Friday, September 21, 2007

A Girl Named Bunny - The Last Day


Sunday morning Pup woke up early intent on defending the house. I opened the back door and let him out. After he barked for more than 5 minutes on the back deck I went out to carry him back in. It was Sunday morning and some people do sleep in. I noticed the house seemed a bit cold. Fall is just about here with cool mornings and hot afternoons. I don't know if I should turn on the central air to heat or cool.

Given that it did seem a tad bit chilly, I went upstairs to see if Oldest Daughter and Bunny needed extra blankets. What I discovered was Oldest Daughter was in her room alone. I checked ManSons room and there he was sitting in his bean bag chair watching TV....and Bunny was asleep in HIS BED!

My blood went straight to boiling point! WHAT IS SHE DOING IN YOUR ROOM?! IN YOUR BED?! I am a mild woman even in the worst moments but I was ready to start knocking both of their heads together! "Mom, I promise. Nothing happened. She basically kicked me out of my own bed. I let her sleep there and I staid up all night watching movies. She is just an annoying little kid and she is Oldest Daughter's friend."

I start yelling at Bunny "You are only 16 years old! Sixteen years old! You are NOT old enough to sleep in a boys room!" She smiled and batted her eyes at me which made me want to grab her by the shoulders and shake her! I didn't but I really wanted to. "Get up! Get out of this room!" She took her sweet time getting off the bed and walking past me. I could see she still had on the same clothes as yesterday.

I went back down stairs to cool off. I practiced what I was going to say to Oldest Daughter. My reasons for why this little pain in the butt can never come back to our house. She is NEVER coming back to our house. Not for birthday parties, an afternoon or just to stop by and say hello.

Snow White was still asleep but I heard movement going on in Oldest Daughter's room. ManSon came down stairs to talk with me. I told him she was never coming back here. He thanked me. "That would be great. I can sleep in my own bed. She thinks like Snow White and acts like a little kid. I am surprised you didn't take her home right after dinner. She was rude." He went on to explain other things "She is my sister's friend. I don't want to be rude to her.

He also mentioned how it seemed like such a long time since he and his sister really hung out together. "It would be so much better if we didn't have to deal with such a fussy girl in the middle of it all. I forgot how much fun it can be to just hang out with my sister. We don't even have to finish a sentence before we both start laughing. It is like we have a secret language all our own. Other people get it but you have to explain a little. With my sister I don't have to explain anything. If she weren't my own sister I would still like to have her as a friend."

In our house it is normal to have half a dozen to a full dozen teenagers all at once. I suppose it has been awhile since ManSon and Oldest Daughter were together without each of their entourages.

I thanked him for talking to me now but scolded him as well. "You should have come to me. I would have picked her up or woke her up and made her to go to the room she was suppose to be in! This was a dumb move on your part. If there is ever a next time make the girl leave. It is not rude. If she takes it that way then she definitely has moral issues and you don't want to deal with that can of worms."

Oldest Daughter and Bunny pretty much staid in Oldest Daughter's room all morning. Eventually Oldest Daughter came down stairs. I explained to her this was Bunny's last visit with us. She was no longer welcome to come over to our house. Oldest Daughter also expressed some relief. "So I can tell her the reason she cannot come over is because you said so right?" "Yes, I am definitely willing to be the meanie."

The whole trip back to Bunny's house she and Oldest Daughter slept in the very back of the van. We even brought Pup with us. Snow White was put to sleep by the CD Oldest Daughter selected for the trip back.

On the long return trip home Snow White read out loud one of her Tinker Bell books. When it was too dark for her to read any more we sang along to the Girl Scout CD she picked out at the Girl Scout Council shop.

We are home and I am just glad to know ....I will never have to see Bunny again.


Butrfly Garden said...

Last year, my mom had a really big halloween party for her kids (haha, her younger kids - 13/14). She let some of the girls stay the night, but told them that they had to be in my sister's room by midnight. She woke up at like one am to find two of the girls basically playing grab-ass with my step-brother in the living room. (who - I can't lie - we don't care for. We don't see him often. Strangely enough, he only seems to come over when he hears there will be other teenage girls there.) Anyway, when they woke her up from being so loud, she told them all to get where they needed to be. They were all "Gah-awd! Whatever! Fine!" (OH, my sister had gone to bed when she was supposed to, but they refused). Then as soon as she shut her door, they all snuck down to the basement together.

All I could think when I was hearing this is "at what age can you start calling girls who-rays?" And also: Screen houseguests.

Glad it's over hun, you're practically a saint for holding out as long as you did!!

Pageant Mom said...

Ugh. I am flabbergasted that ANY kid would ever act like that at her age. Kudos to you and your daughter to bid good riddance to Miss Bunny!

My parents never let me spend the night with a friend if she had a big brother. Or a Dad LOL. Nor would they let anyone spend the night with me. Admittedly they went to extremes, but it did get them out of having to make an effort to make decisions about situations... Eventually they ran off all but two of my very, very, understanding friends. Who are, to this very day, still my friends.

Having a 13 yr old son and a 5 yr old girl, I am really hoping Firstborn is well away at college when she and her friends hit the hormonal age.