Monday, July 09, 2007

It's Official! It is now my Birthday!! I am 40 today! I can now wear my huge rings and red nail polish!! I have this thing about rings. I love to buy jewelry but especially rings. There were a few times I found a particularly large stone I wanted in a ring and I bargained the price. They have been sitting in my jewelry box for years, just waiting for this day!

No I am not some super rich woman. I have always saved up for the things I wanted and put my children's needs and wants well before my own. There were some rough times in our past where I had to sell pieces of my jewelry and very thankful I had something to get us through. I also pick stones I think my children will want when I am gone. When I am selecting a ring I think first about the center stone and then about the setting. After all, I do have a son. What might look great on a young woman, a Mommy then an older woman might not be the look my son wants. I do plan to leave my jewelry to all of my children.

When the children wanted to go to the mall today I went with them. Snow White stuck with me since she was not interested in the movie or participating in the Dance Dance Revolution game. She was ready and willing to critic my jewelry purchase for today. I informed the sales women at each of the stores that I have plenty of Rubies (everyone knows it is my birthstone so I have plenty). When I said to the first sales woman that I had enough diamonds I gasped! Am I allowed to say that or even think that? I have still have four diamond rings and one pair of diamond earrings but no diamond pendants. I was not thinking about necklaces today so everyone breath a sigh of relief. Apparently I do not have enough diamonds. So the saying still holds true, a woman can never have too many diamonds. Will I ever get more...maybe as a surrounding setting. Snow White hemmed and hawed at my preference for a large stone that did not entail the color pink. She so loves the color pink. I explained to her that I am not a teenager, I will be turning 40 tomorrow and I wanted something to celebrate my turning 40. She fell in love with a 1 karat pink, marquee cut, sapphire surrounded by bands and bands that went this way and that full of baguettes and round cut white sapphires. If laid flat the setting would cover a half dollar so she did understand I was looking for a BIG ring.

I shopped around but nothing leaped out at me. I thought about what I really wanted for my birthday after my children prodded and prodded me. Something I needed came to mind...a backscratcher! It is simple and I really have thought time and again how much I really wanted one but did not have one. When the urge hits I have resorted to lingering in doorways with my back pressed up against frames moving slightly from side to side or leaning against the corner of sharp furniture. I would love a backscratcher for my birthday. It would be much more appreciated than jewelry.

What would I love to get for my birthday that would be better than jewelry and as wonderful as a backscratcher?! A photo Album! I am in such need of photo albums. My New Year's resolution for this year is to write on the backs of all photos and put them in either frames (I have tons of frames) or put them in photo albums (I only have a few empty). I have boxes and envelops of photos from years ago. I do not want my photos to end up like the Rubbermaid yard tub my Dad received from my aunt when my Grandma passed away. No names on the photos (some are tin and lithographs) so the tub is being passed from relative to relative to see if anyone recognized the people or the backgrounds of the photos. I work on my photo boxes when I sit down to watch TV. I do not watch much TV and my usual TV routine involves me running on my treadmill. Maybe I just need a few more empty photo albums staring at me to get me motivated. I really do want to put all the photos we currently have into albums so I can develop the film sitting around the house before I forget all the details of those photos.

Another plus for my birthday....I have a new car! Yes, after three weeks and the dealer from heck, I have a new vehicle. I could feel sort of odd about it not being a mustang or some hot convertible. Some people have rattled off statistics saying I should drive a sensible sedan. When ManSon and Oldest Daughter were toddlers people looked at me funny when I drove a Minivan. I looked like a teenager but it is not my fault our family genes make us look very young. This time around I look like a Mommy and I feel like no one can tell me driving a Minivan is silly. In actuality it is usually just Snow White and I when I go most places since ManSon is 19 and Oldest Daughter is 17. Still, I like knowing I can tote just about anything in the Minivan. Our new arts and crafts can be bigger than they were before (ok laughing myself as if I would be hauling large bits of wood). At least now I can be the girl with the large moving capacity in the family instead of the girl with a strong son. Hey, I can move people from one house to the other and even help lift things but in my family that is men’s work, women are treated like queens.

While at the mall I started to think about the perfume that was taken during the airport security screening on our way to Nashville. Yes, I have a replacement but not the super expensive perfume that was so sadly taken from me on that trip. Did I mention I save up for the things I want and I pay in cash for everything? It was an $84 bottle of perfume and not a large bottle. Anyway, I found a new sent I like called Ralph Lauren by Ralph Lauren...just like the other 4 bottles with different colors. I picked the blue one but wanted to sleep on it. I am going back tomorrow to pick it up. The sales girl at the Bonton beauty counter was very helpful. She took an hour of her evening to help me find my new sent. Just as I was thinking about leaving to have Oldest Daughter's opinion on my new sent I asked about a make-over. Yes, they do make-overs at the cosmetic counter and she would love to be the one to help me! She is the Elizabeth Arden make up artist and shows me the latest new gift. Unfortunately you must wait until August 1st to pick it up. I am saddened by this news as most of the items included with this free gift are items I need. Along with my perfume the airport took my liquid make up...even my mascara! How much liquid could mascara possibly have? I ask about the large yellow tote bag and accessories but she explains it would not be a free gift. It would cost $17.95. I am thinking on it and might opt for the yellow bag but free sounds really good even if I have to wait.

