Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter Lowers My Utilities

This weekend marked the arrival of the 7th and final book of the Harry Potter series “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. We could have gone to the stores and waited outside until midnight like many adults and children. When the first book came out they were difficult to find due to most stores selling out their limited supply in the first few minutes of opening their doors. After the publication of the second book we discovered bookstores will over stock the Potter books thus no fear we will be lacking a book come morning.

Given that plus Snow White was reliving her Rainbow twizlers from Saturday evening through the wee hours of Sunday morning (ate a whole giant pack herself), I decided to wait until Sunday. Sunday came and went and I completely forgot about the book. There was so much to catch up on house wise that went on the wayside when Snow White was sick Saturday. During lunch today I drove to the nearest book store (an hour or so drive one way) and saw they had stacks and stacks of the new book. As I stood in line I couldn’t help but giggle at the thought of my children’s faces when I arrived home and presented them with their books.

They were ecstatic!! Could not believe I actually bought each of them their very own hard cover “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. They screamed Thank yous, each gave me a quick hug (nearly knocking me to the floor) then started to rush off with their books. I managed to halt them in their tracks by saying “I have more Potter treats.” Pivoting on their heels they turned to me with quizzical glances. “I bought each of you a box of Every Flavored Beans, one Chocolate Fog, and a new book mark!” There were a few more new choices in the Potter candy but I just could not make myself pick them up (Blood Pops and Gummie Slugs)Yip, it was going to be a very Harry Potter night.

Everyone seemed to go off in a different direction to find a peaceful place to read uninterrupted. I was starting to regret not getting one for myself. I wanted to know what happened too! I finally convinced Snow White how fun it would be to read it aloud. The phone rang off and on through out the night but not one of us were willing to move from our seats to answer it. The computer was turned on but no one wanted to fuss with that old thing when there is such a wonder as a Harry Potter book waiting to take them to an enchanting place full of wonderful characters that even the internet could not compete. No one wanted to eat dinner when there is such a book to be devoured. TV? Why on earth would they want to turn on a TV when they have this stupendous book to wrap their minds around?!

So, as you see, Harry Potter will help me save money on my utilities since I wont be slaving over a hot stove making a grandiose dinner, the TV will just collect dust for a few weeks and the computer…will be just for me, when I can pull myself away from reading with Snow White. You know I am so going to want to read ahead when she goes to bed.

I did find out the difference between the Hard Cover and the Hard Cover deluxe. Higher quality of paper and box sleeve. This difference was not enough for me to upgrade from the $17.99 regular hard copy to the $124.00 deluxe. Yes, people have already started auctioning off the books. I am not sure why when there are so many $17.99 available at, Waldon Books, Borders and other book stores.

Hope everyone else is having a GREAT READ!
Tonight Snow White will pick a winner for the Elizabeth Arden Give Away!

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Lahdeedah said...


I am jealous that I never got into the Harry Potter thing no wait, I'm jealous MY daughter, Drama, didn't get into it!

I got her book one from the library, but noooo.... she's reading about some mermaid princess instead.