Friday, July 11, 2008

High School Homecoming

Saturday was the big Homecoming game between the Frederick High Cadets and the TJ Patriots. That means giant bonfire and pep rally Friday night. I picked up Giggles and we met the rest of the crew at the bonfire. The rest of us mingled, yes, even me. I wasn’t exactly in a good mood or anything. I was actually pleased with the fact I was civil, polite even, to everyone. By this time the whole school had learned not to mention Ronnie’s name around me, just incase I had not heard from him.

A football player, sorry cannot remember which one, gave me a few things to throw on to the bonfire. Apparently, only staff members are allowed to do this. When a teacher saw me throwing the small items into the flames she yelled and ran in our direction. The football player picked me up and we ran into the darkness where the teacher couldn’t see us. I was actually laughing! We hid out for a few minutes just to make sure we weren’t going to get caught. The football player was on an adrenaline rush and full of the school spirit. He talked so fast I couldn’t really understand what he was talking about. Maybe it was football lingo. Sorry, I don’t speak that language. After we were sure the coast was clear I made it back to my friends.

The rally started to loose its momentum so we decided to have a little extra fun at our rival school. Giggles, Val, Lori and I piled into my car. Just as we were about to leave Patrick leaned his head in my window and asked where we were off to. Val opened the back door and pulled him in. Whether he liked it or not he was apparently going with us…to Frederick High. Of course we couldn’t show up empty handed so we stopped by 7-11 to pick up two dozen eggs. The clerk, John, looked at us suspiciously so I added a half gallon of milk and a package of cheese. “We are going to make omelets.” “Sure it’s not for something ELSE?” “Come on John, you know me.” “Yes. I also know it’s the quite ones you have to watch out for.” We paid for our loot and off we went.

When we reached our rivals I had to circle around the school a few times. Their bonfire was pretty far away from any driving surface. I do throw like a girl so there was no way I could throw an egg far enough to actually have it land anywhere near anyone. Giggle solved that problem by hanging out the window and yelling “FREDERICK HIGH SUCKS! TJ RULES!” Oh poop! Here they COME! A whole crowd of Cadets were rushing towards MY CAR! As I drove away Giggles and Val threw eggs out the back windows and yelled derogatory remarks about our rivals. Some of the eggs actually BOUNCED instead of breaking! The Cadets picked up the unbroken eggs and hurled them back at us, but they missed which made us laugh even harder. Patrick was in the middle so he couldn’t really help. He was just stuck. Lori was up front in the passenger seat laughing her head off. I was trying to get off their school grounds as quick as I could! They couldn’t run very fast so the angry crowd gave up and went back to their bonfire.

Just as I was thinking we were out of the woods…a Jeep came off the grassy field and cut me off at the Frederick High gate entrance. Oh big poo! This Jeep was full of FOOTBALL players!! I stopped my car just in time to avoid smashing into their Jeep…and my car DIED of fright! Frantically I turned the key hoping and praying that the car would just Freaken Start! Oops, too late. The rival football players had already jumped off their Jeep and were pulling me out of my car through the driver’s window!! Patrick yelled “No! Don’t take her! Take Val!” as he pushed Val out the back door and made his way into the crowd of football players. He was trying to save me. Lori moved over to the drivers seat and kept trying to get the car to start. Val was beating her little fists on a football player who just stood there and laughed. Me, I was being held up above the heads of about five football players while Patrick pulled on one of my legs. I was a little scared but still I was laughing so hard my sides ached!

Just as they were about to put me in their Jeep “She’s cute, lets keep her.” Val realized she knew one of the guys. He wasn’t a football player. He was their mascot. Apparently they met at the Frederick Fair last month and got on really well. It was then decided that since Val was a friend of his they had to let me go. They even helped me get my car started. When I was safely back in the car with the doors locked one of the Football players leaned in and asked me “So, do you have a boyfriend?” “Ah, yeah. Yes. I do. Hey I’m a TJ girl. Don’t be ridiculous, I couldn’t go out with you.” As soon as the words left my mouth Lori slammed her foot on the gas and we were outta there! “What were you thinking?! Did you want them to start all over again?” I laughed and said “No! Just, wow. What an idiot. We just threw eggs at them. We are from TJ and he hits on me? What’s up with that?” We returned to our own school full of high spirits and told everyone of our adventure behind enemy lines. Finally, I felt like the fog was lifting and I was actually having FUN!

