Monday, July 14, 2008

Love Letters Home

A few days later I received a letter. Yeah! Mail! Our mailman was VERY relieved.

Pvt. Ronald Leadore 1st Platoon
B Battery, 5th Training Battalion
Monday, 4 Nov 85

My Dearest Heather,

It is about 9:30 p.m. and lights are suppose to be out. But I got my flashlite on and are writing you a letter in bed. So if it is messy, now you’ll know why.

So, How is everything going with you? I hope you’re doing just fine. I miss you so much!! I can’t put into words how much I miss you. It is the worst pain I’ve ever gone through in my whole life. I want you to know that I love you and you only now and til the end of time. I’m going to be your lawfully wedded husband, and you my wife. I got your card for our Anniversary (7 months). That was so sweet. I knew you didn’t forget. Did you get my card and surprise that I sent you. I hope you like them. I thought they were so cute. Today I got my silver cross from Mom in the mail. Did she show it to you? It is really nice. I like it. She made a good choice. Mom knows best. I also got a letter from Angie today. I thought it was so sweet of her to send me a letter. Do you know what she said about you. Well this is what she said, word for word: “I really do hope you and Heather do get married because she is so sweet. I hope I will be like her when I grow up.” I was so touched to hear that from her. She right though. You are really sweet and loving person. And you’re mine, all mine. I sorry if I’m being selfish but I can’t help it. You are my FiancĂ© and I am going to marry you on April 1, 19_?_ at 2:00 o’clock. Heather, Don’t worry I do love you so very much. You mean everything to me. I wouldn’t make it if I didn’t know you would marry me when I come home. I got your 3 letters on Saturday. I read them while on 24 hour guard duty. That is where for 24 hours you rotate 2 hours guard 4 hours off. I have it again tomorro night. During my off time tomorro I’ll probably finish this letter to you. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Mom said that you drove my car around the block once. How sweet. Did you see the Heart with Heather on it. Also, did you listen to the Madonna tape in the car. I wish I could have went around the block with you. I wish you were here with me right now. I miss you so much. I had to leave the room when I read your letters because I start crying. I know I’m being a baby but I can’t help it the girl whom I Love so dearly is so very far away. I miss you! Well I got to go now the Drill Sergeant just came in and caught me. He just told me to hurry up and finish and go to bed. I’m glad he was in a good mood or he would have made me do 100 push-ups or something. The other people in my room are laughing at me right now. Speaking of which, do you remember when I told you that one of my roommates was cool but the other one was a nerd. Well the nerd in our room is worse than Matt. I can’t barely stand him. He hardly ever takes a shower and even when he does he wears the same t-shirt and underwear for about a week or two. He never cleans his area and his bed always looks like Dodo! It always makes me and Brian, the other roommate, fail our inspections. He is a really weird guy. He has never listened to the radio. He doesn’t know any songs or nothing. Right now he is reading some religious pamphlet. I don’t even know what religion it is. He talks funny to, just imagine holding your nose closed while you talk and that is what his voice sounds like well I really better go for now before the Drill Sergeant comes back. Then I’ll really be in trouble. Heather my love, I will Love you now forever and always til the end of time. I miss you so much. Good Night and sweet dreams. Love you now, forever, and always, Ron. I’ll write more tommorro. O.K.

Tuesday, 5 Nov 85
Well I’m in my 24 hour guard duty right now, actually it is only 12 hours tonight. I have guard from 8 to 10 p.m. and from 2 to 4 a.m. The rest of the time is to sleep but I’m going to write you a letter. Your all I think about. Guess what I just tried to call you but you weren’t home. Your Mom said that you went out to the mall with Ray to spend your paychecks. I sorry. Did my mom call you Sunday and tell you that I called? I tried to call you about 3 times Sunday night from about 7 to 8 p.m. your time. Your Mom said you went to Giggles’ house. I bet you when Giggles got home her Mom said Ron called, Yeh! That was me I thought maybe I could get in touch with you at Giggles’. I want you to know that is the only reason I would ever call Giggles, only to talk to you. Well Giggles’ Mom said that she went to Players. So I went ahead and talked to my Mom for a good while. She knows that me and you are getting married. You did know that didn’t you. She thinks it is a great idea. Heather, I miss your voice. I wish I could get to talk to you soon. I’ll keep trying all this week but I’ll almost definitely call, unless something terrible happens, on Sundays from 6 to 8 p.m. your time. Sometimes maybe as late as 9 p.m. your time. I LOVE YOU NOW, FOREVER, AND ALWAYS!!!! I am going to marry you, Heather!

