Thursday, July 17, 2008

Letter From My Soldier

How’s my Sweety doing? I hope she is just fine. We are in Phase II of Basic training now. That means we get more passes and guess what? We can use the phone any time we want to on our free time. Wow! I tried to call you tonight but you weren’t home. I called Gina instead. Our trip out to the field was alright. It was nice weather Sunday and Sunday night, but it rained Monday morning then it cleared up and was nice til Tuesday afternoon. Then it turned Cold and Windy. On Wednesday we packed up and left. Then we went to the Hand Grenade Range to qualify. I qualified as an expert (the highest you can get) I couldn’t believe my achievement. then today we went to the Live Fire range were they fire M60 machine guns over your head while you low crawl across a field. We got really muddy. The field had about 6 to 12 inches of water on it. Now tomorro we go to the bayonet course and we are done with the hard part of basic training. The rest of the two weeks will be review. One week from today is Thanksgiving. Word is that we get the whole day off to do what ever we want even go across post. We will be wearing our dress greens on Thanksgiving too! Happy Thanksgiving!! It not too long now, I’ll be home soon to see you. I can’t wait! I miss you so much! I love you Heather and I always will. You are my forever love! Just think we will be able to spend our 9 month anniversary together on Jan 1, 1986. I’m sending you or sent you some pictures of me in my dress greens.

I sent you 1 - 8x10
3 - wallets
1 - 3x5

I hope this is enough. I sent my Mom the rest. She got an 8x10 too so don’t worry. You can give Giggles one of the wallets because I owe her a picture of me because I never gave her my senior picture. Remember, If you need more pictures you can ask Mom she might have some extras. I also sent Mom the Platoon Picture, have her show it too you. Well I got to go now it’s late. I Love you so much! Heather You're the future Mrs. Ronald Leadore! No one else can or will take your place! I LOVE YOU NOW, FOREVER & ALWAYS!!! MISS You!


P.S. I hope you can read this. It is hard to write in bed.
Also send me some pictures!


Butrfly Garden said...

MW - I finally made time today to get caught up on all your ronnie stories. You made me laugh - you made me cry - now I want to know the rest!! :)

It's also nice to have a name to call you by other than "Momma's World." :)

MommasWorld said...

Oh my goodness. That is a lot of Ronnie stories to catch up on. I have many more coming. It is just hard to organize what happened when with the letters and such as many do not have dates on them. Add to that it was like half my life ago. I am really enjoying the trip down memory lane. I am so tickled that you and so many others (emails and a few comments) are enjoying this! I have even reconnected with people from High school and Players!