Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Hip hurray!! Christmas is coming!! The family is coming!! I cannot wait for everyone to be here!

I did a little bit of grocery shopping in preparation of the soon to arrive guests. As the Christmas songs filled the store I found myself singing along and gliding down the isles in a semi dance style. Snow White reminded me of each guests preferences and we came up with a rather pleasant menu for their stay with us.

All that is left for tomorrow is to decorate the remainder of the tree. The bottom four feet of the tree is decorated and the angel has been placed on the top all due to Snow White insisting she will be the one and only to decorate the tree this year. The tree actually lights up the whole living room this year! She did allow her brother and sister to put their ornaments on the tree. Each of my children have "their own ornaments." Every year I let them pick out an ornament to purchase. When they are ready to move on and out of the house they will have their own set of ornaments. For their first Christmas after they move out I will buy them a Christmas tree, real or fake which ever they prefer.

I also need to collapse a few straggling, empty moving boxes which are now making their presents known in the house. I am looking forward to wrapping the presents we purchased from us to our guests. I take a lot of pride in finding the perfect gift for the recipient. I am looking forward to many ooohs, awws and happily surprised faces! Snow White loves the paper I picked out. It is winter white paper with gold ornaments/gold holly leaves/gold swirls and each roll is accented with pink glittering stripes/berries/stripes. Who would have thought in this little country town we would have found such great wrapping paper? Ok, as far as wrapping paper goes I am happy if it looks good but I was really happy with this great find.

The thought of hearing stories from "When we were children" and the in person up to date news on everyone just warms my heart. I also expect a few Traveler Warrior stories sure to make you not want to make the next year but hey they made the trip for Thanksgiving and still want to come for Christmas. That reminds me I need to make sure our calls to Ireland and Scotland are going as planned for Christmas Eve. It wouldn't be a fantastic holiday if it weren't for family phone calls! All I need now is for that gold and pink tree skirt to go on sale for 75% so I can buy it for $75.

I have been smiling for a full week! I am so excited about all that Christmas brings! Thank God (literally) for this wonderful holiday about being HAPPY!

Thank you to everyone who emailed me. Let's enjoy the smiles of HAPPY people... (I need tech assistance so please bare with me on placing your photos here).


The Curmudgeon said...

Good for you to have your family with you at Christmas.

Pageant Mom said...

I LOVE Christmas!!! But it always seems to run me over like a grease spot in the road... I was going to have my cards started in July and everything done by Nov. Well, it's 3 days before, and I'm still at it.... I tried to talk my family out of giving gifts and maybe taking a trip, to no avail LOL... I guess my age IS starting to show!!!

We do the same thing with ornaments too!! I wish we had more guests though. My husband isn't real social, and after his best friend died a couple of years ago, he just hasn't tried much. But we're still lucky to have our families and THAT's the most important thing of all :O)

I hope you have a Blessed Christmas and an Absolutely Fabulous New Year!!