Sunday, July 27, 2008

Portrait Studio

Even though Ronnie was home and my school was now closed for the holidays I still had to work. During the time I was at work Ronnie ran his errands and even came to see me during my lunch or dinner break depending on what my hours were that day. During one of my breaks we had our photos taken at the Montgomery Wards Portrait studio located right next to the credit card counter I worked. Those guys at the studio were a real hoot! And I mean that! They were gay and the one guy really cracked me up. They were a couple one seemed more like a straight guy (Ryan) and the other was a real flamer (Daryl). I loved listening to them talk to each other, the way Daryl carried on about every thing and Ryan was always trying to calm him down “Nancy, your slip [gay] is showing.” They told us that we looked like the perfect couple. “Your children are going to be absolutely gorgeous!” Ronnie and I had never met a gay person before. I thought they were great but I think they scared Ronnie a little.

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