Thursday, May 31, 2007


Tomorrow is Friday. Do you know what you really need for tomorrow? A Brand New Hand Bag!! No, not just any hand bag a Dooney Bourke bucket bag. It’s it cute?! Don’t you just want to take it home with you? You also get a bottle of Victoria Secrets perfume.

So take a minute to visit Pinks & Blues to and enter her contest. Hurry, contest ends tomorrow! Yeah, I am late getting the info myself. Serves me right for not reading her blog last Friday. Yes, I know. I am crazy about pictures. Nearly every post I have in my blog has a picture but you should see her pictures. Love ‘em! Also check out her hilarious post about her husband. Do you have anyone in your family or one of your friends who is hoping to make it in your next posting in your blog?

Ok I have to run. You are relieved right? No super duper long post to read this time. (I See You. Really cute happy dance.)

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