The next day was the big game! Giggles and I were a little nervous about arriving since this year the game was being held at Frederick High…their home turf. Thank goodness Giggles was driving. There was NO WAY I was bringing my car back to that school. Val, Giggles and I were worried that the football players would recognize us and tell everyone it was us who threw the eggs last night. Maybe they wouldn’t recognize us. They will be on the other side of the field and playing football after all.

Wouldn’t you know it, the universe was going to mess with us. Just as we walked through the entrance to the football field to pay for our tickets…my feet left the ground! A group of Cadet football players, the same guys from last night, scooped me off my feet. The mascot was there and he chatted with Val while I pleaded to be put down. Other TJ students were in line to get tickets and they said “Put her down! She’s a Patriot! She’s on our side, NOT yours!” Then I heard a familiar voice coming from behind our tangled little group. It was familiar but not in a way that made me feel good. “Give her to me.” It was Jimmy. I grabbed the jersey of one of the players and “Don’t you dare. Not him. Please. Just put me down.” As soon as they put me down Giggles said “I’m done with this. Let’s go get our seats” and she left me there with all those Cadet guys! AND Jimmy. One of the football players said “So, how do you know Jim?” Before I could speak Jimmy said “We use to go out.” I don’t think they believed him. I was going to let it stay like that but one of Jimmy’s buddies backed him up. “Hey, I thought you wouldn’t go out with a Cadet?” I smiled and said “He’s the reason I wouldn’t ever do it again.” The football players laughed then left

Jimmy said “Don’t go away. I’ll be right back”. Billy and Jimmy’s other friend (cannot remember his name but he was an over sexed Italian guy) were instructed “Don’t let her go anywhere.” As soon as Jimmy was out of sight I tried to walk away but these guys were not about to let that happen. “Come on Billy. Whatever he has to say can wait until after the game.” I showed him my ring and explained that I was engaged. Nothing was going to come out of talking with Jimmy. Nope, not even Billy was going to budge. So there I was stuck in a corner with my “guards.” A few minutes later Jimmy returned and the guards left. I couldn’t help but laugh! He had his face all painted - game face in his school colors.

Still, I was wondering how I was going to get away from him without causing a big scene. It couldn’t have gone any better if I had planned it. Just as Jimmy started talking, the TJ Band director walked through the gate and I called out his name and waved. As I walked past Jimmy I said “Don’t even think about trying to stop me. He is a teacher.” I skipped up to the band director and asked about what songs they will perform during half time and such. I am sure he was a little confused as to why I wanted to walk with him but he sort of got the hint when he looked back at Jimmy kicking the fence.

I reached the visitors bleachers and found my friends. “Thanks a lot for just leaving me there.” “You know we can’t stand Jimmy. We knew you would get out of it and here you are. What did he want?” “I have no clue. I didn’t stick around to find out.” Everyone was yelling and cheering all around us. It was a great feeling to be in the bleachers yelling and cheering along with them.

I had forgotten Jimmy was even there until just before half-time. I think he came over with their cheerleaders or mascot. After they did their little ditty about how FHS is better than TJHS Jimmy walked up to the front of the bleachers and said he had to talk to me after the game. “I’m engaged. There is nothing to talk about!” We back and forth with him saying I had to meet him after the game and me saying “No.” The crowd behind us was getting really annoyed that someone from the rival school was trying to get friendly with someone on our side. “You’re on the wrong side of the field duffus! Go get a Cadet girl. She’s not interested!” The whole ordeal had to be a little humiliating but hey, it was his own doing.

After the game we were leaving and not only did I have my friends with me but a bunch of my Guy Pals as well. Jimmy and two of his friends were waiting at the exit gate. Bender picked me up. “Good thinking. They cant grab her if she is already being carried.” Bender wasn’t exactly thrilled about being on my Guy Pal list so I was really surprised that he stepped in like he did.

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