Thursday, July 05, 2007

I Rock?! You Rock! We Rock!

While making my morning blog rounds I found a wonderful surprise! Twas Brillig tagged me with an award…Rockin’ Girl Blogger! Aww she thinks I’m a Rockin’ blogger. How incredibly sweet of her to think of me. {doing a little happy dance in my chair} She is a really Rockin’ Girl Blogger!

I looked for a link to the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Awards website but there was no such website. After a few Google searches I found the woman who started this award. Roberta received an award from a fellow blogger and rejoiced in the elated feeling that someone else acknowledged her writting. This wonderful act of kindness gave her the idea to create something new and wonderful to pass on to others. She wanted other bloggers to have the same wonderful feeling she had when she was given an award. It was her way of acknowledging other female bloggers who inspired her. This also gave those she tagged the opportunity to tag other bloggers thus spreading the joy.

Thanks to Twas Brillig I now have the wonderful opportunity to spread this same joy with a few bloggers I read every day. I am only allowed to pick 5 so please bare with me. If I do not mention you this time I promise to do something special when the opportunity comes my way. I know many of you have already received this award so do not try to make me feel guilty. I am a Mommy and know my way around a guilt trip.

Exiled In Toyland - Truly inspirational blogger. She handles her writing, motherhood, and animal tamer duties with the wonderful poise of Grace Kelly.

Lahdeedah - Inspires me to go full steam ahead into unfamiliar territory with a cheerful disposition and determination just as she does every day. I also copy her delicious recipes to try out with my own family.

Busy Mom - A great Rockin’ Girl Blogger. When I just have to take a break for a minute there she is…always updating her many blogs all throughout the day. She is there when I need her and I love that.

Kentucky Girl - We have the same taste in kitchen sinks. She has an adorable brood of Pups and Kitties. I love her sassy view of life.

Lena is traveling down some of the same trails of life I have journeyed. She is honest and really lets you see into her life no matter how pretty or painful the day might be. She pushes forward no matter what may come up.

Fret ye not my male blogger friends. On June 20, 2007 Roberta let the Guys in on the fun as well.

Second Effort is a lawyer with a great sense of humor. I like the way he looks at every day politics, sports and life in general. He is an Awesome Guy Blogger!

Creative Type Dad - Writes “True stories of a 30-something new dad of a 1 year-old living in the L.A. area.” Funny, and on the lighter side of life. He can get into a fix and come out very nicely.

Since there is no website for Rockin' Girl Blogger or Awesome Guy Blogger right click on one of the above Award tags. Save it as a picture and up load it to your blog. You can also bestow this Award on 5 of your favorite Women bloggers and 5 of your favorite Men bloggers. I am not sure if this is the real rule or if it has to be 5 total. Anyway, have fun! Spread the joy!

The Rockin’ Girl Blogger who started it all *** Roberta Ferguson ***. June 18, 2007(Original Pink - Rockin' Girls, Original Blue - Awesome Guys)

O’The Joys made some really great Rockin’ Award tags! (Rosie 1940s,Panther,Cat Woman & the Artzie one)

Nello created the Flame Rockin' Girl Blogger badge. I love it!


Brillig said...

Look at you, educating me on the award I gave you! It didn't even occur to me to look into its origins! hahaha. And you do indeed rock, my dear. So glad to have "met" you.

creative-type dad said...


The Curmudgeon said...

Well, isn't this nice? I'll follow up shortly.

MommasWorld said...

Me? Educate? I was a little stumped so I thought I would look for the linky to add to my side bar.

I have seen this award on other blogs but did not think it would ever come my way. I did not know the history of the award I just knew I would love to have it! {big cheesey grin}

Brillig, I had only seen the one pink Award so your photo list of so many different kinds was really lovely! I picked the firey one because well...I'm Hot. {uncontrolled laughter?}

Brillig said...

This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

Brillig said...

*Brillig is feeling a bit ridiculous now, because she realizes that she already told you that it was Nello, AND she just discovered that you already thanked Nello for it. Brillig is therefore relegated to speaking of herself in third person...*

MommasWorld said...

I checked out her blog last night. You made me laugh this morning and I needed that. I blame it on post-Lucky-Charms-syndrome. Have any of your neighbors asked you about your new beauty bath secret? {more giggling}

I have a post coming up about talking in the third person called Mommy Sanity Check.

Lahdeedah said...

You're going to laugh at me, all smart techie blogger... how do I put the cool rockin' blogger thing on my page? ROFL....

I know, sad... and...


MommasWorld said...

While logged into your blog look at the very top of the page you should see "New Post, Customize, Sign out". Click on Customize and the layout of your blog should come up.

You should see blocks with the words "Add a Page Element". Any place you see these words you can place the Awards Badge. When you have decided which "Add a Page Element" you want to place your Badge click on "Add a Page Element" . A new window will pop up called "Choose New Page Element" Then you select from the list. I chose "Picture" since there is no third party link for the award. You can choose whatever you like from the list that pops up. Once you decide which way you would like the award added click on "Add to Blog". Click on the Browse button to locate the Award Badge file you copied and saved from those listed on my blog or maybe one you found on another blog (check out Brillig and Butrfly). You can put a title and/or caption if you like. Click "Save Changes" and you are done!

If you decide you want to edit it a bit click on Customize then "Edit" on the block with the Picture or lable you want. You can email me if you get stuck :-)