Monday, September 10, 2007

Yeah Brownies!

Last week it dawned on me that Snow White never signed up for Girls Scouts. I was a Girl Scout and Oldest Daughter was a Girls Scout for two years.

The internet lead me to a site that says the closest troop is an hour away. Trying to keep everything local thoughts of "Yikes! I might have to become a Troop Leader!" I wanted us to be part of the Scouts but not incharge.

While surfing the net I checked out the uniforms. Uh, there are no uniforms any more. T-shirts and maybe some pants that look like PJs but a lot more comfortable than the old uniform.

Well, two days into the school year a flyer came home and they are starting local Troop sign ups September 4th. Yeah! I am saved! I wont have to start a Troop on my own and I wont have to be the Troop Leader!

Last week I came home, Snow White ate dinner while I changed and put on the make up I had not time for this morning. I found the Girl Scout flyer and called the number since I could not figure out the sign up location. It did say the name of the church but I still could not find it. I called the number and a man answered saying his wife, Troop Leader, had just left for a meeting. "Girl Scout meeting?" He gave me the best directions he could...without street names. Why could he not tell me the street names? He lives here! He does not need to know the names of the streets to figure out where he needs to turn. I was the same way in our old state.

Well, Snow White and I drove up and down a main street about 5 times before I found the church. It was not visible from the main road but it was off of the main road. After arriving at our destination I could see how the directions we were given actually made sense to someone who has lived here all their lives.

Anyway we were first to arrive. The front door swung open and a really nice lady with short blonde hair was holding the door open for us. Apparently she is one of the Troop Leaders. Yes, there is more than one Troop in this location. Actually, there are 4 Brownie Troops and 4 Junior Troops. They all meet in the same place but on two different evenings.

While registering Snow White they asked if I would also like to register. I explained that I was nationally registered and the eye balls bulged and their ears purked. "National...registered...among us...really...truly?" Um, Yes, really and truly.

The leaders were all Girl Scouts before so I was really surprised to find out no one else registered nationally. So here I was happy to not be the Troop Leader. They were thrilled to have a nationally registered Mom who loves crafts and has a Mini Van! Yeah for transportation and weekly support!

When I handed in Snow White's registration form they looked at me in surprise. "I don't have change yet. It is only $10 to register and we do accept checks." I explained the extra money was a donation and pointed out the check mark on the registration form. They giggled with glee.

Snow White had a few apprehensions about joining the Browines....

"I do not want to be a Girl Scout. Do you know they have to make ALL THOSE COOKIES!" Apparently up until now she thought the Girl Scouts was child labor for cookie making. (I almost peed my pants from laughing!)

"I would be ok with camp so long as we could make smores and there were no bears or wolves." The Troop leader laughed and when she finally caught her breath she said "We try to avoid bears and wolves at all costs."

Were you a Girl Scout? Camp Fire Girl? Brownie? Dasiy? Any stories to share?


Butrfly4404 said...

We were supposed to take Sunshine in last night to the meeting, but I ended up working late and we forgot. I felt SOOOO bad. BAD MOMMY!

She was really excited...I think I'm going to have to call.

(And PS - THANK YOU for not putting your makeup on while driving to work. I wish more people would realize that NOT wearing makeup is much less hazardous to their health than applying it at 70 mph.)

MommasWorld said...

There were a few who did not show up at the first night but are still sort of expected next week. Our sign up was the same time and day of the week as the actual meetings will be.

Yeah! Amy is going to be a Brownie Mommy with me!

I use to play with my make up when I was stuck in traffic on my long, long, long commute. Mind numbing traffic or haphazard parking as we use to call it.

Susie PSU said...

I was a Brownie, a Girl Scout, an Explorer Scout, a Beaver Scout Leader and an Adventure Scout Leader. But still not nationally

MommasWorld said...

Susie - That is GREAT!
You don't have to be nationally registered.

I never got to be a Brownie since they did not have them in my area at the time. We did have Camp Fire Girls and I was a Blue Bird :-)

Pageant Mom said...


Voices from the mist LOL

I was a girl scout. And not a very good one at that...

When I went to girl scout camp, I lost 10lbs due to being persnickity over the grade B (yes! they had a grade B on the kitchen LOL)food, stole a bow and arrows and tried to use them on the bugs in the bathroom areas(believe me - THAT will definitely get you out of latrine duty...) forgot to tie our tent down day one and we had a near disaster when a HUGE thunderstorm came up and then did my favorite thundercloud prank (involves toiletpaper topped with baby powder spiderwebbed over sleeping girls in the middle of the night then something akin to yelling fire after the masterpiece was laid...)

Needless to say my "your never gonna make it in the wilderness badge" made my mother sooooo proud.

As for the cookie sale? I never made it that far!!

MommasWorld said...

Hey there Pageant Mom! Long time no see! Glad to see you back.

I thought of you, myself, my sister and Oldest Daughter (all had many horrible experiences in Girls Scouts) before I signed up Snow White.

I tell myself things will be different for Snow White since I will be at every meeting and every outing. I am crossing my fingers.