Friday, July 25, 2008

Surprise Party at the Cozy Inn

My friends and I wanted to throw Ronnie a surprise homecoming party at the Cozy. This time it wouldn’t be just Ronnie and I. All of our friends were invited. Ronnie’s best friend Jim offered to make sure Ronnie made it there.

My friends and I booked a large cabin with two bedrooms, full kitchen and dinning/ living room combo. My friends also decided I needed to do a little shopping before the party. I had never been so embarrassed in my whole life! They took me shopping all over the city for lingerie. Everything I saw looked far too slutty. If I had to buy something I wanted it to be classy and beautiful, something you would see on Dynasty. Finally we agreed on a purchase and I was relieved. I didn’t want to go in to one more shop. What if on our way out we had seen someone we know from like Church! Or someone who knew my parents?! I would have just Died!

Since Ronnie made it clear that what ever he was doing I would be right there with him I had to tell him a little white lie. He couldn’t come shopping with us or help us with any of the party preparations. So, I told him I was working that day and he should hang out with his friends. Ronnie is so sweet. He decided to come visit me at work. I wasn’t at work. They also told him I wasn’t on the schedule to work. Oh boy was he angry! He was thinking of all the worst case scenarios. Was I out with another guy? One of those new Guy Pals? He drove all over Frederick looking for me! The longer he looked for me the more his anger grew. Finally he went home and let out his anger in front of his friends. Jim tried to calm him down but nothing was working so he told him about the surprise party. Ronnie calmed down considerably.

I arrived at the cabin in the early afternoon to make sure everything was set up. I even went to the store to pick up a few things for breakfast. Yes, we were staying the whole night. I was not going to be alone. There were two bedrooms and a pull out in the living room. All of the Angles were going to be there to get me through this. I was nervous as all get out and we all knew what had happened the last time Ronnie and staid the night together. This time it was very important. He wanted to get married right away but I needed a compromise. I would be completely his and not sacrifice my high school diploma.

I had to do this! This time I really had to follow through. Not just to do it but to let him know I was his. I wasn’t going anywhere with anyone else. I was going to do this. We had a few near misses getting all hot and heavy in his car at the Falls or the Overlook. We were both all hot and bothered with kissing and he actually managed to be laying on top of me and I was still kissing him. Then he started to undo his pants and I was all “STOP! I need air!” While still laying on top of me he rolled down the window of the passenger door. I then said “Um, ah, I need to get out and walk around.” He said I could do that later. He was kissing my cheeks when he noticed there were a few tears on my face.

He stopped, sat up. Frustrated he said “What?!” I sat up and looked at him with sort of sad puppy eyes “I just can’t. I can’t. I’m sorry.” He banged his hands on the steering wheel then said “Why do you keep doing this to me? We come up here. You kiss me like that. I kiss your neck and you move your body like…” He didn’t finish that sentence instead he grabbed hold of the steering wheel so hard his knuckles turned white. “Ronnie you know I can’t. You’ve always known. I’m really sorry.” He was quit for a few minutes then I said “I just really, REALLY like kissing you. I love having your arms wrapped around me. It feels so good to snuggle up to you.” He let go of the steering wheel, sat back in his seat and closed his eyes. While shaking his head he said “How do you just stop like that? Doesn’t it frustrate you?” “No, actually, I really like getting all hot and bothered like that with you.” He started up the car then said “It must be different for girls. Guys can’t shut it off like that.” I slid up next to him and wound my arm around his and he said “No. You get over there. All the way over there by the door.” He meant what he said but he was being playful about it. “Go on, scoot back over there. No telling what might happen if I get you in my arms again. I don’t think I would stop.” He was sounding a little bit pouty and for some reason that made me want to laugh. I turned my head away and covered my mouth to keep from laughing. “Are you laughing at me?” “Ronnie, you are so cute. I love you.”

So, this surprise party was going to be The Night! Everything was ready. Giggles’ brother provided liquid lavation, we brought candles, food, soda and everyone of the Angles was ready to back me up on The Night. I was ready. Well, almost. I needed some liquid encouragement. It was unanimously agreed that although all the alcohol was still a bit warm it wouldn’t hurt me with my Irish background. So, we girls played quarters to make it fun. No matter who made it …or not I had to drink. After a few rounds of quarters I decided it was time for photos. If I happened to chicken out at the last minute at least Ronnie would have photos of me in my lingerie to keep him company in the Army. Kay-Kay and Dizzy-D told me how to pose and I laughed myself silly. I couldn’t imagine myself being sexy even with this lingerie. Still, I posed and did mostly what they said. Ronnie didn’t know about the photos so I figured what was the harm. If I didn’t like them then he would never know they existed.

Soon other people started to show up. People from our school had heard about the party and started to come in droves. “I only told a couple of people” seemed to be the standard answer. Then there were even people who had graduated a few years before us! Um, huh? Have you ever seen that commercial about the shampoo, then I told someone then they told a few people and so on and so on…

The cabin was over run with people. We didn’t know what to do with them. At first we lied and said all the alcohol was gone. “No prob. We brought our own!” Soon the place was swimming with all sorts of people and alcohol. There was a BIG BANG from one of the bedrooms. Ooops! Dizzy-D, Flic and Giggles were all jumping on the bed with a few of the guys. Just jumping on the bed like little kids would do but to the sound of Punk music. The bed was broken. As I looked into the room I said “You are paying the deposit. You made your bed now you will sleep in it. I’m not sharing my bed with you.”

Several games of warm beer quarters later Ronnie came through the door! Finally! The guest of honor was here!

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