Friday, December 29, 2006



Sunday was great too! Auntie D and I made a big breakfast for all. So big in fact it was Christmas breakfast as well. On Saturday we only exchanged family presents but not the big presents to my children. This prompted a little begging from Man Son and Oldest daughter to open more presents. I had to laugh each time they asked since they are not little children. Even Snow White was content with the gifts she received Saturday night. She pretty much thought that was all the gifts.

Man Son and Oldest daughter had made plans the day before with a few new friends at the mall. We took our time getting ready. We dropped them off at the mall to spend time with their friends while we ventured out seeking the little shops of town. We discovered all the little shops in town were closed so we traveled on to the outskirts of town. Auntie D and I giggled as we passed by an Astrologer Reading sign and thought about going in. Neither of us had any cash on hand so we went on ward. We had the notion if we passed by an ATM we would take out a bit of cash and then stop by on our way back. Auntie D even called them to ask the cost. It is $20 to $75 depending on which cards or what type of reading you wanted. We were a bit confused as to what each reading entailed. We pondered for a few moments during which time Man Son and Oldest daughter called to say "We are ready to be picked up." It was only 4 pm so we knew the mall was not closing, they were ready to go home. Back to the mall we went and picked up Man Son and Oldest daughter.

The late nights were really catching up to Auntie D and myself. Man Son and Oldest daughter were wearing me down on opening presents. After a bit of tidying up the house. I explained that I needed a bit of a nap which is unheard of. Yeah, me taking a nap? Isn't that what I do after everyone else is asleep and before I go to work? Anyway I told them after I get a little rest and if I received a lot of cooperation from them, then maybe we could open some presents. They agreed to keep the house to a normal hum and make everything sing like Christmas for Snow White when I emerged from my room. Auntie D and Bear also took advantage of nap time. After I awoke from my nap I was surprised to see Snow White was in bed and asleep! It was only 7 pm for goodness sakes! She was not use to all the late nights either. Guess she was as wiped out as we were.

Man Son and Oldest daughter helped me carry the Santa presents upstairs. Oldest daughter asked why she was carrying a large empty box up the stairs? I held in my laughter and told her not to question Mommy. Auntie D and I filled the stockings and laid out all the presents. Auntie D was surprised to see we were filling more than three stockings. She and I then took a Santa bag full of presents over to the neighbor who changed my flat tire the other night (will write about the flat another time). No one answered the bell so we just left the Santa bag on the front porch and went on a little walk with Bear.

On our way back to the house we stopped in the front yard chatting like sisters do. We looked up at the sky and she jokingly said "Look there goes Rudolph" as a plane passed by blinking a red light. Usually they flash between red and green or red and blue but this one only flashed red. We looked at each other and just knew both of us had the same idea going through our heads. I ran into the house and started shouting "Snow White! Snow White! You have got to come out here and see this! It's Santa and his reindeer!!" She looked groggy at first but then caught on to what I was saying. She ran for the door as I gathered up her slippers and coat. She ran right past the Christmas tree, all the presents and out the door on to the front porch. She started yelling "I cannot see them!" and Auntie D pointed to the tip of the tall evergreens. " I SEE HIM!! I SEE HIM!! I SEE RUDOLPH'S RED NOSE!!" she exclaimed as she jumped around full awake and so full of excitement! When we could no longer see the blinking of Rudolph's nose we went back inside. She was so excited she walked right past the Christmas tree with all the presents laid beneath.

Man Son, Oldest daughter and Snow White really loved what Santa had brought. Man Son's favorite gift was the Retro Atari. Oldest daughter found out there was a (place cool skater guy name here) skate board in that empty box she carried up from the basement. She wanted that skate board so much I even think she told the mall Santa just incase he had even a smidgen of pull. Snow White's favorite gift so far is her American Girl Bitty Baby doll and furniture.

What did we do after that? The children played with their wonderful gifts while Auntie D and I ....what else...we chatted into the wee hours of the morning as sisters do.

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awwww! Sounds wonderful!! Just stopping by to see what's new - and to wish you a very Very VERY Happy New Year!!!