Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Elephant Under Who's Chair?

The other night I was flipping through the channels and came across Bill Cosby doing a stand up. Ok, he was sitting down on a stool but it was early Cosby live so I watched and listened as Snow White worked on her home work.

Cosby was discussing his family. So many similarities with his family growing up as mine it was all down right side splitting funny to me. Snow White...well she just didn't get it. In one of his sketches he says his father blamed a "toot/Fart/cutting the cheese" on an imaginary elephant under his chair. My father also did this blame game on the elephant.

During a meeting of the heads of departments someone...passed gas. Most would have pretended not to notice and held their breath. Me? Well after watching Cosby I laughed and laughed! I attempted to say "Did you see where that Elephant under his chair went?!" If you had not just watched Cosby "live" you would not have understood my words in between my gasps for breath during my hysterical fit of laughter. I was so hysterical in my laughter I had to excuse myself. I went out to the hallway still laughing uncontrollably! Just after leaving the room it occurs to me... they think it was ME!! My laughter triples!! I cannot stop my laughing and it has grown louder and louder!

Darn that Cosby Elephant ..still laughing and all those big burly men think it was the little laughing girl who let out that enormous sound.

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