Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Should a Mother Worry...

Today (written Monday, May 6th) when I picked up Snow White from daycare she had absorbed yet another "accent". She sounded like a "Valley Girl" from the 80s....e-x-a-c-t-ly So Totally Like them. It was only a five minute drive but I so TOTALLY um like, wanted to say uh, gag me with a spoon. Like um yeah. furrr real like. he, he, he. Yes, we live in a valley but my goodness, where does she pick this stuff up at? Daycare or school?

Her conversation was all about Justin Timberlake and how Totally Cool he is. "You know. Like. He was on the Nick Awards show and Totally Cool. He sings this song, um, I don't know all the words or the name of it but it so goes like um yeah like 'go get me go, go get me go'." {later found out the song is called Sexy Back she heard it on the school bus} I told her I believe he was married to Britney Spears but she was very admit that he was not only not married but he was a teenager who is not old enough to be married. I told her he and Britney have a baby son. Her voice grew louder in her admit position that he was not old enough to be married so he could so not possibly have a baby.

I assured her that he is around 24 yrs old. She said there is NO way he could be that old! I explained that Mommy is almost 40 so that would be about half my age and that is not all that old. It was only then she easily accepted 24 as not that old.

I also told her Justin use to compete in pageants! Yes, he actually competed in pageants when he was a young boy. She wanted proof. As soon as we were home I pulled out a VSH video tape with him doing Sportswear, Beauty/formal wear and casualwear. He was a ham back then and still rocking the stage. I had to rewind the tape twice before she really believed. He introduced himself and everything. She was satisfied and cannot wait to tell her big brother that Justin Timberlake also was a pageant boy!

Now proving that he and Britney were married and have a baby boy is not an easy task. I do not subscribe to tabloids so the only "proof" I have is from the Internet and Snow White has a definite view of on line information..."You know the Internet LIES! Anyone can say something on the Internet but that doesn't make it true." I have seen some crazy things posted on the Internet and some as opinions. I cannot say her theory is 100% wrong.

ManSon left with his friends during the Birthday party last Friday and said he would be back Sunday. Sunday night came and he called me to explain his friend was driving down a gravel road, they did not see the pipe sticking up in the road and the friend drove over it. Luckily, this only punctured one tire. His friend is awaiting payday to pay for a new tire. This means ManSon would be home in a few days. I told him to call me tomorrow just to check in and he said he would. As always at the end of any phone conversation with my children I say "I love you." ManSon is almost 19 years old (birthday in about 2 wks) and since he was officially a teenager his usual response is "ok" or "yeah." There have been a few times when he said "Me too" or actually uttered the words "I love you too Mom" but that usually involved my being away for a few months due to work and only with our immediate family present on his end. This time he was at his friend's house using his friend's cell phone. His cell phone died due to not bringing the charger with him since he was only planning to be gone until Sunday. He actually said "I love you too" while using his friend's phone and in front of his friends! I was so thrilled it almost brought me to tears.

Tuesday night during a daily call with my sister I mentioned this and her response was "Oh my gosh! Is he okay?! Do you think he is doing drugs or wanting to commit suicide?" WHAT?! Those thoughts never came in to my mind! Now I was worried.

I tried to call ManSon but his cell phone died due to not bringing the charger since he only planned to be away for two days. Oldest Daughter gives me the phone number of another friend to elevate my worry. ManSon is fine. He laughed and laughed at Auntie's (my sister) reaction. He also swore never to say it again unless 1. I am dying 2. He is home and staying or 3. In front of Auntie just to watch her freak out in person.

My Mom, Grandma, tells me she has been diagnosed with glaucoma. We had a phone call with Grammy K she tells me she has to have a hip replacement. Grammy K will see her Dr tomorrow and Grandma will see her Dr on Monday. Grandma also has an appointment with a glaucoma expert tomorrow. She said if I hear back from ManSon she and Grandpa will pick him up and bring him home.

So there is my list of worries and they all came in one days time. I know, count myself lucky this was all I had to worry about. I do.

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