Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brownies On An Empty Stomach

We had our parents meeting at Brownies yesterday. I was so excited I forgot to eat…all day. No breakfast. Completely forgot about eating lunch. When I picked up Snow White at daycare she was equally excited but managed to remember to eat.

We signed the attendance sheet and were each given a packet of unknown material. The Troop Leader gave her speech on what to expect this year and a little history on Girl Scouts. After this the girls introduced themselves by saying their name and grade. The last little girl to introduce herself said her name, grade and “I told my Mommy that we just had to sign up for this Brownie Troop because Snow White goes here!” It was Lunch Girl. Snow White was thrilled to see one of her new friends in the same Troop.

The Assistant Leader asked the parents for volunteers for different things. One Mom was the Cookie Mom last year so we all thought it was fantastic that she wanted to continue this year. Why put some newbie in the position if we already have a tried and true expert, right? Four Moms, including myself, volunteered for transportation duty.

The Assistant Leader said she would issue a weekly news letter with pictures and event plans. She also said it would depend on her computer, her short list of computer skills and ….then I started waving both of my hands in the air while grinning from ear to ear. Sort of like "Pick Me! Pick Me!" She was so happy to pass off the news letter duties to me. I explained how I love taking photos “I have my camera with me all the time….see!” Yeah, I was acting like a kid on a sugar high. I will remember to eat breakfast and lunch the day of our next meeting.

I was ready and willing to volunteer for everything. So my list of Brownie Mom Duties are Photographer, News Letter, Transportation, Weekly Helper, and Snack Mom.

Maybe I was not the only Mom who forgot to eat. Lunch Girl’s Mom and I chatted briefly and she wasn’t making any sense to me. Or it could have been me…my food deprived brain not understanding what was said. She said something like “I am always at BJs. If you cannot find me _____ just go to BJs. It would be very likely I am there.”

I think she said her Mother-In-Law or someone lives on our street. Then she said Lunch Girl’s is named after her but it is her name backwards. I turn this over in a brain awhile and cannot figure out how in the world this could be possible. Eventually she spells it out for me. Lunch Girl’s first name is Mom’s middle name and Mom’s first name is Lunch Girl’s middle name. Awww now I understand. It turns out that Lunch Girl and Snow White both have the same middle name! Snow White’s middle name came from her Auntie D.

At the end of the meeting I was waiting my turn to speak to the Troop Leader. The Assistant Leader looked deep in thought as she watched Snow White. Then she let out a sigh and said “Wow, she is so beautiful.” Suddenly, she snapped to attention, her eyes grew wide as she added “Did I just say that out loud?” We all laughed. Snow White said “That’s ok. Its not the first time I have heard that.”

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