What is a make over without a having your hair done? I dread the hair salon. I am more afraid of having my hair cut than I am of the dentist! I would opt to have a dentist appointment and my OBGYN yearly done every day for a year rather than have my hair cut by someone new, in a new area, in the COUNTRY! You know I have said over and over again how they do things differently out here in the country so this makes it a bit more terrifying for me. I take a deep breath and leave the mall with ManSon and Snow White. Oldest Daughter and her friend (from out of state whom I drove 3 hours round trip to pick up) opted to stay at the mall longer. I thought long and hard about the hair salon. Eventually, I would have to try a few places and finally pick someone. I wanted the make over but it would be so much better with a new hair cut and I was so due for a new cut. My last cut was a year ago in DC. I had a bob cut that turned out so well! The lady in DC who did my hair was so wonderful she branched out to her own business in another state then retired after only a few months.

When I was home I gathered the magazines I had earmarked with styles I liked. I reviewed them and reviewed them for a few hours. I finally picked one that still had length but a definite style. Something I could blow dry straight or walk out of the house with wet hair and still dry nicely with my texture, body and curl. ManSon and Snow White opted to stay home while I bravely went back to the mall. I was going to have my hair cut at the dreaded mall.

I was out the door and off to the mall. I should be confident. I have the hair style in photos from different angles and I knew exactly what I wanted. Drive back home, ask ManSon to take a photo of my hair so I have something to compare it to when I get back. I needed something to say this is where I started. If I do not think the hairdresser did a good job I can at least say, it is different.

I drive to the mall with my favorite mixed CD playing the techno remix of “Listen to Your Heart”. I arrive at the mall and walk straight to the hairdressers. I pause. I call Oldest Daughter on her cell phone to tell her I am back at the mall. She is doing just fine. No emergencies and she is not in the least bit concerned that her hair cutting phobia Momma is about to have her hair cut. I pace around the outside of the hairdresser's a few rounds then I take a deep breath and head for the door. Just as I am about to step one foot into the doorway ....My cell phone rings! I must have jumped two feet off the ground! Embarrassed I run out of sight. It is my sister (Auntie D) calling to see what I am up to today. I tell her all about the hairdresser and she understands all my fears about having my hair cut. We talk for a few minutes. She gives me a pep talk then sends me on my way back to the hair dresser.

I did get my hair cut but that I will leave for tomorrow’s post. No one was hurt or maimed in any way. I didn’t even cry. Sad part is the mall was closing and I did not have time for the make over. I am going back tonight to have it done because quit frankly I love to be pampered and I need to replenish my make up stock after the Nashville airport incident. Yes, I completely understand why they have to do what they do. I am more upset at myself for not placing all of my make-up and perfume in my luggage.

Usually my birthday comes with some horrifying event. No not the fact that I am a year older. I actually like that part. For some reason every year on my birthday something bad happens and we are all sad the whole day. I am usually in tears. This year was finally the year my birthday was a happy day! My sister called a few times to make sure nothing horrible had happened. I like this new trend. To sum up my birthday, jewelry (I did get a BIG ring), new car, new hair style, hibachi & sushi dinner with loads of laughter and carrying on, new sketch from Oldest Daughter because none of us could find a backscratcher and two new photo albums from ManSon. I think this is the BEST birthday I have ever had in my whole life!! See turning 40 does not have to mean the end of the world. My birthday started Friday night with the dinner and still going on through tonight with my make-over. A four day affair. I am LOVING IT!!


Brillig said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!! you're gonna rock those rings, I just know it! And yay for new perfume and makeovers! And a new car! Holy crap, 40 DOES sound like fun!!!

Lahdeedah said...

Happy BDAY!

Gratz on the car! I'd love to trade my SUV in for a mini van... though I think I'll end up with a wagon. A subaru, too, just to annoy the family members who say "BUT EVERYONE DRIVES SUBARUS HERE" and I'm like 'Gee, maybe there's a good reason for it?' ha ha ha

40 sounds fun! Makeovers, perfumes, cars, rings... dang. I want that party, too!

Butrfly4404 said...

*~*~*~*Happy Birthday!*~*~*~*

Sorry I'm so late! I'm stuck in the meeting from hell. Aaaaaaallll week.

I'd take a party like that!

Please? hahaha!

MommasWorld said...

Aww thank you gals for the birthday wishes! Great Big Smoochies to all!


Lahdeedah - I really wanted an SUV but they did not have many at the second place I went to. It snows pretty good up here.

Amy - I am so sorry you are stuck in meetings. BIG Congrats on the PROMOTION!! WOOHOO!!