Friday, July 18, 2008

The Homecoming Dance

I was asked by someone I knew and I was tickled to death! Someone was actually brave enough to ask me! I had an assigned date, Jim, Ronnie’s best friend but still. It was really nice to know that someone would have gone with me without having been assigned the duty. He knew all about Ronnie and he would get nothing out of it other than dancing with me. I decided it would be best to go to the dance with Jim. This way Ronnie’s mind would be put at ease and after all, Jim was a really nice guy. He was always nice to everyone, very polite, someone you wouldn’t mind introducing to your friends and family. He was cute too, the GQ type of guy. I told him he could dance with whomever he wanted at the dance. I felt a little guilty that he had to come to the dance with me. He assured me he would have had it no other way. I even offered to pay for everything but he said “Ronnie said to make sure it was an evening you wouldn’t forget and I had to do everything….well, most everything that he would do. Ronnie is an honorable guy and you are going to the dance with an honorable guy.”

We went to dinner and then the dance. The dance was great at first. We sat at the table with all of my friends. My friends all wanted to dance with Jim and he was so sweet he agreed so long as I didn’t want to dance. I told him over and over again that I didn’t mind. He was there to keep an eye on me but there was no reason he shouldn’t have some fun too. I kept imagining what the dance would have been like if Ronnie was there so Jim was sort of invisible to me. I wished I had been more attentive to him but I couldn’t get Ronnie off my mind. Jim was great. If I decided I was ok to dance he was up there with me and my friends. I even managed to dance a few slow dances. When they played Madonna’s - Crazy For You Jim danced with me and he didn’t even mind that I cried all over his suit. For the most part I staid at our table talking to all the friends who stopped by trying to keep my spirits up. Many of my cheerful table visitors I didn’t even know. My goodness I have truly wonderful friends and went to school with a lot of terrific people. I couldn’t wait to tell Ronnie about the dance and about how all the girls in the whole school wanted to dance to Jim. He was such a good sport that he danced with every girl that asked except for when he wasn’t dancing with me. He even posed with an uncharted number of girls for photos with girls he danced with and many he didn’t. The dance didn’t go on forever so he made up for it by having his photo taken with so many girls. He was treated like a Rock Star and I was very glad he was getting something out of going to the dance with me.

By the time of the dance I did receive the Surprise Ronnie sent me. It was a cute little white bear dressed in an Army Cami uniform holding a rose.

I wish I could find the photos from homecoming. It was a roaring 20s theme and we girls were all decked out in black. ME! White as can be, every so tiny, in a black flappers dress, two stands of pearls tied in a knot at my waist and wearing my mother’s long fur coat. There was a group photo taken at my house of all of us Angels lined up in a pose - slightly bent down with our hands on our left knee pursing our lips. I even pulled the fur coat down on my left shoulder. It was suppose to look sexy. Everyone else in the photo looked sexy but I look like I was about to fall asleep or really needed an aspirin. I need to get to work on finishing my parents basement so I can find that photo album!

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