Friday, September 07, 2007

What Goes Around Comes Around

While Snow White was just a toddler still a bit uneasy with her walking Easter came. In her basket was a cute little yellow wind up chick. I wound it up and placed it on the kitchen floor so she could watch it go. Big mistake. For some unknown reason she freaked out. I mean really freaked out! She was screaming and crying and clawing her way up my leg.

ManSon and Oldest Daughter sort of got a kick out of Snow White’s reaction to the little yellow chick. After all they are her big brother and sister. Some unwritten law regarding teasing, joking and tormenting the younger siblings seems to apply here.

One Saturday evening I was trying desperately to cook a large dinner. Snow White wanted to play and I really needed her out of the kitchen. Away from the stove, hot oven and basically out of the danger zone. I kept picking her up and putting her in the den which is right off of the kitchen. I could watch her play safely among her treasure trove of toys. She kept insisting on coming back to the kitchen. At one point she almost touched the hot oven window!

I tried putting her in her highchair but that resulted in screams and many tears. I was ready to give up on dinner and just call the pizza place…then I saw it. That little yellow chick from Easter was sitting on top of the fridge. I had placed it there out of reach from her brother and sister. I thought for a moment.

I snatched up the little chick. Took Snow White out of the high chair and into the den. I sat her down with her toys and a sippy-cup of juice. Then I placed that little yellow chick in the doorway between the den and the kitchen. She looked at the chick then she looked at me and started playing with her toys.

I went back to cooking, cleaning up the kitchen and setting the table. I looked over at her every other minute or so as she played with her toys. When dinner ready she was standing about a foot from the doorway of the den. She was so afraid of the little yellow chick that she would not pass through that doorway. She would not cry at it or scream at it either. She was just watching it from a distance.

What goes around comes around right? God has put a “little yellow chick” of his own right outside my kitchen door. I am not allowed in my sunroom until he says it is ok. Actually, it is not yellow…it is green and it is not a chick but a praying mantis.

I look out the kitchen door searching for it many times during the day. If I cannot see it that does not mean it has gone. It just means it is hiding, waiting for me to walk out into the sunroom and scare the bageebies out of me!

At lunch time yesterday I carefully looked around the sunroom from the outside. Since I could not see the giant praying mantis, I opened one of the sliding glass doors to the sunroom about 3 inches. Plenty of room for him to crawl out right? When I came home at the end of the day the door was wide open. ManSon decided the giant bug needed more room to make it’s exit.

This morning I was almost convinced the giant bug had left. Given how my week has gone I did not want to take any chances screwing up my mood first thing in the morning. We left the house via the front door. As I climbed into the van I saw something hanging off the top of the kitchen door! Yes, I was that giant bug! If I had opened the kitchen door the giant bug would have landed on top of my head. This would have set me off to screaming for the whole world to hear and flaying my arms about, throwing myself on the ground in true seizure fashion. This would have scared Snow White for life. My fear of bugs would not only be passed on to her but it would be intensified.

Thank God I did not go out the kitchen door this morning. I wonder when God will finish with the sunroom. When will he remove the “little yellow chick”/ giant bug?


Butrfly4404 said...

Have you tried throwing things at it?

What about poisonous sprays?

Hey...what about ManSon? Why hasn't he squashed it?

If you don't want to be mean, their life span is only about a year. ;)

MommasWorld said...

It is against the law to kill them. But I tell you hear and now if that thing flies at me and I will be a case of self defense. he.he.he.

I took a deep breath and went out to the sunroom just now. I was armed with a dust pan just incase it flew at me. I did not see it at all so I opened the other sliding glass door so Pup could get to the back yard while I am upstairs.

Worker Mommy said...

Those suckers are rather scary looking aren't they.

I don't really think they do much else though. But they certainly are good at just hanging around looking scrary.

MommasWorld said...

They are scary looking. I have seen bigger bugs but that is another story.

We think it might have left but still weary of using the sunroom right now. he.he.he.

Lahdeedah said...

A giant net.

Just get a giant net.

MommasWorld said...

ha.ha.ha! A giant net on a 20 foot pole. I will look for one of those :-)

la bellina mammina said...

I have a toy spider that LP is afraid of - oooh I hope I don't find anything that I'M afraid of now waiting for me - what goes round....