Monday, July 28, 2008

Sisters Get Along and Times They Don't...

Thank you Brill for opening a door that might be shut forever.

I just had a huge fight with my little sister whom I absolutely love. She and I had never argued like this before. She actually said "I'm sorry I ever called you! I don't ever want to speak to you again! EVER!" Thanks to Brill, after my sister hung up on me screaming yelling at me. I thought at first, ok I will wait until tomorrow for her to cool off and we will patch things up. Instead, thanks again to Brill, I called my sister right back and expected the answering machine where I would apologize profusely. My Sis answered the phone and said in a haughty voice "WHAT!?!!" We both left off yelling at each other. When I called back I said very calmly "Ok, I am a donkey's butt. I am." You could tell that was not the answer she expected out of me and she half laughed but she didn't hang up. At first she screamed and yelled at me and I sat there and waited for her to get it all out. It was only a matter of minutes before she half laughingly said "Did you actually say Donkey butt?" "Sure, I said Donkey butt. I have recently added Monkey butt and chicken butt to my vocabulary but my children say I am not allowed to use those terms in public." Half crying and half laughing she says "So you say Donkey butt?" "Yeah, I said Donkey butt. I am sorry I was not listening to all you had to say. It upsets me that you don't always see the potential you have. Not to grow on but HAVE in hand. I am still a Donkey butt for not waiting to hear all you had to say. You are a monkey butt for swinging around the trees to hang me right away though." "What?! I'm a butt? A Monkey butt?!" "Yes, you are prettier than me." {Silence..........} Then we seem to both burst into laughter at the same time. She said half crying and half laughing "I'm not a monkey butt. I said "Oh but you are prettier than me, I'm a donkey butt." More laughter and we also work out the original issue. Still talking and laughing at the end of the phone call.

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Brillig said...

Wow. Well, I confess that I'm thrilled! I'm glad that the two of you seem to have patched things up so quickly! Thanks for the linky love!

And donkey's butt... is that kind of like and a$$ a$$? (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to talk like that here, so I used symbols... hahaha.)