Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas is Coming!!

Family Christmas will be at my house this year! Yeah! Oh wait, didn't I just do Thanksgiving? Okay, who volunteered me? Oh that's right it was all a phone in and I found out before Christmas. Yes, I am happy but hope I get to spend more time in the chatting and laughing than in just the kitchen this time. I am sure that will happen since more people are coming.

Hip Hurray for dear old BEAR!! He is not that old after all and he does not have cancer! He will be with us for a good while now!! Buggery on those meanies with their first diagnosis! Making my sister ill through out Thanksgiving with their misdiagnosis and the rest of us feeling helpless! MEANIES! {shaking my small fist at them in gesture}

Yesterday Snow White started off the ornament purchase this year. Each year I let my children purchase an ornament so by the age of 18 they have a full set of their very own. This year she chose Barbie in the 12 dancing princesses. I tried to steer her towards the Fairytopia Barbie who was dressed just as Barbie was when she met the Actress who plays Barbie in the same on stage musical. No, already have that Barbie before meeting her in person on Good Morning America so not really interested. I then pointed out the dancing Barbie from 12 dancing princesses which played music as she twirled on her toes in an arch way. Again, No, not interested. Well, I have always said they can pick their own ornaments. She did tell me that I could buy the musical dancing Barbie princess if that was the one I chose. Me choose an ornament? Really? I had not thought about that in ages!!

If I decorated a tree just for me when the children are all on their own...I want a pink and silver decorated tree. The tree will be a real honest to goodness tree, the first year. After that I want all my crappiest, over done, hand me down, outlasted their time ornaments, the ones my children picked out but wont put on there own tree on a fake tree with lights already installed. I want in the center of my hallway on the main floor my gold bell with the pull down pendulum decorated with real mistletoe that plays "Jingle Bells". On the inside door nob of my front door will be the small painted brass bells on a vibrant string cord. The wreath on my front door will be hand made or at least purchased by my children. The outside lights decoration will be a collaboration of my children's efforts and I am sure there will be a new way to hang up Christmas and Holiday cards.

What will I want for Christmas? As always...a photograph of all my children! I am just starting to realize we might not all be together all the time. Man Son was not home for Thanksgiving. First ever holiday he was not home with us. They do grow up so fast but I did not want to believe it.

As the whole family (State Side) will be at my house this Christmas please forgive me if I do not post for a while after Christmas. I am likely to be blinded by so many camera flashes going off!


Pageant Mom said...

Awww! I had 30 people at my house one year for Thanksgiving when I was pregnant with Gizmo LOL! I so dreaded it, but it was the most fun ever!!

As for Bear - good for him - let me tell you, I had an ordeal this summer and the doctors told me I had cancer and then the ailment mysteriously cleared up!! (gosh, I'll have to write about that one in my blog!)

I hope you and your family have a marvelous Holiday!!!!! We'll be looking for some great stories!

Lahdeedah said...

Ah Christmas...

We we supposed to be driving to Colorado to spend it with my mother in law, who we hardly EVER see, and who really would love to see the grandkids more... she even redid her basement for us... but then hubby got laid off, no Christmas in Colorado for her, and we hated telling her...

but wait, flash forward three weeks, and he gets a job... 20 minutes away from her... she loses this Christmas with the grandkids, but gains permanent close access... I think given the choice she prefers us near, but I could be wrong.