Tuesday, September 18, 2007

When Recycling Goes Bad

It just occurred to me that I misplaced something, actually a few things. Now I remember where I put them and I am so sorry I did not keep them in my purse or anything other than what I put them in.

I have tried to break myself of this awful habit. I have numerous tote bags from so many places. Why on earth do I use grocery bags? I use grocery bags to sort out my car. What items need to go in the garbage are placed in a grocery bag. Items that need to come into the house are put in a separate grocery bag.

I have teenagers, weekly guests and a full house on other days. This means I have an abundance of grocery bags. I use them for sorting out things in my car, temporary replacement for rubber gloves when I had forgotten I used my last pair. I also use them for garbage bags in the small garbage cans located under the kitchen sink and every bathroom sink. On garbage day I collect the bags from under the kitchen sink and the bathroom, tie them up and leave them at the kitchen door. ManSon picks up the tied up bundles, places them in the garbage cans and puts the cans out to the curb.

There is a huge flaw in my system of “recycling” the grocery bags as garbage bags.

If I need to make sure I take a few miscellaneous items with me in the morning I leave them by the door. This is an attempt to make sure I do not leave the house without those items.

Some times I forget to tie the grocery garbage bags. I just leave them by the kitchen door. Most mornings we leave via the front door but there have been times I parked the car/van by the Sunroom which is off of the kitchen. I know at the end of the night which door I plan to exit in the morning.

Unfortunately, ManSon is not advised about what I am leaving in the kitchen. He is not aware most times due to sheer fact he is asleep when I am making last minute plans for my morning. He goes to bed around 10 PM and I go to bed around midnight. Thus a grocery bag at the kitchen door usually means it is meant for the garbage can.

The items I am currently looking for can be replaced…just not at the moment. Maybe not even tomorrow but I can replace what I am looking for. What am I looking for? Snow White’s Brownie tie and the contact information for her Troop. I had them in my hands last night and wanted to make sure I had them for night. The Brownie tie can be purchased again this Saturday. The contact information for the Troop Leader can be replaced at our next meeting. The problem is I need to have the News Letter ready to distribute at the next meeting.

Oh well, I can always leave a __________and write in the information before the end of the next meeting.

I should also learn NOT to use that abundance of grocery bags for toting things around when I have so many pretty tote bags. I might even purchase the “Brownie Volunteer” tote bag to keep all of our “must have weekly Brownie items.”

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la bellina mammina said...

I am the same, in that I always misplace things... I have a few recyclable totes I use for grocery shopping, and the plastic bags are used for the garbage bins too. Since we leave in an apartment, our garbages usually go down the chutes.