Monday, July 09, 2007

Just Keep Swimming

Today is a really BIG day for Snow White. This morning she starts her swimming lessons! Last night we packed up her new blue bikini with the swing top, Oldest Daughter’s Harry Potter beach towel (Princess towel is too special apparently) and her swim shoes in a pink beach bag. Since we wanted to make sure not to forget it in the morning rush I took the bag to the van last night.

This morning we were up an hour before our usual time. Daycare was closed all last week so Snow White said home with ManSon. Since she did not have to get up early I allowed her to stay up late. That was a big mistake. She was a little groggy this morning trying to get back in to the normal routine. I did not help matters by waking her an hour earlier than normal. As soon as I reminded her about the swimming lessons she was fully awake.

After I brushed her hair and put it in braids we realized she had not worn her sneakers for a full week. I had no idea where they were. Instead of frantically running all over the house looking for them I told her she could wear her swimming shoes all day. She brushed her teeth and went to the car barefoot. Thank goodness I bought the swim shoes in size 13 instead of 12. They fit her foot like a glove. Any smaller and I would have had to rush around the house looking for sneakers.

As we drove to the daycare center I mentioned how much I wished I could go to the lessons with her. She laughed at me saying “It’s daycare Mom. Parent’s cannot just hang out all day at daycare.” I am glad she feels confident enough to do this without me. At the same time I feel awful that I cannot share this experience with her. That I won’t be standing there, at the side of the pool, ready to jump in clothes and all if need be. Something about this just seems so wrong. I know I cannot take off three weeks to watch her learn to swim. Things such as this are part of the torments faced by many of the working parents today.

Snow White was excited about her swimming lessons when I dropped her off at daycare. I reminded her about the sunscreen. Every big and little part of your body must be covered…even the part in your hair. She thought that was gross. “I don’t want to put that in my hair!” to which I responded “Would you rather have sunscreen in your hair or a burn?” That changed her mind.

Although this will be an experience all her own I know she will share with me all the details of her lessons with great enthusiasm! This I will enjoy thoroughly! I am so excited about the end of my day! I can hardly contain my excitement! The Dory "song" from Finding Nemo keeps popping into my head "Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming".

Well, 5 o'clock came and I merrily skipped to my van. I could not wait to hear all about the swimming lessons today! As soon as she laid eyes on me Snow White was chattering away about every detail! The first day of lessons they covered - Not breathing under water, blowing bubbles underwater and arm strokes. Snow White thought she needed to use both of her arms at the same time while somehow sticking to the side wall of the pool. After realizing she needed to hold on to the side of the pool with one hand she laughed at herself for thinking such silliness. She even told me about how she could see underwater! I was absolutely amazed! Is this the same little girl who screams for a towel if one tiny drop of water rolls down her eyelid while washing her hair? This same little girl not only put her whole head under the water but opened her eyes too! YEAH!

She did make a request for goggles in order to see underwater more clearly. Due to the tight fit of the swimming shoes she also asked for a pair of flip flops to wear to her lessons. After dinner I went off to the mall for Snow White’s items and my make over. My make-over went nicely. The poor Elizabeth Arden girl was the only one working in cosmetics. She had to stop every now and then to help other customers but I did not mind. I knew I had three hours before the mall closed. I spent a small mint on my cosmetics and happily accepted a free gift. I also receive a another free gift but it must be ordered with a pick up date of July 31st. Yeah! I love pretty free stuff. As I have way too many bags around this house I might hold a free Elizabeth Arden drawing! That would be fun!

When I returned at 8:30 pm everyone was asleep. By “everyone” I mean Snow White on the living room couch, Pup curled up next to Snow White, ManSon on the family room couch with Kitten curled up at his feet and Merril curled up in the doggy bed. I suppose they really wore themselves out today. I carried Snow White to her bed while Pup protested. He wanted to be carried onto the bed as well. He was not fully awake himself thus could not muster the jump so I helped him on to the bed as well.

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toyfoto said...

This is just so wonderful. Ittybit is going to start swim lessons soon. Sadly, for me, she's going to be going with my dad. (I'm not going to be able to get in the water with her for a while, and he's so jazzed to take her it would break his heart if I said no.)