Monday, September 24, 2007

Extra Terestrials in the Country

We were on our way to the store when I noticed how dark it was and how bright the stars were shining. Snow White thought she saw a flashing comet. I tried to explain it was an airplane but she insisted it was a blinking comet. Some how the subject of aliens came up. "Mom, you know they are evil. They want to destroy our cars, trees, houses and battle us for our planet." I couldn't help but laugh.

I tried to explain how aliens were made up due to the unknown, way out there. She thought that was pish-posh. I told her the simple story of how people from long ago thought the world was flat. She asked if anyone took on a dare to prove them wrong? I told her how everyone tells of Christopher Columbus setting off to sail. How he was to prove the world was round on his adventure to India. When his ship went ashore he thought he was in India but actually he just discovered America (I am not going in to a full fledged history lesson as to who came here when). I told her the Indians were called Indians since Columbus thought he landed in India. At least we were off the subject of evil aliens.


Pageant Mom said...

Ah! sweet distraction!

It belongs in every mother's toolbox - Right??

Lahdeedah said...

I like my aliens nice and safe on my sci-fi shows thank you very much.

MommasWorld said...

I use to tell my oldest two that Grandma is an alien. She laughed at them pawing her hair for tenticals!hehehe!

Really, she is a friendly alien from Ireland (refused to switch countries and cannot complain about elections she is not allow to vote in).

Snow White does not understand 1st Generation or that she is 2nd Generation. She knows she is twice removed from an accent she sometimes understands and her family comes from Ireland.

Lahdeedah - Doesn't Dr. Who run into some aliens? I do not know why but that show has always freaked me out. I do confess that ManSon absolutely enjoys it (old and new) and has asked me several times to join him in watching the new series. My mother LOVED watching Dr Who!! It was one of the very few BBC shows here in the states when I was growing up.