Last night I had the most wonderful dream. I slept so comfortably last night. I wish this dream would have never ended. Someday, April 1, 19_?_ I know this dream will come true. I dreamed that me and you were married and we had a really nice townhouse. It was perfect. Just like the ones we looked at and talked about. You were looking so beautiful. We were so happy. I remember I came home from work, I was dressed in an Army uniform. I drove up in a small red car, probably a Mazda RX-7. When I came in to the house you came running towards me and gave me a big hug and a kiss. I hug and kissed you back. We were so happy. You already had dinner on the table. It was stake and corn with wine and candles also. Then I remember we were cuddled on the couch in front of the fire place watching T.V. I remember you said it was a Friday and we both had off work the next day. I think we stayed up late and well, you know, we enjoyed ourselves. I know that this dream will come true someday. I LOVE YOU!!

I qualified with the M-16 rifle. I shot 27 out of 40 targets and got my marksmen badge. We get our dress green uniforms tomorrow. Wow! On Friday we go into the gas chamber. People say that it is Hell! You have your gas mask on for the first two minutes, this is to prove to us that the mask work. Then for the last 30 seconds you take your mask off and breath in tear gas, this is supposed to let us experience tear gas. I not looking forward to this. Today we went through the obstacle course for the first time. It was really fun. We are just over half way through basic training only 29 more days at Basic Training. I can’t wait to come home for Christmas though. I can’t wait to run through the airport to you and throw my arms around you and give you a great big hug. I still have a cold it is hard to get rid of it because the weather changes from hot to cold every day. The weather here is crazy. I’ll try to get rid of it before Christmas though. It rained all last week here they said it was the hurricane that came through Texas.

Heather, please don’t let anything happen to us. I Love You! Heather, I would never, ever let anything happen to us. We will spend the rest of our lives together and Love each other to the end of time. Heather, I couldn’t go on living life without you. You mean everything to me. God led us together and God will bring us closer together. We were meant for each other and some day soon everybody will know that after we are happily married. My Love for you grows stronger and stronger each day. It will never stop growing. Heather, I LOVE YOU!!!!

I’m glad you started a hope chest for us. I think that is so sweet. Anything that you can do for our future is great. You are my future. I want to please you for as long as I live and never, ever hurt you. We have a long, wonderful, life together ahead of us. I can’t wait to get it all started. (Well I guess it already has) The wedding plans that you put on the back of your letter were just fine. I like them. Maybe the date could be changed to a sooner date. We’ll have to talk about it. The sooner we’re married the less time we will spend apart. The children’s names you picked out are cute. These are the one’s I like best though:

Katie Marie Leadore
Joseph Allen Leadore
Patrick Anthony Leadore I like these!
Elizabeth Marie Leadore

What do you think about these:
Michael Anthony Leadore
Mark Anthony Leadore Let me know
James David Leadore what you think?
Christina Marie Leadore
Heather Ann Leadore

Heather, please don’t ever doubt that I Love You. I always will. Nothing will ever change that. I can’t wait till December 19th. I’m going to spend as much time possible with you. Where ever I go I want you to come with me. I’m going to be with you the whole time. I don’t need sleep when I’m with you. Maybe we could even have a small party at the Cozy.

I can understand you being jealous about me writing Giggles. I wont write her back anyway til she writes me. Don’t worry I don’t think I would believe it if she said some B.S. about you, I know your loyal to me. I trust you and you can trust me. Heather nothing will come between us, we will get married and live happily every after. I’ll never do anything to hurt you as long as you don’t hurt me. I LOVE YOU!!! I couldn’t make it through life without you. Thank you for the poem. I Love it. It looks nice right next to your picture. All the guys love it to. I read it all the time and look at your picture. Well I better go now I have to get some sleep tonight. I know I’ll dream about you. Heather You are my future wife and I LOVE YOU NOW, FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!!!! I miss you so much, Heather. Please wait for me. Good night and pleasant dreams.
Love You Now Forever & Always,
Love Your Future Husband,
P.S. Sorry If this is so messy.

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