Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh the Fun of Fundraisers

Our packets included a few fundraisers.
  1. Address booklet which we are to fill in names and address of people to solicit for Magazine Subscriptions.

  2. Magazine Subscription catalog and order sheets for going around the neighborhood.

  3. Candy, Nuts and Candles order form.

  4. Flyer for the website and instructions for submitting 12 email addresses.
When we arrived home Snow White started on her homework while I started making a list of friends and family members. Next to their names I typed up their mailing addresses and email addresses. After Snow White finished her home work we called some people on our list attempting to receive permission for submitting their mailing and email addresses.

I do not know what came over me when I looked at the Magazine Subscription Catalog. For some reason it made a bad taste materialize in my mouth. The thought of asking people to sign up for magazine subscriptions made me feel like a leper. I decided to order the minimum requirement of 2 magazines (Girls' Life and Parents Magazine) so Snow White could receive the one-forth portion of the overall fundraiser badge.

The first person on our calling list was Auntie D. We chat on the phone every day anyway. While telling her about the many fundraisers I mentioned the magazine subscription catalog. She flipped out a bit. "Don't put my name on that one. Magazine subscriptions really freak me out! Either you do not get what you ordered or you get roped in to paying for them after they run out." I cannot disagree with her. The last time we ordered magazines I received my Cooking Magazine, Snow White's Highlighter books and Oldest Daughter's BMX racing mag came like clock work. Some how ManSon's Video Game Tricks N Codes magazine was switched out for ....Young Miss Magazine! What is he going to do with that? Even Oldest Daughter did not want to read it. I do have to say the magazine subscriptions we had did end when they said they would. The magazines stopped coming and no one contacted me to renew. (sold to us by a young man using the proceeds for college...not through the Scouts)

Auntie D decided to order the Chocolate Covered Raisins and Delux Pecan Clusters from the Candy and Nuts catalog. She also agreed to participate in the email and mailing address portion.

A few minutes after we spoke with Auntie D, Grandma called to check in. She and Grandpa travel so much they like to check in now and then just to let everyone know they are doing fine and what they have been up to lately. While catching up I told her about Snow White's fundraisers. To my surprise she said she would rather have a magazine than candy. So we put her down for Women's Day Magazine. Grandpa was all to happy to order the cashew nuts. They also quickly agreed to participate in the email and mailing address portion.

What kind of Mother would I be if I didn't order a few things myself? When I saw the first item on the Candy & Nuts flyer I knew I wanted it. This is the Chocolate Malted Milk balls in a tin that looks like a Girl Scout Handbook. It's not the chocolate I want, it is the box it comes in. Snow White said she wanted one too. "I would so use this to hide candy from ManSon. 'Oh, excuse me big brother, I need to go read my Girls Scout book. Page one...bite, bite, nibble, nibble.' All the deliciousness. Mine." I also orderd a few other items for ManSon and Oldest Daughter.

School fundraisers are sure to follow. Since school has only been open for a few weeks I have received one fundraiser - Scholastics Book order form. The only set in the whole flyer Snow White wants is the 40 book set of Magic Treehouse. It works out to $1.00 for each book. Who could say no to reading?

My grand total towards fundraising so far ( it is only Wednesday) is $28 Magazines, $32 Candy and $39 for books. Snow White still needs to sell 25 Candy & Nut items. We need to submit the 12 email addresses (do not worry none of the Bloggers will be used) and fill up the address booklet.

If you hear a knock at your door just after dinner...Hurry up and answer it! It's US, Snow White and Momma's World coming to your house to take your order.


Lahdeedah said...

I'm a fund raiser failure.

I don't know enough people to support the fundraiser, my daughter is to nervous to knock on doors, I hate people knocking on my door (though I do support Girl Scouts and their cookies dang it) and I admit, I just WISH there was another way to raise money for schools than by teaching our little kids to canvas neighborhoods... although... maybe this is how our marketers and political campaigners are born!

MommasWorld said...

The Girl Scouts only receive $2 per item sold. I would much rather donate the $2 per item than solicit everyone I know he.he.he. But that is just me :-)

Butrfly4404 said...

I loathe fundraising time. When NB was in cub scouts, we had a mandatory sale limit on the wreaths they were selling. Meaning, if we didn't sell the minimum, we just had to give them x amount of money.

School time is the worst though. I pay fricken taxes so my kids can go to school and here they are sending kids door to door selling " paper?" to pay for their feild trips!? But, yeah. I don't ever order from kids that go door-to-door because I always know someone else doing it. I'm going to have 5 different schools doing fundraisers (nb's, sunshines, and then each my brother and sister and my neighbor goes to the Christian school, so she's my person for that school) plus my step-sister is a girl scout. So I really don't like when kids come to my door because I hate seeing the looks on their faces when I tell them no. But I'd be out doors if I ordered from every kid I wanted.

Good luck. Hope you do well. (Family is the best source! They're sold on guilt and pay with check!) ;)