in the 1930s. The cute little cape cods which look so small on the outside but actually very large on the inside. I know this since we live in one. The distance between the 1930 houses and those which seem to have been built in the 1970s is a good distance but they are mingled in together. This lead me to belive in the small farming houses or maybe they were just extreamly large plots. Most of the 1970s houses are very plain in the exterior. Very flat front and pretty much looks like a rectangular box with a slight triangular top. There were a few, very few, with tall pillars attached to a porch roof but other than that they were very plain.

We had been walking for about an hour when I saw a park. I said to Snow White "Oh my! There is a park and it is so close to our house! (there is a shorter route from our house) The park had a full lit up basket ball court, a beautiful outdoor pit BBQ with a stone brick chimney and a cute half wall all around. There was even a large swimming pool with Spanish style iron works and beautiful brick half wall around three-quarters of it!

Oh, wait...that beautiful Spanish styling went all the way behind a five car garage and....a house. This was not a local park, it was someone's back yard! As we walked along I could see the front and side yards contained several breathtaking gardens. I am not talking about a typical garden you see in a neighbors yard. I mean when I walked towards the corner it was more like a rain forest and tropical garden all mixed in to one! When I saw the front of the house I could tell it was one of the 1930's houses originally a cape code but had Spanish details in great proportion.

They might have been the original land owners who sold off acreage to the rest of the neighboring houses or were the largest land purchasers in the area at that time. The house looked splendid on the outside. They had a local park as their back yard, the rest of their land was a combination of rainforests and tropical gardens and I can only imagine what the inside must look like. In this city I was amazed to see such a house. I hope on some small occasion I might have an invite to visit the inside of this beautiful gem.

We walked on a bit longer until Snow White said she was thirsty. That is when we headed back home. Other than that our day was pretty uneventful. Oldest Daughter called from Annapolis. She was out on Grandma Candy's Mini Yaht. She had attended a concert the night before as part of her birthday. I prefer her day is all about her, not Momma. We watched a movie, had lunch at home, called my Mother and ManSon's friend went home. I took a little nap and when I woke up it seemed like a new day so I cleaned house and did laundry. My Sister called while I was doing laundry and said "But it's Mother's Day! You should not be doing laundry." My response "The laundry needs to be done and guess what? I am the Mom."

Exiled in Toyland is having a contest! She is also having a baby Boy! Awww. Her contest is to come up with a blogger name for her baby boy. There is a prize but I did not take the time to read what it is. I was too excited about her new addition and thinking of names. She has a daughter known as ittybit and would like a name to go along with that but not seeming like an after thought. Think of how you refer to your children in a blog or an endearing nick name you call a friend's child then put that in a sentence like..."Ittybit and Hunk-a-doodle-baby-boy went to the grocery store with us" or "Ittybit and Hunk-a-doodle-baby-boy enjoyed the museum today." Then there is my favorite "The Great Adventures of Ittybit and Hunk-a-doodle-baby-boy!" Ok, Hunk-a-doodle-baby-boy will not be a name I am submitting. It is way too long to type over and over and over again for the long life of a blog and in an every day occurrence. You get the idea so please click the link and participate in the contest, just say hello or congratulations.

Exiled In Toyland: Happy Mother's Day! How about a contest?

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