Friday, December 29, 2006

Later Saturday Night


After everyone left Auntie D, Bear, Snow White and I went for a walk. It must have been around 8 pm. While on our walk we started an impromptu Caroling which we thoroughly enjoyed! If there were people peeking out their windows we did not notice them. Just before we arrived back at the house we decided it would be a grand idea to drive around looking at all the Christmas lights. First we would have to stop by Star Bucks for some hot drinks. When we were home we told Man Son and Oldest daughter our plans. Man Son would rather stay at home but would like us to bring back some Star Bucks for him. Oldest daughter gets ready and we head out the door. I am rather new to town and only know of one Star Bucks in the area which is located in the Target store. Auntie D is leery it will be open due to it being Saturday and nearly 9 pm. Oldest daughter and I convince her all the stores are open late due to the last shopping day before Christmas. YEAH Target is open! Sadly, Star Bucks had just closed. Auntie D and Oldest daughter convince me it would be a good idea to try the mall. There might be a shop there with at least hot chocolate. Before heading to the mall I convince them we should stop by the house to give Man Son the option of coming with us. We pick him up and head to the mall. Macy's was open until midnight. Most of the mall was open until either 11 pm or Midnight. We wondered around the mall to watch the mad scurry of last minute shoppers but really they were few and far between. Auntie D and I browsed the jewelry stores but nothing gave us the feeling of we absolutely had to have it.

We all met up at Macy's around 11 pm and were fixed on the jewelry section. I showed Man Son and Oldest daughter an oriental pendant which none of us knew the meaning of the writing nor did the Macy's associates. Man Son drew a picture of it in hopes someone we know might have the answer. You cannot purchase something like this without knowing the meaning. On the plus side Auntie D found a new stone, one she does not have, a Green Amethyst. This 3 karat, cushion cut stone caught her eye. She has always hated her birthstone but now that it is no longer constrained to its purple color she is happily seeking a Green Amethyst in a white gold setting. It was getting late and we did not want to keep the store staff from closing so we went home.

Being the sisters we are we staid up until after midnight talking about the day while cleaning up.

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